Verheijen rips into Arsenal

February 26, 2014

Dutch fitness expert Raymond Verheijen claims that Theo Walcott’s ACL injury could have been avoided and has accused Arsenal of jeopardising the attacker’s career.

Walcott has been ruled out for the remainder of the season and looks likely to miss the World Cup after tearing his ACL during the Gunners’ 2-0 win over Tottenham in the FA Cup at the start of January.

Verheijen insists the injury is not down to misfortune, but rather the fault of the Arsenal medical team who rushed the England international back into action too soon after a lengthy lay-off due to an abdominal issue.

"Walcott’s injury is not bad luck, it is the logical consequence of the approach at Arsenal," he told Goal.

"They made a big gamble. It is Russian roulette with a player’s career. This whole [Arsenal] medical situation is deja vu. This shows you the low level of injury prevention in England."

The 24-year-old returned from injury on November 23 and after five substitute appearances the former Southampton youngster started six games on the trot, completing all but one of them.

Verheijen added: "Walcott went from nothing to everything. If you haven’t played for a while you are not totally fit. Then, when you play a game when you are not top fit you will need more recovery time than normal.

"A top-fit player recovers from the game after 48 hours. But a player who is not top fit takes 72 hours to recover. So a less fit player is more susceptible to injury.

"So, in December when you are playing all these games while needing more recovery time than the average player it is common sense that you are accumulating fatigue."

The Dutchman, who counts Barcelona, Manchester City, Chelsea and the Dutch national team among his former employers, went on to highlight the reasons why players who are not fully fit are more prone to suffering ACL injuries.

"Nine out of 10 ACLs can be avoided, because the main reason why an ACL happens is that the knee is temporarily unprotected when the players turns or leans" he said.

"Normally, your muscles contract to stabilise the knee and nothing happens. Over the holiday period when players play so many games and have accumulated fatigue, their nervous system slows down and the signal from the brain to the muscles gets slower.

"When they make explosive movements the signal arrives a millisecond too late, the player leans or turns with an unprotected knee and the ACL snaps.

"You often see the ACL happens with a very simple action – something a player has done in his career one million times. On one million occasions the knee was protected and everything was in its place. On the one-million-and-first time the signal arrives too late and the ACL snaps."

Verheijen insists a minimum recovery time of nine months is necessary for such an injury, and believes Walcott needs the full quota if he is to continue at the top level in the coming years.

"Nine to 12 months," He said when asked how long the winger needed to recuperate.

"Theo Walcott has to rehabilitate his career, not only his ACL. What this means is that you have to rehabilitate in a way that you don’t pick up a new injury a month after playing again.

"That is what often happens with ACL players. In the six months after the player returns he picks up another three injuries because he didn’t develop a good firmament in rehab and he was rushed back. When you rush a player back in six to seven months he will pick up a new injury and he is then threatening his career.

"Walcott needs proper rehab. It is takes nine months but once you are back you are so fit you will not pick up an injury again and you will give your career a major boost."

ShufflePeople Extends Position as Leading Social Chatroulette Alternative, Launches Photo Capture and Share with Friends

February 25, 2014

Los Angles, CA (PRWEB) August 04, 2011, the leading social alternative to Chatroulette and Omegle random webcam chat, today launched photo capture and share functionality, enabling users to post their webcam chat experiences on Facebook. ShufflePeople is a social Chatroulette alternative allowing users to meet strangers from around the world in quick random webcam chats. Unlike Chatroulette, Omegle and other random webcam chat websites, ShufflePeople has developed a social platform, allowing users to invite friends from Facebook, and share their random chat experiences. ShufflePeople’s new photo capture and share functionality extends its social functionality, with many new social related features set to launch in coming weeks.

ShufflePeople has become one of the largest alternatives to Chatroulette and Omegle, random webcam chat, delivering 1 Billion random webcam chats to date. ShufflePeople consistently reaches over 6k simultaneous users engaged in random webcam chat, ensuring a high quality experience. ShufflePeople’s adoption has grown dramatically since launch 2 years ago, now experiencing 4MM visits, 250k registrations per month and further validating user demand for random webcam chat with social features. ShufflePeople random webcam chat can also be experienced on Facebook via WooMe’s ShufflePeople Facebook application. With 100k+ installations to date, ShufflePeople is seeking to revolutionize the random webcam chat space with social innovations, making webcam chat fun, free, social and engaging.

