Sunwarrior Now Available in Vitamin World

February 26, 2014

Mesquite, NV (PRWEB) May 01, 2013

Sunwarrior, a leading plant-based protein powder company based in Southern Nevada, is pleased to announce their products are now available in Vitamin World throughout the United States. This covers over 400 locations. These stores will carry Sunwarrior’s vegan protein powder, Warrior Blend, and they will most likely pick up other products in the future. Warrior Blend is a fusion of pea, hemp seed, and cranberry protein with medium chain triglycerides from coconut oil that is designed to promote muscle repair and endurance.

“We keep growing each day thanks to our incredible team and the rising need for healthier food and supplement choices. We’re excited to see our products offered in these amazing locations,” said Nick Stern, cofounder of Sunwarrior. “Our availability in Vitamin World is another step in the right direction for us as a company. Vitamin World has established itself as a great place to get high quality vitamins, minerals, protein, and supplements at reasonable prices. It’s a wonderful place to showcase the best of our products.”

About Vitamin World

The first Vitamin World store opened its doors in 1976. Headquartered in Long Island, NY, Vitamin World manufactures over 700 superior-quality vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other nutritional supplements in our own state-of-the-art facilities. The manufacturing facilities total over 1 million square feet and we produce supplements in every available form, including tablets, two-piece capsules, softgels, powders, and liquids.

Today, Vitamin World owns and operates over 400 retail stores nationwide. To provide a fast and convenient way to shop at home for vitamins, Vitamin World runs one of the most sophisticated and efficient automated fulfillment systems in the business. Each month at, we pick and ship over 100,000 products to over 15,000 households. Whether you shop online or in one of our many retail locations, you can count on Vitamin World for the highest quality vitamins and supplements at everyday low prices.

About Sunwarrior

Sunwarrior’s mission is to illuminate body, mind, and planet. This company was born from the nutritional dreams of two men who wanted to create a plant-based protein powder that would be raw, healthy, and benefit the world.

Sunwarrior has grown since that night years ago at the Sedona Raw Food Festival, now offering several raw, vegan products that are perfect for anyone and any lifestyle: two delicious protein powders to build muscle and speed recovery, activated barley for enhanced endurance, supergreens for probiotics, and liquid vitamin and mineral complexes that nourish cellular function and boost the immune system with macro and trace minerals. Sunwarrior will be coming out with raw multivitamins, longevity enhancing omegas and antioxidants, and many more products and flavors soon.

We believe all energy comes initially from the sun and is captured by the miraculous plants around us. We then turn to these marvelous plants to create our products. Join us in our mission to share this energy with everyone. Together we truly can transform the planet, one warrior at a time.

For more information about Vitamin World visit vitaminworld For more information on Sunwarrior visit sunwarrior

The 100 Coolest Americans

February 24, 2014

Parisians have chic, Italians have la dolce vita, Brits have Evelyn Waugh—and Americans will always have cool.

Defining “cool” is a bit like that famous Potter Stewart quote about hardcore pornography—“I know it when I see it.” Who you think is cool, and what you think makes them so, is incredibly personal and subjective.

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PHOTOS: Portraits of ‘American Cool’

But, a new exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C., “American Cool,” attempts to create a definitive history of the progression of “cool,” our greatest cultural export, through 100 photographs of icons including Mae West, Jim Brown, and Quentin Tarantino.

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“What do we mean when we say somebody is cool in America?” is the question the exhibition elicits, says one of the curators, Frank Goodyear III, who is co-director of the Bowdoin College Museum of Art.

Goodyear, along with co-curator Joel Dinerstein of Tulane University, created a rubric of four factors (at least three had to be met for inclusion) to winnow down the list from over 500 possibilities to the current 100. The individuals needed to have an original artistic vision and style, be representative of their generation’s cultural rebellion, have instant visual recognition, and have a lasting cultural legacy.

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While our modern sense of cool started with jazz musician Lester Young, the exhibition backdates its beginning to include two men the curators call the “granddaddies of cool”—Frederick Douglass and Walt Whitman. While the famously stern portrait of Douglass may not seem worthy by today’s standards, Douglass invented black public masculinity and became one of the earliest embodiments of the element of cool that says, “Don’t mess with me.”

Whitman, pictured in an engraving in the front of Leaves of Grass, captures the confidence (or arrogance) of an individual going completely against the establishment. This dogged pursuit of self-discovery becomes a theme throughout the exhibit and is seen in a range of characters, from beatniks like Jack Kerouac and brooding grunge rockers like Kurt Cobain, to inventors like Steve Jobs.

