Etowah County judge dismisses bingo suit

May 31, 2010

The Supreme Court ruled that Gov. Bob Riley’s Task Force on Illegal Gambling had the authority to continue its legal efforts to shut down electronic bingo despite the opposition of Attorney General Troy King.

Millican in his ruling said, “The Court does not have the luxury of not following the law nor changing or re-interpreting the law when its outcome does not conform to the popular view.”

He said with certain exceptions “not applicable here,” courts in Alabama don’t have subject matter jurisdiction in independent civil actions to interfere with the enforcement of criminal laws.

Christie Knowles, an attorney for CBS Supply, which plans a $200 million bingo development in Etowah County, said she will be researching other ways to bring the issue of the machines’ legality to court.

Knowles said she will have to determine whether those legal options are proper at this time.

The ruling was not about the legality of the machines, she said, but concerned procedural issues.

Etowah County District Attorney Jimmie Harp said the ruling meant electronic bingo here would be up to the Legislature.

The remaining legal issue in the suit originally brought last year by Harp dealt with the legality of bingo machines that CBS claims are legal and meet state and local standards.

Harp said he believes the machines are illegal slot machines.

“Any further action on bingo will have to be addressed by the Alabama Legislature; there’s no further court action,” Harp said. “There’s no further legal avenues for anybody to litigate over bingo in the court system.”

Harp and Etowah County Sheriff Todd Entrekin will have a press today at 11 a.m. to discuss the bingo ruling.

In his ruling, Millican kept in place for 45 days an order protecting the prototypes of the machines, which were brought to the county for the case, from being seized.

Harp said the order “took me by surprise,” but called it a correct statement of the law.

“It’s shouldn’t surprise anyone involved in the case that he (Millican) ruled the way he did,” Harp said.

Harp said he thought there might be motions filed or a hearing held on the suit.

Millican issued a legal stay in the case in April after the issue of the task force’s authority was appealed to the Alabama Supreme Court.

“The timing of the order was very surprising, but the content was not to me,” Harp said.

Harp said it was “crystal clear” the Supreme Court was going to allow Riley to assert his legal position in courts in the state even when his position was different from the attorney general’s.

Riley believes electronic bingo machines are slot machines and are illegal.

“Judge Millican is following the law, which is crystal clear when it comes to illegal gambling in Alabama. The only people who pretend otherwise are those who support illegal gambling,” said Riley. “I am confident District Attorney Jimmie Harp, who asked the Task Force to assist in this matter, has every intention of enforcing both the rule of law in general and Judge Millican’s decision in particular.”

Harp said he doesn’t know if there will be a bingo development here, but that developers will not be able to legally operate machines like the ones that have been in operation elsewhere in the state.

Etowah County judge dismisses bingo suit

Foreigners accused of cheating casinos

May 31, 2010

By Elena Chong

A TANZANIAN has been charged with trying to cheat the newly opened Marina Bay Sands (MBS) casino of $35,000 in a roulette game.

Kipuyo Lemburis Israel, 34, was brought to court last Friday for allegedly trying to cheat a dealer on duty at a roulette table at MBS by past-posting.

Past-posting is the act of placing the bet after the result is known.

He is said to have intentionally placed a chip with a cash value of $1,000 on a single number bet last Thursday after the result had been declared, to induce the dealer to pay him $35,000 worth of chips.

The amount is the largest so far in a casino-related crime here.

MBS, which opened on April 27, is the Republic’s second integrated resort, after Resorts World Sentosa (RWS), which opened in February.

Kipuyo has been remanded for investigation and is due back in court tomorrow.

Another foreigner will also make his second appearance in court tomorrow after he was charged last Saturday with cheating at the RWS casino, also in a roulette game.

Sibongile Arthur Mgxashe, 33, a South African, allegedly cheated a dealer at a roulette table last Friday by intentionally placing chips with a value of $220 on the winning bet after the result had been declared.

He was paid the winnings of $7,700 for his $220 bet even though he was not entitled to it.

If convicted, he faces a jail term of up to 10 years and a fine.

Attempted cheating carries a penalty of up to five years in jail and a fine.

Meanwhile, a district judge has issued warrants for the arrest of three Europeans who absconded after they were charged with cheating RWS.

All had been freed on bail, pending trial.

District Judge Chia Wee Kiat issued the warrants after counsel for the trio – Thierry Laurent Michel Fabrice, 46, Pintado Jose Lopez, 64, and Reynald Georges Victor Lasnel, 61 – informed the judge during a pre-trial conference that he could not contact his clients.

This article was first published in The Straits Times.

For more The Straits Times stories, click here.

Foreigners accused of cheating casinos

Win £1000 Daily at Red Bus Bingo

May 31, 2010

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The awesome promotions at Red Bus Bingo have greatly enhanced the popularity of this brand new online bingo site. Red Bus Bingo players can actually win £1000 everyday, absolutely free. The site offers £200, £300, and £500 guaranteed jackpot free bingo games at 8:15 p.m., 9:15 p.m., and 10:15 p.m., respectively, in its Free Rooms. The tickets are absolutely free, and each player can get a maximum of 6 tickets. The winners of one line, two line, and full house get attractive prizes. Reviewers say that offering free prizes of £1000 everyday is indeed a bold move, which has paid off well because the site has attracted a number of players. Moreover, it looks as if the site will retain its popularity for long.

In spite of being brand new, Red Bus Bingo offers fabulously large jackpots. Players can actually win one million pounds in the Big Ben Bonanza, which is played at 9:30 p.m. on Friday in the £1 Million Big Ben Room. The tickets cost £1; and players can win a minimum of £500 and a maximum of £1 million. Players can purchase a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 48 tickets.  The £2K Big Smoke is yet another lucrative Red Bus promotion worth noticing. Players can pocket £350 for a one-line win, £650 for a two-line win, and £1000 for full house. This attractive online bingo game is played on the last Friday every month at 9:45 p.m. The tickets cost £1.