About Woo Media

Woo Media is the global live interactive video network leading the social entertainment phenomenon. It leads the social entertainment market in innovation with category-defining online properties designed for users to meet in a fun, immersive and spontaneous environment. Woo Media owns and operates online properties focused on live video interactions including, and To date, more than 2 billion video introductions have been delivered across the globe and millions of people interact on Woo Media properties each month. The company is venture capital backed, and headquartered in Los Angeles, California. For more information please visit our website:


Steven Sesar, Woo Media, Inc, #


Share of Voice Strategy Can Increase Small Business Sales, Share of Market and Profit, Geskey Says

February 24, 2014

Auburn Hills, MI (PRWEB) September 13, 2007

Increasing a small business’ sales and profit either has to come from market growth — or out of the hides of competitors (usually larger companies who own the market and have the customers).

An amazing new book, "David vs. Goliath: Guerrilla Media Buying for Small Business, A New Way to Win," explains how small businesses can implement an innovative strategy (used by many large corporations) to steal market share from larger companies — and without spending one extra dime in advertising or marketing (which consequently also increases profit margins).

The key to the strategy is the well documented/researched relationship between Share of Voice (competitive marketing messages) and Share of Market. n brief, increased Share of Voice Leads to Increased Share of Market.

The book explains that there are two ways to increase Share of Voice: (1) spend more money or (2) spend the money you have more efficiently and effectively.

So the way a small business can increase Share of Voice without additional investment is to increase the efficiency and effectiveness its current advertising and marketing spending.

No matter what your familiarity with the subject, Geskey provides a comprehensive study presented in simple layman’s terms into how small business owners can increase their Share of Market by increasing their Share of Voice by 50 -200% or more without budget increases– and reclaim their share of profit from the chains and conglomerates.

"David vs. Goliath" shows how to use traditional media like TV and newspapers at a fraction of the cost. The book also provides hundreds of creative guerrilla media buying strategies and tactics. The result is that every marketing dollar spent work like two or three dollars in terms of consumer impact.

Geskey also covers how small businesses can and must learn to compete nationally and globally via a world class internet presence, how to get 20% budget increase by exercising a simple accounting action, how to negotiate at least 50% more from media sellers by using a few simple negotiating tactics, as well as a list of things to watch out for (Media Buyers: Caveat Emptor). The book also includes an explanation the basic media concepts, terminology and math the small business owner needs to negotiate with media sales people and make intelligent spending, budgeting and marketing decisions, David and Goliath helps small business owners get the most value for their dollar.

The reader will learn how to analyze media alternatives and negotiate media buys which will maximize your ROI and avoid profit draining blunders like these:

(1) A prominent auto dealer advertising group in a large market recently spent $550,000 on a media sponsorship valued at $150,000– effectively wasting $400,000 (70%) of the dealers’ budget. The wasted $400,000 should have either gone to the bottom line as profit or reinvested in additional marketing to generate several million dollars in additional sales and profit.

(2) Armed with the same budgets, one media buyer negotiated 150,000 media exposures, while another media buyer (who had a negotiation strategy) negotiated 250,000 exposures. Why the difference?

With over 30 years of senior management experience in marketing and media planning and buying at some of the best advertising agencies in the country, Geskey provides a unique, inside perspective on on the weaknesses and strategies of large corporations and understands how to beat the big companies at their own game. Available for the first time in print, Geskey provides the wealth of his experience and the knowledge he has shared with classes and businesses throughout his career. He is also CEO of 2020:Marketing Communications LLC which publishes the Thumbnail Media Planner and is the author of numerous works sold at

David vs. Goliath (278 pages/paperback) is available at and other online book stores.


Nationally Acclaimed Attorney Max Gardner Brings Operation Strike Back – Foreclosure Defense Boot Camp to Chicago

February 23, 2014

Shelby, NC (PRWEB) May 11, 2011

Nationally acclaimed consumer bankruptcy attorney O. Max Gardner, III is bringing his proven foreclosure defense strategies to the Chicago area. Operation Strike Back – The Foreclosure Fraud Defense Boot Camp will take place on June 18 and 19 at the Westin Hotel in Lombard, Illinois. Boot Camp attendees will join Max’s highly trained army of legal professionals who “think like creditors so we can beat them at their own game.”

