'Class Roulette' aims to mimic Bluebooking

August 29, 2012

As the Yale administration phases out the Blue Book, one student is looking to bring the spontaneity of flipping through the print course catalog into the digital realm.

Geoffrey Litt ’14 created the website Yale Class Roulette, which shows students a randomly generated set of Yale classes at the push of the space bar. His aim, he said, was to preserve the print Blue Book’s “experience of serendipitous discovery” by bringing it online. Since he announced the site’s publication on Facebook last week, yaleclassroulette.com has received roughly 1,500 unique visitors who have together generated over 9,000 random selections of classes.

“There’s quite a few online Bluebooking options available now, but many people (myself included) still love the paper Blue Book to death,” Litt said in a Monday email. “I think the main reason is that it’s so fun and easy to skim through the paper book and find random classes which are harder to find online.”

A Class Roulette conducted by the News brought together a diverse range of 17 classes, including “Elementary Modern Hebrew I,” “The Question of Form” and “Contemporary Reception of Greek and Roman Classics.”

The site allows students to view the courses in OCI and in the yalebluebook.com site that the University recently acquired.

'Class Roulette' aims to mimic Bluebooking

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