Players who feel that the big jackpot games are too expensive can still get rich playing penny bingo at The site offers penny games daily from 10 a.m. to 1 a.m. in the Penny Lane Room. The tickets cost only 1p, 2p, 3p, and 4p; and players can purchase a maximum of 96 cards at a time. Needless to say, the prizes are awesome. Penny bingo enthusiasts will also enjoy the Pics for a Penny game played for a prize of £30 every Wednesday at 9:30 p.m.  Red Bus Bingo promotions, however, are meant for funded Red Bus Bingo players only. Registering at Red Bus and making an initial deposit is a highly lucrative and advantageous activity because the site offers a first depositors bonus of 250 percent on all initial deposits between £5 and £100 plus a reload bonus of 50 percent on all subsequent deposits in the range of £10 – £100.

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Win £1000 Daily at Red Bus Bingo

888 Holdings shares slump after profit warning

May 31, 2010

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LONDON (MarketWatch) — Shares in online gambling operator 888 Holdings slumped as much as 18% Friday after the group warned a sharp drop in the number of online poker players and the impact of the upcoming soccer World Cup would leave its profit “significantly lower” than market expectations.

Trading has been weak across most parts of the business, but the group’s online poker tables have been the hardest-hit, with the average number of players per day dropping 18% between January and May.

/quotes/comstock/23s!e:888 888 54.00, -14.00, -20.59%

The group said it believes the sharp decline in poker activity is part of an industry-wide trend.

Shares in 888 Holdings /quotes/comstock/23s!e:888 (UK:888 54.00, -14.00, -20.59%) slumped 15% on the London Stock Exchange, having fallen as much as 18% earlier in the session.

Rival PartyGaming /quotes/comstock/23s!e:prty (UK:PRTY 258.68, -10.80, -4.01%) , which also operates a major poker network, fell 5.3%, while shares in U.K. bookmakers William Hill /quotes/comstock/23s!a:wmh (UK:WMH 176.81, +0.20, +0.11%) and Ladbrokes /quotes/comstock/23s! e:lad (UK:LAD 142.80, +1.40, +0.99%) , which are predominantly involved in sports betting, both edged higher.

While bookmakers are set to benefit from the FIFA World Cup, 888 said trading will be difficult for companies that offer casino games and other gambling online.

On top of those problems, revenue for the group has also been hurt by the weakness of the euro and sterling against the dollar and the introduction of new gambling regulations in France will result in significant further marketing costs as the group is required to move to a new regulated platform.

“The board has revised its outlook for the remainder of the year and now expects profit to be significantly lower than previous market expectations,” the group said.

“A number of steps, including cost cutting, have already been implemented and the board remains confident about the future strategy and prospects,” the company added, noting that it has continued to make a profit.

While 888 said its poker problems are part of an industry trend, Daniel Stewart & Co. analyst James Hollins said he views the group’s overall trading issues as company-specific.

Hollins said 888 has a “weak poker offering” in a highly competitive market and that its casino is too reliant on high-roller players. Hollins cut his price target on the shares to 92 pence from 123 pence, however he stuck to his buy rating, noting the company has a strong dividend yield and an ongoing share buyback and that it’s likely to play an active role in industry consolidation.

The shares were trading at 57 pence on the LSE Friday.

Simon Kennedy is the City correspondent for MarketWatch in London.

888 Holdings shares slump after profit warning

Take the gamble out of dealing with sticky situations in casinos

May 31, 2010

Even regular casino patrons are unsure how to act or react in unusual situations in the casino. Here are a few situations that occur and how to deal with them.


TABLE GAMES: If while engaged in a table game you feel a need to leave the table for a few minutes, but you like the table and don’t want to give up your seat, leave your chips, as few as one, at the table, and leave. The chip freezes your spot.

It is best to let the dealer know you are leaving for a few minutes but plan to be right back.

If a player wants to seek a seat at another table but doesn’t want to relinquish his seat at the current table until he has another seat, it can be done by locking up his current seat, locating a new table seat, locking it up and then returning to the original table to remove his chips, thereby unlocking the seat.

LIVE POKER: On a poker table, ask the dealer to lock your seat. In this situation you don’t even have to have any chips on the table.

This is handy if you need to hit the ATM for a refill, although I usually caution against this need. There may be a time limit imposed by the casino – usually 10 minutes. If you exceed the limit the dealer, with supervisor approval, can pull your chips and open the seat. You will get your chips back when you return, but then have to wait for another open seat if you want to continue playing.

If a player wants to seek a seat at another table in the poker room, it can only be done with approval of the floor person unless the change is to a table with a different game in progress. In that case the same procedure outlined for table games can be used.

POKER TOURNAMENTS: If you have paid an entry fee but are late for the start, your seat will be held to at least break time. If you have to leave the table during the tournament for any reason, the seat remains yours. The down side to either situation is that your seat will be dealt cards in every round and immediately mucked. As the blind positions hit your seat, the blind amounts will be taken from your chip stack and placed in the pot. If you are absent for a long time, you could be “blinded out.” That means the blinds keep eating away at your stack until there are none left.

SLOT MACHINES: Ask a floor person to lock up your machine while you take a short break for whatever reason. It is best, in this case, to leave a few credits on the machine. The floor person will usually put a tag on the machine or turn the chair around. Don’t be gone too long, however, because the floor person can’t baby-sit the machine forever and if he or she leaves, a vulture might pounce on the machine to cash out.

If that happens, contact security. They can review tapes of the area and may be able to ID the vulture and take action.

Some players will ask the person playing next to them to save their machine but there is a risk that player may turn into a vulture. That also places an imposition on the other player who really may be ready to leave and feels forced to remain until you return. Or the person may leave after a few minutes and your machine and its credits are at risk.