Businessweek/Bloomberg calls Gardner the “Go-to guy for consumer bankruptcy” and describes his Boot Camps as “a foreclosure Woodstock.” Max’s Boot Camps have also been featured on CNN’s Your Money, ABC’s Nightline and the PBS Newshour, as well as in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Washington Post.

Gardner is passionate about protecting the “little guy” in what he sees as a national home foreclosure crisis. “Our goal in presenting these Boot Camps,” he says, “is to provide the lawyers with the knowledge, skill and legal tools they need to provide the highest possible level of representation to their consumer clients.”

His Foreclosure Boot Camp will teach legal professionals proven techniques for:

  •     Converting their clients’ mortgages to unsecured debt;
  •     Wiping out hundreds or thousands of dollars in bogus fees and interest;
  •     Getting the homeowners’ evidence in and keeping the mortgage servicers’ “evidence” out;


  •     Putting cash in their clients’ pockets and their own.

Max will also share powerful strategies on:

  •     Deconstructing loan history;
  •     Creating easy-to-understand worksheets showing the true loan history;
  •     Disproving servicer claims;
  •     Understanding MERS (and using that knowledge);
  •     Attacking affidavits; and
  •     Understanding and analyzing the roles of the players and signatories and using that information to protect homeowners.

Max has assembled an All-Star team of former mortgage industry professionals, forensic accountants, software consultants and other pros to help legal professionals understand what’s really going on inside the mortgage industry and how they can use it to their clients’ advantage.

Attendees will receive hundreds of documents on a USB thumb drive, including the forms, letters, pleadings and motions that Max uses in his own groundbreaking practice.

Visit maxbankruptcybootcamp for details and to register.

More on O. Max Gardner, III

O. Max Gardner, III is recognized as one of the leading lawyers in America fighting predatory mortgage servicing and standing of mortgage servicers in consumer bankruptcy and foreclosure cases. Named Outstanding Consumer Lawyer of 2004 by the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys, Gardner was also recognized as a “Super Lawyer” by Charlotte Magazine and by Law & Politics every year from 2006 through 2010. The grandson of former North Carolina Governor O. Max Gardner (who also served as Undersecretary of the U.S. Treasury Department and Ambassador to Great Britain) his involvement in economic issues facing the average citizen has been lifelong.

He has tried 102 jury cases to a final verdict and was successful in all but two of those cases – one of which he retried and won the second time around.

Gardner takes pride in his family legacy and believes that if his Grandfather were alive, he would be leading the charge to protect consumers from predatory creditors and mortgage servicers.

Media = For Information Contact David Jenkins – commit2orbit(at)yahoo(dot)com – #


O. Max Gardner Creates Discussion Group Regarding Financial Institution Practices for Securitization, Servicing and Foreclosure

Over the last several years, Max Gardner has uncovered many questionable practices by the financial industry regarding mortgage securitization, servicing and foreclosure. Through his Bankruptcy Boot Camps, his graduates have gone on to discover a wealth of information in these areas. As Gardner continues to train attorneys, and more of these practices come to light, public officials have been contacting him in increasing numbers to learn more on the subject.

Gardner is eager to share this information with officials who may be in a position to take action and to educate their colleagues. He has, therefore, set up a private email discussion group (through Google Groups.) Any public official may join this free discussion group, in which Gardner and many of his Boot Camp graduates participate.

Because it is a private group, officials will need to email Gardner’s Vice President for Boot Camp Training, Bob Godnik, at bob(at)maxinars(dot)com and provide their name, public office and email address they would like to subscribe with. Officials will then be subscribed after review of their request.


Hospitality Training Institute Sets New Standards in Service for D.C. Metro Area

February 23, 2014

Washington, D.C. (PRWEB) April 12, 2008

After years of working in the hospitality industry with service professionals, Alex Atwood, owner of the Hospitality Training Institute, noticed a lack of what he deems "specific, formalized training for the service industry." Atwood felt this was a grave oversight, particularly in Washington, D.C., where the ongoing presence of upscale, international clientele mandates the highest standards of hospitality service.