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The exhibition is broken into four parts. The first, titled “The Roots of Cool: Before 1940” is probably the most educational of the sections, featuring men and women likely unknown to most people today.

Two of the women from this section are particularly noteworthy and relevant today. Long before Madonna, Bette Midler, and Lady Gaga, Mae West incorporated drag queens and prostitutes into her work and famously said, in a pre-code Hollywood film, “When I’m good, I’m really good; but when I’m bad, I’m better.” Bessie Smith, one of the most influential blues singers, was a prominent feminist who sang of lust (including of the same-sex variety) and partying, perhaps even more frankly than most men. Janis Joplin (who did not make the final cut) once said she thought of herself as the reincarnation of Smith.

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There is a set of famous paintings by Andy Thomas, one of former Democratic presidents playing cards, and one of former Republican presidents doing the same. FDR gives an avuncular grin around his famous cigarette holder to Andrew Jackson. LBJ gives Woodrow Wilson his famous Johnson lean. Teddy Roosevelt guffaws while Nixon grins.

Walking through the second section of the exhibition, titled “The Birth of Cool: 1940-59” feels like you’re walking in on a similar dinner party, only with actors, musicians, and writers. Billie Holiday’s portrait sits between the two titans of the west, John Wayne and Gary Cooper. Robert Mitchum, Barbara Stanwyck, and Jackson Pollack hang nearby, and would make for interesting companions during a night out. Part of the purpose of the exhibition is to remove the lines society normally establishes (categorizing people into groups like jazz musicians, writers, actors, and so on) and to integrate these cultural icons into one group, creating a comprehensive picture of the cultural changes wrought by these men and women.

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One of the towering figures of this era, jazz musician Lester Young, is likely an unfamiliar face for many in the modern audience, but he is arguably the most important in the exhibit. He was the first performer to wear sunglasses at night while performing, and his slang became popularized, in particular his use of the word “cool.”

“There is no separating cool from the history of race relations in America,” argues Dinerstein. According to the curators, the idea of cool in American culture comes directly out of African-American culture in the jazz era. In one of its more fascinating results, the exhibit serves as a timeline of the progression of cool among black men, starting with Douglass and continuing on to feature boxer Jack Johnson, Duke Ellington, Jim Brown, Muddy Waters, Muhamed Ali, Michael Jordan, Afrika Bambaataa, and finally ending with Jay Z. These images of African-American men and the messages they project to the world change as society changes. The proud defiance of Douglass stands in stark contrast to the too-cool-for-school nonchalance of Jim Brown, who grimaces while surrounded by adoring white reporters. And yet traces of both can be seen in the final picture, that of Jay Z, the multimillionaire outlaw who has society’s approval but still remains outside of it.

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The exhibition also opens up a generational dialogue. Young viewers may struggle to explain the cultural importance of Missy Elliott’s “Get Your Freak On” to their elders, who, in turn, will be more familiar with historic individuals like novelist Raymond Chandler. Chandler’s Philip Marlowe, the iconic detective featured in his novels, was the popular antihero who was “beat, but not beaten.” That archetype is an all-too-familiar trope in American film and television now. Chandler’s work also provided a major influence for Ian Fleming’s James Bond, representing an early example of the export value of American cool.

This is also the era when the rare event of a star dying too young became an all-too-often occurrence. James Dean and Hank Williams burned bright and hard, with Dean in particular inspiring the adage “live fast, die young, and leave a good-looking corpse.” That sentiment is seen through the remainder of the exhibition, with individuals like Jean-Michel Basquiat, Bruce Lee, Selena, and Jimi Hendrix all having died at an early age.

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The obvious inflection point in the show occurs with the jump from icons of the 40s and 50s, to those of the 60s and 70s. During this shift, the idea of cool goes from collected understatement (chill) to raw, naked, defiant emotion.

Few capture that shift better than Angela Davis, whose pyretic history as a Communist Party leader is perhaps only matched in notoriety by her afro, which became a political statement in its own right.

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While arguably some of the coolest people ever, Muhammad Ali, Paul Newman, Hunter S. Thompson, came from this period, this is also the era, according to the curators, when women really carved out their own space in terms of defining “cool.” In particular, the female musicians featured, like Bonnie Raitt, Deborah Harry, and Patti Smith, who took a relatively masculine concept and made it one women could openly own.