The dealer is in charge of the table. But dealers are human and are prone to make an occasional mistake. What happens if you see a mistake? Some of the mistakes a dealer can make and advice how to handle them follows.

OVER- OR UNDER- PAY OUTS. A player is not required to correct a dealer if he overpays you or any other player. Once overpayment is made, the casino, in Nevada anyway, has no legal right to rescind a payment, a distinct difference from common law. If you are a regular at the table and are known by the dealers and floor people, you may want to question the pay out, but keep it low key. The dealer doesn’t want mistakes he or she makes to be known to the other players or the management.

If the payoff is insufficient, leave the chips the dealer paid out on the table and ask if the count can be verified. If the dealer is positive that he is correct, ask for a floor person (a “suit”) to verify it. Apologize if you are wrong. If right, accept the apology from the dealer and floor person humbly. Don’t make a big thing out of a simple mistake.

Over or under payouts are more common on the roulette table and craps table than in other games due to the multiple bets and interacting bets. At least on the craps table there are multiple sets of casino eyes on the transactions. On the roulette table, there is only one set of casino eyes on the table and with payoffs of 1 to 1, 2 to 1, 5 to 1, 6 to 1, 11 to 1, 17 to 1, and 35 to 1 per single chip and with multichip bets and over lapping chip bets, the math can get confusing.

INCORRECT DECISION: If a dealer makes a wrong decision that affects you, you are not obligated to call attention to it if it benefits you but if it adversely affects you, ask for a correction. If a blackjack dealer stays on a soft 17 when the casino rule is for the dealer to take a hit on it you don’t need to call attention to it is you have an 18 or above but if you have a 17 or below, call the dealer’s attention to the error before payouts are made. Some other players at the table will either thank you or accuse you of ruining their hand.

At the poker table, the dealer may not notice than a straight or flush is present and indicates two pair or three of a kind is the winning hand. Any player at the table can call attention to the error, preferably before the hands are mucked into the card pile. I once was watching a tournament that I had busted out of and that happened without the player with as straight realizing he had the winning hand. I spoke up, the dealer retrieved the cards and I immediately made a friend and an enemy. Unfortunately the enemy I made plays in many tournaments against me while the friend was a new and infrequent player at that casino.

CONSPIRACY: If you feel the casino management has the dealers conspiring against you, forget it. If you think the dealer and a player are conspiring against you, be very observant, get specifics, and discreetly have a talk with the pit boss.

Usually scams are against the casino and are orchestrated by dealers and players.

Sometimes mid- or upper-level management might be involved. Casinos can’t afford to cheat customers because its license is on the line. A dealer who conspires with a player can not only lose his job but his livelihood because once tainted, no other casino wants him in their employment.

Reach Bruce Camenga at

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Take the gamble out of dealing with sticky situations in casinos

Secret Service called on fake bills

May 30, 2010

May 21, 2010Secret Service called on fake bills

Police are planning to meet with the U.S. Secret Service to investigate where a number of counterfeit bills that surfaced here originated.

Thursday, an elementary student tried to purchase a yearbook at Ben Franklin Science Academy with a counterfeit $20 bill, police said Friday.

The child was in possession of four of the counterfeit bills, said Muskogee Police Investigator Lonnie Bemo.

The investigation of how the child got the fake money is one of 15 in connection with at least $600 in counterfeit $20 bills recovered in Muskogee in the last eight days, Bemo said.

Bemo is meeting next week with U.S. Secret Service agents in connection with the investigations here, he said.

The bills are being passed at convenience stores and fast food restaurants, he said.

Shop and Go, 1102 W. Shawnee Bypass, reported Thursday it received counterfeit $20 bills from an unknown suspect, Bemo said.

Shop and Go gave out at least three counterfeit $20 bills Thursday in change to an Oktaha man, another police report said.

The man who received them went to Creek Nation Casino and sought change for one of them, police said. That’s when he learned it was counterfeit.

Creek Nation Casino Manager Ferrell Kaaihue said every bill that comes through the casinos is checked. Only the one fake $20 has turned up here, he said.

The slot machines have readers in them that spit out any counterfeit money, he said. And employees handling money use ultraviolet lights to check bills they receive, he said.

Kum & Go at 2301 S. York St., also reported a customer used $60 in counterfeit $20 bills to purchase merchandise on Thursday, Bemo said.

A Secret Service representative in Tulsa did not return calls to the agency Friday.

How to detect counterfeit money

The public has a role in maintaining the integrity of U.S. currency. You can help guard against the threat from counterfeiters by becoming more familiar with United States currency.

Look at the money you receive. Compare a suspect note with a genuine note of the same denomination and series, paying attention to the quality of printing and paper characteristics. Look for differences, not similarities.

• Portrait — The genuine portrait appears lifelike and stands out distinctly from the background. The counterfeit portrait is usually lifeless and flat. Details merge into the background which is often too dark or mottled.

• Federal Reserve and Treasury Seals — On a genuine bill, the saw-tooth points of the Federal Reserve and Treasury seals are clear, distinct, and sharp. The counterfeit seals may have uneven, blunt, or broken saw-tooth points.

• Border — The fine lines in the border of a genuine bill are clear and unbroken. On the counterfeit, the lines in the outer margin and scrollwork may be blurred and indistinct.

• Serial Numbers — Genuine serial numbers have a distinctive style and are evenly spaced. The serial numbers are printed in the same ink color as the Treasury Seal. On a counterfeit, the serial numbers may differ in color or shade of ink from the Treasury seal. The numbers may not be uniformly spaced or aligned.

• Paper — Genuine currency paper has tiny red and blue fibers embedded throughout. Often counterfeiters try to simulate these fibers by printing tiny red and blue lines on their paper. Close inspection reveals, however, that on the counterfeit note the lines are printed on the surface, not embedded in the paper. It is illegal to reproduce the distinctive paper used in the manufacturing of United States currency.

Source: United States Secret Service

Reach Donna Hales at 684-2923 or .

Secret Service called on fake bills

Countdown to table games

May 30, 2010

If you visit one of Pennsylvania’s new casino table games this summer, you’re likely to see a lot of eights, the tables won’t be close to the door, and it may appear that whoever designed the poker room has an odd fascination with dragons.

That’s because casinos are preparing for what they hope will be an Asian invasion.

”Asians like table games,” said George Toth, president of Mount Airy Casino Resort, one of several adding tables with Asian players in mind. ”They are good clients, and we want them to feel comfortable here.”

More importantly, they want them to feel comfortable betting thousands of dollars — sometimes in a single hand — at Pennsylvania’s soon-to-open table games, such as blackjack, baccarat and craps.

Some experts estimate that 25 percent to 30 percent of new table game players in state casinos will be of Asian descent, particularly at easternmost casinos with close access to New York City, where more than 800,000 Asians live, and New Jersey, which has an Asian population of nearly 700,000, according to the most recent U.S. Census figures.

Consider that Macau, China — not Las Vegas — is now the gambling capital of the world. Unlike Pennsylvania, Macau casinos are dominated by tables, not slot machines, because that is what Asian players prefer.

And no casino operator wants the wrong gaming floor design to give cash-carrying players the impression there is no luck to be had there.

No one has more riding on attracting Asian gamblers than Toth and Mount Airy. The casino has been among the state’s worst performers almost since it opened in 2007, but Toth believes tables give him an opportunity to turn things around.

Mount Airy has brought in two designers whose sole job is to make sure the tables floor conforms to the theories of feng shui, the ancient Chinese belief that the proper design and placement of objects keeps the living and working environment in harmony with nature and the flow of energy.

When table games open in Pennsylvania this July or August, Mount Airy will have a special Asian room with 17 table games that include mini-baccarat, pai gow poker and pai gow tiles.

When players arrive they’ll see a lot of 8s — a number feng shui followers believe portrays good fortune — and probably not many 4s, a number associated with death.

They’ll see wall hangings and tapestries emblazoned with dragons and koi, and the decor will be draped in colors like red and gold, all emitters of good fortune.

The chandeliers will, of course, have eight hanging fringes, not four, and while the entrance to the room will be wide open, that opening will not continue unimpeded through the room. Screens or dividing walls will prevent the good energy entering the room from leaving too quickly.

”Feng shui followers truly believe in signs that represent good fortune and good luck,” said Mount Airy interior designer Marcella Ravell, who has visited China and made two trips to Chinatown in New York to educate herself. ”We intend to present a very lucky atmosphere.”

But the effort doesn’t stop with presenting an appearance of good fortune. Mount Airy will have eight daily buses into Chinatown, and its Asian room dealers will be fluent in Mandarin or Cantonese, said Edwin Chou, Mount Airy’s director of Asian marketing.

That’s right, Mount Airy has a special Asian marketing staff of people lured away from Atlantic City casinos.

And just as will be the case at Harrah’s Chester Casino in Delaware County, Mount Airy will have a noodle bar buffet outside the Asian poker room. Willie Wong, Mount Airy’s Asian player development director, noted the noodle bar has advantages well beyond the cultural benefits.

”It’s a light meal, so they can eat in 20 minutes and get right back to the tables,” Wong said, jokingly mimicking a motion of shoveling noodles into his mouth. ”We want players at the tables having a good time.”

Anyone who thinks casino operators like Toth are over-estimating what’s at stake need only look back to the opening of the MGM Grand Hotel-Casino in 1993.

At the casino entrance, people walked into the mouth of a mammoth lion built to resemble MGM’s corporate symbol.

Countdown to table games

Memorial Day Weekend 2010 Party Guide

May 30, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend 2010 Party Guide

Thu, May 27, 2010 (12:21 p.m.)

May 7, 2010: Season opener of Ditch Fridays with Sean Paul; Z-Trip’s Revolution at Rain with special guests New Kids on the Block; Ghostbar with Manufactured Superstars

Mikey McNulty

MDW 2010 Guide

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Memorial Day Weekend in Las Vegas is a three-plus-day bash that’s just getting into high gear when the party is usually slowing down. With the grand opening of Surrender Nightclub and Encore Beach Club at Encore and The Love Festival at The Palms, Las Vegas will be ground zero this weekend for the world’s top DJs like Kaskade, Deadmau5 and Crystal Method. Throw in UFC 114 and concerts from the likes of Pitbull, Angels and Airwaves, Nas and Damian Marley and Snoop Dogg, and you have the perfect mix for an exciting weekend.

Expose at Caramel Lounge: This week, Expose at Bellagio’s Caramel Lounge will feature the artwork of Shawna Kennelly. The UNLV graduate honed her skills in the studio art program there before joining an all female pro football team, then returned to art three years ago.

Filter at VooDoo Beach: Best known for hits like “Hey Man Nice Shot” and “Take a Picture,” alternative rockers Filter will be performing poolside at The Rio’s Poolside Concert Series at VooDoo Beach.

The Dreaming at Wasted Space: LA new wave band The Dreaming will be performing live at Wasted Space at the Hard Rock along with special guests Parabelle and We’re Not Afraid.

Godskitchen with Funkagenda: London house DJ Funkagenda will headline Godskitchen at Vanity along with resident DJs Tony Arzadon and Nathan Scott.

Soundbar at Ghostbar with Osunlade: Soundbar resident Carlos Sanchez will kick off a night of house music at Ghostbar, followed by Keith Evan and musician and producer Osunlade.