Due more to the layout than anything else, most visitors will likely start at the end of the exhibit with “The Legacies of Cool: 1980—Present.” Full of eye-catching photographs of people easily recognizable today, this period marks a second major inflection point in the development of “cool,” when the concept was turned on its head and became as much about wealth as anything else. Whereas selling out was considered a crime in the 60s and 70s, by the late 80s and 90s, selling in, i.e. making money and thus gaining power, was the way to get on top. The faces seen here—Jay Z, Quentin Tarantino, Johnny Depp, Madonna, Prince, Bruce Springsteen, and Missy Elliott—could be mistaken for the annual Forbes list of the most powerful celebrities.

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The question of whether this change is simply a product of those currently considered influential or is a true societal shift towards valuing the relentless pursuit of wealth is one that challenges an assumption at the heart of the exhibit’s premise. Were these people cool because they changed society, or were they merely the most prominent reflections of its changing face?

That “American Cool” focuses on photography is an effective means of forming a connection between the viewer and the featured stars.  The pictures are evenly spaced and set against smoky blue walls, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the moment. Because it is in the National Portrait Gallery, with prestigious works by Gilbert Stuart, Alexander Gardner, and Degas, the exhibition is also a study in 20th century portraiture, which came to be dominated by the camera. It’s a veritable who’s who of big name photogs—Leibowitz, Avedon, Halsman, Arbus. More important for the viewer, though, is the “sense of immediacy … that we can know the person … imagine ourselves there,” Goodyear says.

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For those unable to make the trek to D.C., Prestel has published a fantastic book titled American Cool in conjunction with the exhibit. The glossy, entrancing photos are accompanied by excellent essays from the curators on how they approached defining the uniquely American attribute. In addition, each photograph has a neat aperçu sure to make for some interesting trivia at a dinner party.

In the end, if you’re left fuming because the curators overlooked your longtime hero or included somebody you cannot stand, remember, it really is a personal determination. In a nod to the subjective nature of defining cool, the curators have provided a comment book next to their Alt-100 list of those who missed the cut.

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Or, do what the rest of us do nowadays, and send out angry tweets. Just make sure to use the correct hashtag, #AmericanCool.

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Marketing Drive Honored With Two Chief Marketer Bronze 2012 PRO Awards

February 22, 2014

Norwalk, Conn. (PRWEB) October 08, 2012

Marketing Drive, an integrated shopper marketing and consumer promotions agency, announced today it has been awarded two bronze 2012 PRO Awards from Chief Marketer.

The Chief Marketer PRO Awards recognize outstanding promotion marketing in 27 categories. They are considered the benchmark for outstanding creativity in the marketing industry, and are judged by a jury of independent experts. The Marketing Drive awards include:

» “Best Use of Games, Contests and Sweepstakes Award for "Danimals Rally for Recess."

The Rally for Recess program—a Q3/Q4 national competition where schools competed to win one of five new playgrounds—was designed to combat budget cuts that have put recess and physical education at risk of being shortened or eliminated.The program was also created to stimulate brand excitement and awareness for Danimals during the critical back-to-school season when many consumption habits are set.

During the campaign, every package of Danimals kids’ yogurt and smoothie products included a unique code and a call-to-action to visit and select an elementary school. Each visit garnered a point for the select school.

Marketing Drive created five separate competition leagues so schools of like enrollment size could compete against each other. The campaign message was extended through online banner ads, a national FSI, on-package and the brand’s first-ever Facebook Page. It also included a robust PR campaign featuring Dr. Dolgoff to bring the message to moms, and brand spokespeople Dylan and Cole Sprouse (stars of the Disney show The Suite Life of Zack & Cody) in TV spots to excite kids.

In total, consumers rallied for more than 42,000 schools. Danimals Smoothie, the flagship product, saw an increase in sales over the prior year. The Danimals Facebook page generated 120,000 likes during the promotion (20 percent above goal).

» “Best Promotion that Uses a Holiday Theme in its Promotion for Sonicare ‘Unwrap the Love’ Holiday Promotion."

Despite taking a slight lead in the power toothbrush category, Philips Sonicare knew the competition was fighting back and that the majority of consumers still used manual toothbrushes. To help maintain their lead and leverage the inherent growth opportunity, Marketing Drive developed the “Give the Gift of ‘I Love it’, Guaranteed” promotion timed with the holidays.

The objective was to increase market share by five points and Facebook fans during the promotion period by 25 percent. With the campaign, Sonicare guaranteed consumers that people on their gift list would love a Sonicare power toothbrush or the company would give their money back.

Once consumers visited the Facebook Page, they were greeted with the chance to play “Unwrap the Love” and, by clicking on the gift packages, unwrap Sonicare products within colorful holiday gift boxes. If consumers unwrapped three of the same Sonicare product, they won it instantly as a prize. Consumers were encouraged to share the love by inviting friends to play, too.

There was also an educational component, as a description was provided for each product the consumer unwrapped, along with videos demonstrating product performance. Philips also supported the program with a $10 million digital and print campaign, which drove traffic to the Facebook Page, a WalMart-targeted PFP, and direct mail effort.

During the 11-week promotion, Philips Sonicare power handles and brush-head refills were the number one brand every month per Nielsen NPD. Each month during Q4, Sonicare exceeded its goal of +5 share points vs. the same year-ago period. In addition to sales achievements, Facebook fans increased by 62 percent.

“It is always gratifying to be acknowledged for our promotional campaigns,” noted Michael Harris, president and chief executive officer of Marketing Drive.“We are very proud of these two PRO Awards and even more proud of the results achieved on behalf of Dannon and Philips Sonicare. We happily share this recognition with our client and agency partners involved.”

About Marketing Drive

Marketing Drive is a leading fully integrated promotional and shopper marketing agency driven to develop ideas that generate desire, inspire action, and ultimately Create BRAND Demand™ for consumers, shoppers and retailers. We achieve this by combining the art of branding with the science of shopper marketing. We are an idea-centric culture that values creativity, collaboration and passion for building great brands for clients such as ABSOLUT, Dunkin’ Donuts, ExxonMobil, Jameson Irish Whiskey, Malibu Rum, Novartis, Philips, and Welch’s.

Media Contacts

Pam Flores or Peter Duckler


# ; pam(at)comblu(dot)com, pduckler(at)comblu(dot)com

Cooling measures is right thing to do: Khaw

February 21, 2014

In a Facebook post on Monday that was reported in the media, National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan said that the government cannot completely eliminate the property cycle, but it can restrict the formation of a property bubble.

Referring to a recent New York Times article about the rise and fall of Ireland’s housing market, Mr Khaw explained that a property bubble and "its inevitable bust" brings misery to many people.

As such, the government has a duty to implement cooling measures even if it makes some developers and home sellers unhappy. It is also the right thing to do, he added.

Meanwhile, some experts noted that the government’s measures have effectively curbed Singapore’s spiralling property prices.

"If there had not been any measures, definitely I think the pace of acceleration in prices will be more pronounced, that is, we (will) definitely (be) seeing double-digit numbers on a per annum basis," said Donald Han, Managing Director of Chesterton Singapore.

"But because measures have actually come out fast and in a variety…in the last three years, I think that helps to keep in check any price increases," he added.

As Singapore’s real estate market stabilises, the government could also consider relaxing some its measures, especially the ABSD and Seller’s Stamp Duty.

"At the end of the day, the economy is growing and there is no reason to artificially cause property prices to deteriorate," noted Eugene Lim, Key Executive Officer at ERA Realty Network.

However, experts cautioned that the easing of measures should be properly implemented.


Romesh Navaratnarajah, Senior Editor at PropertyGuru, edited this story. To contact him about this or other stories email romesh


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Breakthrough Speech Therapy App Animates Speech Sound Productions

February 21, 2014

Ruidoso, NM (PRWEB) March 28, 2011

Synapse Apps, LLC, the developers of the popular PocketSLP brand of speech therapy apps, has released Speech Tutor, an iPad/iPhone app that employs carefully designed video transparency technology to animate how the articulators (tongue, palate, lips and/or teeth) are used to produce individual speech sounds. Speech Tutor offers detailed animations for 21 separate phonemes. Both side and frontal views are offered and each animation can be viewed at three different optional speeds. For iPad users, Speech Tutor was optimized to take full advantage of the iPad size and resolution. Speech Tutor uses semi-transparent animation to help speech language pathologists (SLPs), SLP college students, parents of children with speech delays, and those trying to improve their American English accent. This app provides animated video, auditory, and textual information.

“This is a powerful tool for therapists and other users alike,” said Corey Walker, a practicing SLP and president of Synapse Apps. “Knowing the position of the tongue and the manner in which it is produced is critical for producing sounds correctly and is not always obvious. Now, using our semi-transparent video animations, one can literally see inside the mouth as the sounds are being made."

In addition to the videos, users have access to valuable information, such as the “Basics” tutorial, which provides a foundation of the basic knowledge for non-native English speakers who wish to improve English consonants production. Speech Tutor provides professionally detailed but reader friendly text specific to each sound that further describes how each sound is technically made. For parents, the app includes tips and milestone norms for age expectancies for children’s speech development. Speech Tutor is designed to help children with speech delays, including those with autism, apraxia, and others with special education needs, and of course for students of speech therapy.