Photo: Joe Fury/N9NE Group

The Down & Derby disco roller party skated into Rain on December 17, 2009.

Down & Derby roller disco party at Rain: You’ll need to bust out the short-shorts (guys, you too) and retro wear for the ’70s roller disco night inside Rain Nightclub. The more Afro wigs, the better. Skates are available to rent for $5. This month’s guest DJ is Danny Boy who will spin alongside D&D regulars Supra and Shred. Read more about the party here.

Charity Poker Tournament at Sapphire: Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club is (somewhat appropriately) hosting a charity poker tournament to support the Foundation for Prostate Cancer. Bluff Magazine will host the event, which includes dinner and cocktails at 7 p.m. followed by the tournament at 8 p.m.

Rock Your Bikini Memorial Day Weekend at Rockhouse: Rock Your Bikini, part of Rockhouse’s 55 Days of Summer, will offer up two-for-one drafts and well drinks until 8 p.m. for those in bikini tops through Memorial Day Weekend. Plus, all ladies drinks are “on the Rockhouse” from 10:30 p.m. until midnight.

Mark Ballas’ birthday at Tao: Dancing with the Stars dancer Mark Ballas will be celebrating his birthday at Tao. The two-time champ will be dancing to the sounds of DJ Reach.

UFC pre-party at Studio 54: Studio 54 is starting the party a little early with a UFC pre-party hosted by Silver Star clothing company. Fighters scheduled to appear include Anderson Silva, Lyoto Machida and Wanderlei Silva.

Girls Gone Wild at Las Vegas Country Saloon: You don’t have to go to Panama City to catch all the Spring Break-esque action. Girls Gone Wild is searching for “The Hottest Girl in America” and will be bringing their tour bus downtown to Fremont Street. Rock of Love star Catherine Brown will host as camera crews roll all night for an HDNet special.

US Air Guitar Competition Regional Finals: If you think you have what it takes to play with the best of them, sans sound of course, then check out the US Air Guitar Competition Regional Finals at the Hard Rock Cafe on the Strip. MMA fighter Miguel Angel Torres will be among the participants.

Rusted Root at the Hard Rock Pool: So what if they’ve only got one hit anyone actually remembers? “Send Me On My Way” will be a perfect poolside sing-a-long.

Angels & Airwaves at The Joint: Lead singer Tom DeLonge will bring his band Angels & Airwaves to perform live at The Joint at the Hard Rock along with special guest Say Anything.

Tuff-N-Uff at the Orleans: Tuff-N-Uff at the Orleans will present the future stars of MMA in amateur bouts. The main event features a 155-pound bout between Jimmy Spicuzza and Christian Palancia. Dana White’s cousin, Justin Vadnais, will take on Jovan Lorenzo in the 145-pound weight class. Also on the card is a female fight between Gabriella Lakoczky and Ashley Cummins.

Tuff-N-Uff after party at Déjà Vu: Deja Vu Erotic Ultra Lounge will host the Tuff-N-Uff after party following the fight at the Orleans. DJ Mikey Swift will be spinning live along with Morgan Page.

Photo: Erik Kabik/Retna/

George Clinton of the Parliament Funkadelics.

George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic at the Red Rock Pool: The granddaddy of funk, George Clinton, will be performing live at the Red Rock Pool along with Parliament Funkadelic. Sorry, no “Atomic Dog(s)” allowed.

Roger Sanchez at Tabu: DJ Roger Sanchez will be spinning live at Tabu at the MGM Grand to kick off Memorial Day Weekend. The NY DJ will keep the house music pulsing to keep you dancing all night long.

Photo: Scott Harrison/Retna/

Sammi “The Sweetheart” Giancola and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro arrive at Jet in The Mirage on March 6, 2010.

Ronnie from Jersey Shore at Jet: It’s time to bust out the hair gel and spray tan cans, Ronnie from Jersey Shore will be partying at Jet Nightclub at The Mirage.

NYC 4AM Takeover at The Bank: Las Vegans will get a taste of the Big Apple as the hottest DJs from the NYC Nightclub 4AM. DJ Jus Ske, DJ Sal Morale, DJ Sinatra and DJ Vitale will be spinning live to bring you some East Coast flavor.

Ditch Fridays with Rev Run: Even if you’re getting Monday off from work, why not take Friday too? Hip-hop mastermind Rev Run will perform live at Ditch Fridays at the Palms Pool along with hip-hop musician DJ Ruckus and local DJ Scotty Boy.

Z-Trip’s Revolution at Rain: DJ Z-Trip will be spinning live inside Rain for Z-Trip’s Revolution along with DJ Greg Lopez who will be performing the opening and closing sets. Outside at Palms Pool & Bungalows, Keith Evans will perform poolside, followed by deep-house DJ Mark Farina.

Steve Aoki at Surrender: Steve Aoki, the new Surrender Nightclub’s musical director and creator of the dance hit “I’m In the House,” will take over the turntables for “Aoki’s House.”

Boris at Wet Republic: DJ Boris got his start in St. Petersberg before moving on to the NYC clubs and will be bringing the European vibe to Vegas when he spins poolside at Wet Republic.

Vintage Fuel car show at Sapphire: Vintage Fuel presents “Funny Business” at Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club. While the funny business at Sapphire is usually of a different nature, this event is a car show complete with a vintage car display, driver autograph signing sessions and giveaways.

Claudius Raphael at Azure Pool: DJ Claudius Raphael will be spinning live at Azure Pool at Palazzo all weekend. On Saturday, actor Gilles Marini from Sex and the City will be hosting the party.

Playboy Bunny Bash at Eve: See who’s wearing the tiniest outfit when Playmate of the Year Sara Jean Underwood and Playmate Kelly Carrington host Eve’s “Bunny Bash.”