According to Karen-Lopez Walker, co-founder of Synapse Apps and also a practicing SLP, “This is an exceptionally exciting breakthrough in speech therapy technology, being the first of its kind. As therapists, teaching our clients exactly where, when, and how to produce sounds is fundamental and can be quite tricky. It’s a difficult and sometimes awkward thing to teach since most sounds are not visible face to face. With Speech Tutor we’re no longer restricted to tongue depressors and antiquated diagrams to show our clients how speech sounds are made. I couldn’t believe the difference it made for one of my first graders with a lateral lisp. Once she watched to animation of the /s/ sound, she suddenly “got it” because she saw exactly what to do with her tongue, teeth and airflow control.”

Thousands of images were carefully created under the careful supervision of licensed speech and language therapists to create the smooth flowing animations offered by Speech Tutor. Coupled with the careful timing of the audio, these animations offer an unprecedented methodology for teaching the correct positions and sequence of speech sound productions. A video demonstration of Speech Tutor can be seen on at

Synapse Apps is a pioneer in the deployment of speech therapy applications for mobile platforms, and has been widely recognized for their attention to detail and high quality products. Speech Tutor is one of four applications marketed under the PocketSLP brand by Synapse Apps. Their current portfolio of applications include their signature product, PocketSLP Articulation (iOS and Android). Other products include the five star-rated PocketSLP Minimal Pairs (iOS), PocketSLP “R” App for Parents (Android), and now, PocketSLP Speech Tutor (iOS).

To see a video demonstration of Speech Tutor or any of the PocketSLP apps, visit pocketslp

About Synapse Apps: Synapse Apps, LLC is headquartered in Ruidoso, New Mexico. Its principal focus is on technological tools for speech and language therapy. The company was founded by Corey and Karen Walker, a husband and wife team. Both are practicing speech and language pathologists.

Contact: Karen-Lopez Walker

Public Affairs,

Synapse Apps



# # #

Loyal Friend to Honor Lee Harvey Oswald on his 72nd Birthday

February 19, 2014

Walterville, Oregon (PRWEB) September 22, 2011

“I won’t live to see another birthday cake,” Lee said quietly into the pay phone in Dallas, “unless I can get out of here. And if I don’t do it right, we’ll all get killed.”

Twenty year-old Judy Vary Baker listened soberly to these ominous words from a pay phone in Gainesville, Florida, as she recounts in her memoir, ME & LEE: How I came to know, love and lose Lee Harvey Oswald.

It was October 19, 1963. Her friend Lee Harvey Oswald had just had his 24th birthday the day before, and called Judy, as he did twice each week, to share what he was learning about the plot to kill President Kennedy. Judy knew Lee Oswald well. She had spent the summer of 1963 with him in New Orleans. Now, he was in Dallas, and she was in Florida. As her book documents in painstaking detail, she knew about the mercurial world of spies in which he worked; she knew about his time in Russia and his connection to the Mafia; she knew about his trip to Mexico City; she understood why he was becoming frightened of the real-world killers whose ring he had penetrated. Their code was hard. If Lee ran to protect himself now, he was afraid that they would retaliate by brutally killing his wife, his two young daughters, and possibly even his girlfriend to whom he was speaking on the phone. Their phone calls continued until Wednesday, November 20, 1963. Then, on November 24th, she watched the man she loved get murdered on live national television.

ME & LEE: How I came to know, love and lose Lee Harvey Oswald is a 600-page non-fiction autobiography by Judyth Vary Baker, which recounts Judy’s summer with Lee, their cover jobs at Reily Coffee Company, the secret medical project they worked on together, and the secrets he shared with her about JFK’s impending assassination.

Oct. 18, 2011 would have been Lee Harvey Oswald’s 72nd birthday and Judy Vary Baker, a recluse who rarely makes public appearances, wants to mark the date by asking the world to reconsider Oswald’s role in history. Her take: Lee was an undercover agent who had penetrated a ring determined to murder President Kennedy and was actually trying to prevent it. Instead, they framed him for the crime, and then murdered him before he could defend himself in a court of law. Ms. Vary Baker asserts that Lee Oswald was trying to prevent JFK’s murder, not cause it.

Former Governor Jesse Ventura calls Judy’s book “stunning” and ranked it among his six favorite conspiracy reads, adding that “her book shows beyond any doubt that (Oswald) was clearly a government agent.”

Judy’s connection to Oswald was documented earlier in a 2007 book entitled Dr. Mary’s Monkey, authored by Edward Haslam. In 2010 Judy came forward with her own book validating that her association with Oswald was personal, professional, and romantic. Me & Lee is a memoir that blows the lid off the Lee Harvey Oswald debate, and even names some of the men responsible for Kennedy’s assassination. It is a must-read for anyone interested in American history, politics or the fates of star-crossed lovers.

Afraid for her own life after the JFK assassination, Judy dropped out of sight and lived a quiet life until her children were grown. Today, she continues to live in an undisclosed location overseas, but will make a rare North American public appearance to mark her former lover’s birthday and to continue her efforts to clear his name.

Ms. Baker will be at limited events in Toronto, Canada from Oct. 15 to 22, 2011, to schedule an interview:

US: Cheron Brylski, # , cbrylski(at)aol(dot)com

Canada/International: Kris Millegan, # , publicity(at)trineday(dot)net

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Free iPhone App Gives Users Custom Label Bids In Seconds

February 18, 2014

Denver, CO (PRWEB) February 17, 2010

iPhone users can now get a free custom label printing quote in less than a minute with the new iLabel application from Denver-based Lightning Labels, LLC, America’s first all-digital label printer


To download the world’s first iPhone label quoting application, users simply go to the iTunes store and search for iLabel. "It’s fast, easy and can be done from anywhere," notes Lightning Labels founder Peter Renton. "Fill out six selection fields and get a price almost instantaneously. I’ve been able to get the entire process down to a little over 30 seconds, a far cry from the days when custom printing quotes often took days to turn around."

Impetus for building a dedicated label printing quote application was the high volume of iPhone users getting quotes from the main Lightning Labels website. "We decided to make it super easy for these people," Renton says.

Notes James Lowry, Lightning Labels General Manager, "Quote information is immediately forwarded to the appropriate customer service representative. Users can tap a button to call Lightning Labels and discuss details, deadlines and any other applicable information with a rep fully apprised of their needs–saving additional time and effort."

Convenience and time-savings continue past the iLabel quoting stage through project completion. "We provide a state-of-the-art web-based system for uploading artwork, and can handle all fulfillment requirements in a streamlined fashion as well," emphasizes Christy Correll, Lightning Labels Online Marketing Specialist. "In the amount of time it used to take to get a custom label printing quote alone, we can now complete, ship and in some cases even deliver the job. This takes the concept of web-based printing and fulfillment to a new level."

Custom label printing itself has taken on an entirely new look and feel. With the advent of and advancements in digital printing, it’s now possible to economically and rapidly create up to thousands of different looks on thousands of product or promotional labels.

Label sizes and shapes can likewise be as varied as the imagination–ranging from ½-inch circular to 11 x 17-inch rectangular.

For more information, contact: Christy Correll, Online Marketing Specialist, at # ; or ilabel(at)lightninglabels(dot)com. You can also read more about iLabel on Lightning Labels blog, or main website for custom labels and stickers.


SuperiorCasino Opens up a Whole New World for Casino Players — The Innovative I-Slots Make it the Most Complete Gaming Experience Anywhere

February 17, 2014

Netherlands Antilles (PRWEB) April 3, 2007

Superior Gaming, which has quickly established itself as one of the leading companies in online gaming, triumphs again with the launch of its brand new offering – (superiorcasino).

Of course, it wouldn’t be "superior" if it wasn’t groundbreaking, and so the same people who introduced the revolutionary WagerCart to its SuperiorBook have partnered with Rival Gaming to bring another exciting innovation to its casino property – the sensational I-Slots.

Designed to integrate the elements of the traditional slot machine with a whole new, totally engrossing experience for casino gaming enthusiasts of all kinds, the I-Slot adds characters, animated scenes and a storyline to the process of playing a slot game. There is an objective and steps that must be overcome to achieve that objective, which become part of each spin. For example, "Reel Crime: Bank Heist" co-opts the player into the theft of a massive amount of money out of a bank, where the right spins must be made on the slot machine to incrementally pry the vault open and avoid being apprehended by the police, then at the end, to make a clean getaway. The payoff is huge, on multiple levels. and along the way, the player encounters random bonuses, which can make the potential windfall even bigger.

The I-Slot is fun, interactive, and completely involves the player in the action. not unlike a great interactive, multi-dimensional video game. And SuperiorCasino has them.

That’s not where it ends, either. SuperiorCasino features over 40 other games, including a dozen video slots, eight 3-reel slot games, a spectacular blackjack interface (both single and multi-hand), all the popular video poker variations, and everything else you’d expect at a world-class online casino – baccarat, craps, CaribStud, three-card poker, Red Dog, roulette (both American and European versions) and much, much more.