Miss Hitman Contest at Blush: To get you in the spirit of fighting on the eve of UFC 114, Hitman Fight Gear presents the Miss Hitman Contest at Blush Nightclub.

Cheryl Burke at Lavo in the Palazzo on Feb. 10, 2010.

Cheryl Burke’s birthday party at Tao Beach: Dancing with the Stars champ Cheryl Burke will celebrate her birthday poolside at Tao Beach. With legs like hers, the dancing diva shouldn’t have any qualms about donning a bikini for her big day.

UFC 114 viewing party at Crown Theater: UFC fighters Jon Fitch and Mike Swick will host a UFC 114 viewing party and after party at the new Crown Theater at The Rio. Admission is $25 or you can upgrade to an open bar package for $69.

Red, White and Brew at McFadden’s: McFadden’s is getting patriotic this Memorial Day by hosting Red, White and Brew, a bikini contest offering $500 in cash to the winner. Enjoy an open bar from 11 p.m. until 1 a.m. with the purchase of a wristband, priced at $10 for ladies and $20 for guys plus McFadden’s will offer a complimentary open bar for everyone with a valid military ID from 10 until 11 p.m. Other drink specials include $5 you-call-it bomb shots, $4 “Fire Cracker” cocktails, $3 Coors Lights and $2 canned beers.

Hollywood Night at The Hard Rock Café: The Hard Rock Cafe on the Strip is pulling out all the stops to wish DJ Franzen a happy birthday with a Hollywood-style celebration. The first 100 ladies through the door get free admission.

A Grand Omen at The Playground: A Grand Omen, a local gothic/metal/rock band will be releasing their debut EP at The Rock Room in The Playground. They’ll be performing live along with Stargasm. Check out Stargasm in Las Vegas Weekly’s Local Band Guide.


After fight party at Studio 54 with Forrest Griffin: UFC fighters Forrest Griffin, Cain Velasquez and Josh Koscheck will be hosting an after fight party at Studio 54 following UFC 114.

Shane Carwin at Lagasse’s Stadium: UFC fighter Shane Carwin will be hosting a UFC 114 watch party at Lagasse’s Stadium at Palazzo. Carwin will share his thoughts on his upcoming battle against Brock Lesnar and will be signing autographs. Prior to Carwin’s welcome, guests are invited to watch pre-commentary and analysis of the UFC fights.

Barenaked Ladies at Mandalay Beach: Enjoy hits like “Brian Wilson”, “Pinch Me” and “One Week” performed poolside when Barenaked Ladies take the stage at Mandalay Beach.

Chelsea Handler at The Colosseum: The stand up comedienne, television host and author will be bringing her stand up routine on the road to The Colosseum at Caesars Palace. The star of E!’s Chelsea Lately has held her own against the likes of many male comedians and has proven her staying power (and love for vodka).

Tony Parker’s birthday party at Eve: Eva Longoria Parker’s hubby Tony Parker will be celebrating his birthday at Eve with a bash hosted by his wife.

Flight of the Conchords at Planet Hollywood: It’s business time! Grammy Award-winning New Zealand folk comedy duo Flight of the Conchords will perform live at Planet Hollywood.

Nas and Damian Marley at The Joint: NYC rapper Nas will be performing live at The Joint at The Hard Rock along with Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley.

Shaggy at Pure: Musician Shaggy will rock the stage at Pure Nightclub at Caesars Palace with his hits like “Wasn’t Me,” “Angel” and “Boombastic.” Also, DJ Jesse Marco will be spinning live.

Photo: Joe Fury/N9NE Group

Snoop Dogg performs during Kandy Vegas at the Palms.

Snoop Dogg at Venus and LAX: Get your gin and juice ready: The Doggfather himself, Snoop Dogg, will be performing live at Caesars’ Venus Pool Club by day and LAX at Luxor later in the evening.

Mick Boogie at The Pond: DJ Mick Boogie will be spinning live at Red Rock Cabana Club on May 29th and at The Pond at Green Valley Ranch on May 30.

Loverboy at Red Rock Pool: Red Rock is embracing the ’80s spirit with a show from rock band Loverboy. Famous for hits like “Turn Me Loose” and “The Kid is Hot Tonite,” the Canadian-based band is touring in support of their recently released greatest hits album.

Star Wars In Concert at The Orleans: Embrace your inner sci-fi fan and head to the Orleans for Star Wars In Concert featuring music from all six of John Williams’ epic Star Wars scores. If that doesn’t meet the nerdiness quota, there will be an exclusive exhibit of Star Wars costumes, props, artifacts and production artwork plus full costumes for Jedi Masters Kit Fisto and Plo Koon will be on display. May the force be with you.

Huey Lewis and The News at the M Resort: Huey Lewis and The News will be performing live at the M Resort Outdoor Entertainment Piazza at the M Resort. Look forward to hits like “The Power of Love” and “If This is It.”

UFC 114 at MGM Grand: The MGM Grand Garden Arena will host one of the most anticipated matchups in MMA history as Quinton “Rampage” Jackson finally takes on archenemy “Suga” Rashad Evans at UFC 114.

Peter Max meet and greet: Artist Peter Max will be on hand for a meet and greet at The Art of Peter Max Gallery in The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace. See his newest portraits of Taylor Swift and Shaquille O’Neal.

After fight party at Sapphire: Fight Magazine and Venum Clothing present an after fight party at Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club following UFC 114.

Vanilla Ice at Rok Vegas: Vanilla Ice has thawed out his ’90s lyrics and is back in business for the next generation. He will be performing live at Rok Vegas at NY-NY.

Roger Sanchez at Wet Republic: New York house DJ Roger Sanchez will be spinning live poolside at Wet Republic at MGM Grand along with Victor Calderone and Cedric Gervais.