Powered by software devised by the people at Rival Gaming, SuperiorCasino presents one of the most user-friendly experiences anywhere in cyberspace. Downloading the casino and opening an account is easy, and within minutes the customer can take advantage of the most generous bonus program available.

The New Player Bonus offers a 100% welcome bonus of up to $250 which applies to any deposit of $25 or more. The same applies to the Slot Bonus for new players, which offers the customer a 120% initial bonus on deposits up to $300, which can bring a maximum bonus of $360. The Monthly Reload Bonus gives the existing player an opportunity to obtain a $100 free reload bonus each and every month, which amounts to a 100% bonus on a deposit of between $25 and $100.

Incredible I-Slots. Great games. Unprecedented bonuses. Is there really any other place to go?

Please come and visit (superiorcasino) today.


Tesla Cars on Sale for Half the Price

February 15, 2014

Booyah!!! Special offer for Yahoo readers: For less than $3 per week, you can get full access to Jim Cramer’s intraday market commentary and stock trading strategies – sometimes before he says them on TV! Join now.

PALO ALTO, Calif. (TheStreet) — You know who you are: There are 12,200 of you who have put down deposits ranging from $5,000 to $40,000 for the new Tesla TSLA Model S electric supercar. Only 10 of you have actually taken delivery. The price that most people pay for the first 1,000 units of the Model S is around $100,000, or $90,000 after tax incentives. What if I told you that you could get a Tesla almost right away for half the price, instead of waiting as long as nine months? It’s true. Yes, there are some caveats, and I’ll get to them in some detail, but here is the background: Two years ago, Toyota TM had invested in Tesla, and the companies agreed to jointly develop a Toyota-branded all-electric car with Tesla’s signature battery and electric motor, among other components. For the body, they chose the small SUV called the Toyota RAV4, which is everywhere on U.S. roads. The fruition of this conversion will be hitting the dealerships a month from now, and the price is $50,000 before tax adjustments, so $40,000 after, in California. Speaking of California: The only place it will be sold is in that state’s four major cities. That’s the biggest caveat. The second caveat: Toyota and Tesla are committing to build only 2,600 units, compared with Tesla’s 12,200 for the Model S. Starting in a couple of weeks, you will be able to place an order for the Tesla-based Toyota RAV4 Electric, pay $50,000, take delivery of the car in California by September, and then get a $10,000 tax credit. If you were waiting for a Tesla Model S and prepared to pay twice as much — and you didn’t know whether to expect the car in September 2012 or in May 2013 — this can be a terrific deal for you. I got the chance to drive the Tesla-based Toyota a few days ago, to the tune of 60 or so miles for a couple of hours. If you have already driven another Tesla, a Chevrolet Volt or any of the other excellent powerful electric cars, you should be able to guess what to expect once you have read the specifications of this unique vehicle. The body of the RAV4 has undergone aerodynamic improvements on every side, forming the most aerodynamically efficient SUV on the market today. Under the skin, the regular gasoline engine with its muffler, gasoline tank and other gazillion components have given way to Tesla’s key streamlined electric car modules. The battery has a usable capacity of 41.8 kWh, although the total capacity is greater — and unspecified — but the “standard” mode of charging will fill it to only 35 kWh, because that lengthens the life of the battery. The warranty is 8 years and 100,000 miles. The electric motor and its related components sit up front, same as where the gasoline engine usually is. In other words, it’s basically a regular Tesla, except this one is front-wheel drive. The battery looks like a gigantic 800-pound iPad and sits in the floor of the car, which makes for a zero-compromise interior with lots of space for people and their luggage. The interior is basic cloth and cheap mouse-gray plastic. By no means is this a premium car. The electronics in and around the center stack are similar to other premium electric cars, however, such as the Chevrolet Volt. The basic ergonomics of the Tesla-based Toyota are straightforward in a good way. You step into the car very comfortably, and you can start driving it without any tutorial. I really don’t think you even need to know that it’s an electric car — just press the start button and go. And go it does! Performance: It’s mostly about driving range. In a pure electric car, what most people want to know is the range. On a 35 kWh charge, the EPA certification looks to be 92 miles on average. On a 41.8 kWh charge, it would be 113 miles. I drove the car aggressively with modest A/C and it looked like the car would be able to go at least around 100 miles if I had driven it to empty. The theoretical maximum range is 170 miles. I suppose most people will have no problem clearing 110 miles in most of California, unless they drive very