Jason Derulo at The Palms Pool and Bungalows: Jason Derulo will host Skinny Dip at The Palms Pool & Bungalows. Despite the name, patrons will need to keep their suits on but that shouldn’t hinder any dancing to Derulo’s hits “Whatcha Say” and “In My Head.” After that, DJ Zen Freeman will spin for a special three-hour set.

Perfecto White Party at Rain: Paul Oakenfold presents the White Party edition of Perfecto. Wear your stylish whites and enjoy a performance by trance vocalist Jes Free as she performs with both Oakenfold and Markus Schulz. Louis Puig will perform the opening set. Outside at Palms Pool & Bungalows, the fun continues with a moon-lit performance by Danny Love, followed by a three-hour set by Grammy-winning house DJ and producer David Morales.

Ne-yo at Surrender: Singer and songwriter Ne-Yo will perform live at Surrender Nightclub at Encore. The Las Vegas native and graduate of Rancho High School is a Grammy nominee and has penned songs for Beyonce, Rihanna and Mary J. Blige.

Farrah Sin Clair at Las Vegas Country Saloon: The Las Vegas Country Saloon welcomes back the Girls Gone Wild bus for a second night. presents Farah Sin Clair of Rock of Love and Charm School 3, who will host the party. Catch her live in the Glad Squad store at 5 p.m. before you head downtown.

Shane Carwin at Blush: Shane Carwin will be hosting a UFC after party at Blush Nightclub. Party with the UFC star before he returns to training for his upcoming title bout with Brock Lesnar.

Gloria Gaynor at Fremont Street Experience: The Fremont Street Experience presents the Summer of the ’70s featuring a free concert with Gloria Gaynor. No matter how much you’ve had to drink, just tell yourself “I Will Survive” (and take a cab home).

Official UFC Afterparty at Vanity: Vanity presents the Official UFC Afterparty with Dana White plus a performance by 51 Fifty. Stick around for a special after hours set by Victor Calderone.

Lewis Black at the Mirage: Get your laugh on with one of the angriest comics in America. He’ll be performing both Saturday and Sunday nights.

Tuff-N-Uff at the Orleans: To finish out a double-header MMA weekend at The Orleans, Tuff-N-Uff will feature a match-up between 135-pound fighters Maurice Senters and Chris Brady, plus a heavyweight bout between Kevin Absher and Chris Simmons.

Boys Noize and Benny Benassi at Liquid: Liquid Pool is going international for Memorial Day Weekend with a performance by Boys Noize, aka German DJ/producer Alexander Ridha, along with Italian house DJ Benny Benassi.

Kaskade at Encore Beach Club: Bay Area DJ/producer Kaskade will begin his summer residency at the brand new Encore Beach Club.

The Crystal Method at Blush: The Crystal Method will be performing live at Blush to officially kick off “We Love House music Sundays.” Get there early for an opening set by Justin Baule.

Pitbull at Mandalay Beach: Celebrate Memorial Day Weekend with Latin rapper Pitbull. He’ll be performing hits like “Culo” and “I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)” poolside at Mandalay Beach.

Gilby Clarke at Wasted Space: Guns ‘N Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke will be performing live at Wasted Space at The Hard Rock. The musician has performed with Rock Star Supernova, Heart, Slash’s Snakepit, Kill For Thrills, Candy, Nancy Sinatra, MC5 and Kathy Valentine.

Russell Peters at The Joint: Canadian comedian Russell Peters is gaining steam in the world of U.S. stand-up comedy. He has sold out gigs internationally and has joined the exclusive ranks of comedians who have headlined and sold out Madison Square Garden. Catch him performing live at The Joint on his “Green Card Tour.”

DJ Erick Morillo at Tao: Celebrate Memorial Day weekend at Tao with DJ Erick Morillo as he returns to spin the night away. Morillo is known for spinning the best in house music in venues in NYC and Ibiza and now he brings his signature sound to Las Vegas.

Bad Boy Bill at The Bank: Known worldwide for his high-energy, scratchy-heavy sets, Bad Boy Bill has been recognized as one of America’s favorite house DJs.

Rony Seikaly at Tao Beach: Former pro basketball player Rony Seikaly will be spinning live at Tao Beach. The hoops star transitioned to being a DJ after a successful career with the NBA and Spanish League.

Daylife Sundays at Wet Republic: Wet Republic is pulling out all the stops for Daylife Sundays with performances by Sharam, Fedde Le Grand, Dirty South and Chuckie.

Playboy Club Calendar Model Search: If you’ve always wanted to show Hef your goodies, now is your chance. Miss June will be chosen at the Playboy Club Calendar Model Search.

The Beatclan Takeover at the Crown Nightclub: Beatclan will take over Crown Nightclub with a live performance by artists HardNox, playing their unique blend of music influenced by hip-hop, rock, pop and punk.

Jersey Shore Casting Call at Bare: If you think your tanned, toned and hair-geled enough to join the cast of Jersey Shore then head to Bare Pool for a casting call.

Pauly D. at Palms Pool and Bungalows: Keith Evan, Miguel Migs, Franco Fabi and Danny Tenaglia will be performing live at The Palms Pool and Bungalows along with the Jersey Shore’s Pauly D. Make sure to GTL before you hit the pool.

Rehab at the Hard Rock Hotel pool.

Ms. Rehab Competition: Sugar Ray’s Mark McGrath and DJ Homicide will be spinning live at Rehab for the kick off to the Ms. Rehab competition. One lucky finalist will be awarded $10,000 plus an all-expense paid trip back to Las Vegas for the 2010 Rehab Model Search finals in September.

Armin Van Buuren at Rain: Armin Van Buuren, Garet Emery, DJ Reza and local DJ Jordan Stevens will be spinning live at Rain Nightclub.

OK Go and The Cab at Red Rock Pool: Red Rock Pool presents indie darlings OK Go and Las Vegas-based band The Cab performing under the stars.

LMFAO at Surrender: LMFAO will have a couple of celebratory “Shots” to mark the opening of the new Surrender Nightclub at Encore.

MMA pool party at Red Rock Cabana Club: Cage Fighter presents an MMA pool party at Red Rock Cabana Club with music by DJ Quira. The party will feature appearances by UFC ring girls Arianny Celeste and Chandella Powell and fighters Gray Maynard and Mark Coleman.

Voyer Party with DJ Vice at Lavo: LA Nightclub Voyer hosts the evening at Lavo featuring DJ Vice spinning live.

Jonathan Peters at Haze: New Jersey-based DJ and producer Jonathan Peters has spun in all the top spots in NYC and is now headed to Aria’s Haze Nightclub.


Deadmau5 at Wet Republic: Deadmau5 will be spinning live by the pool at Wet Republic Ultra Pool at MGM Grand. His Mau5querade will include a performance from Afrojack. This will definitely beat a Monday at the office.

Danny Love at DayDream: Recover from your wild weekend at DayDream Pool at M Resort! DJs Danny Love and Michael Fuller will be spinning live poolside.

DJ Scooter at Hard Rock Pool: DJ Scooter will be spinning live at Hard Rock Pool for Relax Mondays.

The Dirty Army at Bare Pool: Bare Pool is getting a little dirty for Memorial Day Weekend.’s creator Nik Richie will be on hand to host the day at the Mirage pool.

Love and Lust Lingerie Soiree at Cathouse: To wrap up the Memorial Day Weekend, Cathouse will host the Love and Lust Lingerie Soiree where less is more.

Bang! at Moon: This week Bang! at Moon will be celebrating DJ Franzen’s birthday with a party hosted by J Roc.

Summertime Girls at Blush: Blush presents Summertime Girls where the girls who best embody the spirit of summer will win over $5,000 in cash and prizes.

Memorial Day Weekend 2010 Party Guide

Win Designer Handbags from Wink Bingo

May 30, 2010

Posted May 26, 2010 and tagged as Wink Bingo.

The Come Spin with Me promotion at Wink Bingo is back and this time there are three designer handbags up for grabs that will leave you absolutely drooling! Bag a designer bag this May from your favourite online bingo site. Participate in the latest Come Spin with Me Jiggle our Fun Bags tournament and win a stylish designer bag.

Look fabulously fashionable with one of these three gorgeous bags. Just collect lots of points and get to the top of the Come Spin with Me Jiggle our Fun Bags leader board on Wink Bingo and grab your bag!

Here’s what you can win. The top prize is a DKNY pleated nappa large leather tote with black chain handles. You could win a Juicy Couture Crocco NYC prep velour and leather black tote bag if you nab the second place in this tournament and if you come in third there’s a scrumptious brown Guess Giona Tote with a leopard print and patent trim that you are going to win. Three exquisite handbags are up for grabs – which one are you going to bag?

Collect tourney points as fast as you can because you have to be one of the top three players to win. Play the Instant games and the bingo games too and earn heaps of points to get to the top. You can easily sneak a peek at the leader board to see how far up or down you are on that board. Check your position and bingo your way to the top!

Look out for the pattern games at Wink Bingo. Hit the bingo on the Shopping Bag pattern and on the pattern letter B as many times as you can. Each time you bingo on either of these two patterns you’ll get a cool 70 tourney points. There are call numbers that will also get you tourney points in large quantities. Bingo on the call numbers 29 and 45 and get 70 whopping tourney points every time you do.

The Instant games at Wink Bingo are also useful here. Every £10 you spend wagering on the Instant games will earn you 1 tourney point. Remember, every point counts! You don’t want to miss out on getting your very own designer handbag just for a few tourney points.

The tourney is on right up till the end of the month, till 30th May. Play the Instant games and the online bingo games and get to the top as fast as you can.

Now if the gentlemen out there are wondering what on earth they’re going to do with a designer handbag, well, that’s easy! Every guy has a special lady in their lives and every lady appreciates designer goodies. Give your special lady one of these and you’ll be their Number 1 guy for eons! Wink Bingo is also offering a cash alternative for the prizes.

Win Designer Handbags from Wink Bingo

Online Poker Is Not Illegal in the United States

May 29, 2010

While a great deal of ignorance and misinformation makes its way around the Internet, one statement needs to be made: online poker is NOT going to be illegal in the US on June 1st.

Activist Robin Morgan once said, “Knowledge is power. Information is power. The secreting or hoarding of knowledge or information may be an act of tyranny camouflaged as humility.” Much to the glee of the opponents of Internet gambling, the poker community has been ablaze with talk of the shutting down of online poker; the idea that the UIGEA is going to do this is part of the tyranny of ignorance.

As author Mark Twain said about rumors of his demise, “The report of my death was an exaggeration”, so go the rumors of poker’s death. The UIGEA does not outlaw poker; the law prohibits banks from making transactions with companies that fund illegal gambling.

This is already happening in many cases. As John Pappas, Executive Director of the Poker Players Alliance points out, “Many financial institutions have already stopped funding online gambling accounts, and the UIGEA doesn’t expressly forbid banks to deal with online poker companies. The law just forces them to ensure that they do not fund illegal gambling activities.”

Many, including Pappas, state that the UIGEA won’t stop online poker. He says, “There is what amounts to a safe harbor already embedded in the law, so that any bank that does want to transact with an online poker business simply needs a reasoned legal opinion that it their client is not involved in restricted transactions.”

If knowledge is truly power, poker players need to be powerful when it comes to this subject. The opponents of poker will continue to fight, but poker isn’t illegal in the US; and the UIGEA is unlikely to be anything more than an annoyance until legislation to license and regulate online poker has been passed.

Online Poker Is Not Illegal in the United States

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