fast on the freeway. The top speed is limited to 100 miles per hour. As for acceleration, it’s quick. Zero to 60 mph comes up in 6.9 seconds, and I found that the limiting factor was the economy-oriented wheels. This is no Chevy Corvette or Volt, which has relatively fat low-profile sports wheels. I tore up the asphalt, leaving long tire marks, and embarrassed a variety of exotic European sports cars. To say that this car is fun is an understatement: Comparing the drivetrain of any other SUV to this Tesla-based SUV is like comparing a 12-year-old Motorola Razr flip-phone to an iPhone 4S. Everything else in the market feels distinctly Neanderthal in comparison. As with the other premium electric cars, the Tesla-based Toyota makes wild acceleration into an undramatic event. There is no downshift, no embarrassing noise, and no shakes or rattles. It’s just a totally silent “Andre the Giant’s hand” lunging your car forward with a feeling you simply cannot translate into words. You have to experience it in the driver’s seat. The Jetsons Age has arrived. Handling-wise, the Tesla-based Toyota is limited, again, by the cheap wheels. This is no Chevrolet Volt in that regard. That said, the center of gravity is low thanks to the battery built into the floorpan. One interesting anecdote is that Toyota, in attempting to perform the government’s mandatory roll-over crash test, was unable to get this SUV to roll using the government’s prescribed method. Its center of gravity is so low, it just wouldn’t tip. This means the caution you feel while sitting so high up, and taking turns while riding on relatively squeaky tires, is, in the end, fundamentally unwarranted. Unlike Tesla’s Model S, the Toyota version uses a standards-based charging interface, so that you can use almost all electric car chargers without an annoying adapter. Toyota uses Tesla’s 10 kWh on-board charger, so you can fill up large giant battery from zero in six hours or less, depending on amperage and climate. That’s 50% faster than a Ford Focus and three times faster than a Chevy Volt or Nissan LEAF, on a per-hour basis. You, future Tesla owner, it’s decision time. So let’s say you have a deposit on the Tesla Model S — and you live in California — should you move fast and try to switch your place in line for one of the 2,600 Toyota RAV4 Electric SUVs before they’re gobbled up? The answer is not easy, but here are the factors: 1. Price: The Toyota version will cost you $40,000 net, and the Model S, depending on which version you buy, will cost you anywhere from $47,500 to over $90,000 net. 2. Range: The Toyota version of the Tesla comes only with a 41.8 kWh battery capacity, whereas Tesla’s Model S also comes in 60 and 85 kWh capacities. So while the Toyota version will give you a range of around 100 miles (conservatively), the Model S will give you options all the way up to 265 miles. That’s a big difference. 3. Body: The Toyota is a conventional small SUV, whereas the Model S is a unique hatchback in that it also has an extra luggage space in the front. The Toyota has a roomier and much more comfortable back seat. 4. Handling: The Model S has an even lower center of gravity, and the tires are meant for aggressive cornering. Simply put, the Model S translates the awesome electric motor’s massive power to the ground dramatically better than the Toyota. 5. Luxury factor: The Model S has unique styling, inside and out. On the inside, leather and other materials vastly outperform the budget look of the Toyota. On top of that, the centerpiece of the Model S’s interior is the industry-first high-resolution 17-inch display. 6. Practicality: It’s easier to get in and out of the Toyota, and the inherent SUV design means it’s less fragile to a lot of real-world events, inside and out. Also, if you are planning on charging at public stations, the Toyota version wins out because of its standard port. What’s the bottom line? Given the net worth and income of a typical Tesla buyer, this gets tricky. Why? Well, just buy both of them. You probably already have a couple of cars, and if you’re writing one $100,000 check, just write another $50,000 check. Compromise is for losers! For those of you closer to reality, the Toyota version of the Tesla gives you a unique car in the market, essentially right now as opposed to many months into the future. The SUV body is “just right” in size and practicality, and the standard charger means it will be easier for you to fill up that battery when you are out and about. California may be teetering on bankruptcy and drowning in red tape, but despite these calamities, the good weather and this Tesla-based Toyota prove that some things remain unique benefits for those who still haven’t fled California’s record-high unemployment in favor of Texas prosperity. I give the Toyota RAV4 Electric, made by Tesla, a superb 9 out of 10 rating. Nab one quickly before the 2,600 units are sold out. At the time of submitting this article, the author was long TSLA and AAPL. Additional disclosure: Toyota provided airfare, lodging and meals to attend the engineering presentations and test drive of this car.

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