Atwood decided to raise the bar for the entire industry and set his own standards by opening the Hospitality Training Institute last month, the only training facility of its kind in the D.C. metropolitan area. Standardized bartending, banquet, and casino training include specialized courses in areas such as French table-side service, bartending for banquets, and a variety of gaming rules and techniques from blackjack to baccarat.

With classes aimed at improving skills for service professionals, HTI caters to all facets of the hospitality industry, from hospitality managers to housekeepers – and everyone in between. Here, students can learn how to masterfully manage a roulette wheel, mix the perfect martini, or set a proper formal table setting. HTI can launch a bartending career in under a week, or teach students the fundamentals of food and alcohol safety with ServSafe and TiPS certification courses.

Individuals enrolled in HTI’s courses add value, polish, and experience to their service skills, which makes them more marketable and competitive professionals. Institutions that enroll their staff will profit from improved guest services, lower employee turnover rates, and higher customer retention rates – especially important in an industry where 68% of consumers will not visit an establishment again if they detect employee indifference or negative attitudes.

Courses are taught either at HTI’s new facility in Alexandria, Virginia, or on-site at any hospitality establishment in the Baltimore and D.C. metropolitan areas. On-site training saves institutions time and money by eliminating travel expenses and training staff on familiar equipment. HTI customizes training to meet the standards of each institution, recognizing that every establishment has different expectations and procedures.

"On-site training is important in two ways," says John Tedesco, Director of Training at HTI. "First, we help these institutions raise their standards by providing third-party training; second, we ensure uniformity among staff by making sure everyone is trained to the same standards."

One of HTI’s most aggressive and innovative programs, the ESL for Hospitality courses are designed to facilitate communication among staff with limited English ability. Partnering with certified ESL teachers from the Fairfax County school system, these on-site courses improve institutional guest service performance by providing practical instruction in workplace communication and vocabulary.

Customizable on-site courses are available for groups of six or more for a flat fee. Classes are also held weekly at the HTI training facility in Alexandria, Virginia, offering flexible classes to conform to busy schedules. With affordable rates – workshops and classes range from $55 to $299 – working professionals and industry newcomers can start broadening their education and practicing their skills without sacrificing their livelihood or daily commitments.

For more information about Hospitality Training Institute courses, pricing, and scheduling, please visit their website at hospitalityinstitute or call #


Christophe Claret Unveils New Model and Continues to Push Timepiece Innovation

February 20, 2014

Jupiter, FL (PRWEB) November 20, 2012

Luxury watchmaker, Christophe Claret showcases the X-TREM 1 and Soprano which are both nominated for the Genève Grand Prix for 2012. With a total of eight models, Christophe Claret is making waves within the industry by pushing innovation to its limits while still creating outstandingly beautiful works of art. "Christophe Claret is becoming the Picasso of Horology by refocusing the goals and challenging the possibilities of watch making,” said Nick Linca, Managing Partner of Provident Jewelry. "While many spectacular watch brands focus on perfecting materials and devices, Claret re-works and reshapes them into original works of art. Even with an emphasis on seemingly impossible mechanics, he does not overlook the aesthetics, marrying uncompromising technology with striking appearances. This is definitely an exciting era in watchmaking."

While the company may not have a century-old tradition like many of its peers, the name Christophe Claret makes the ears of any watch connoisseur perk up. With revolutionary models such as the 21 Blackjack, Adagio, and Dualtow, Claret timepieces aren’t just visually striking; their mechanisms are inspiring as well.

The X-TREM 1 has re-invented the watch in many aspects. It’s the first of its kind to utilize magnets to move steel spheres to tell time. Instead of a traditional dial, owners view time on the sides of the longitudinal piece while spheres float in a vacuum. The timepiece also features a unique visible spinning tour billion in the center.

The 21 Blackjack is another feet, allowing one to play the casino game Blackjack on their wrist with intricate mechanisms within the dial. Sometimes referred to as a “pocket casino”, the 21 Blackjack didn’t stop there but included a spinning roulette wheel on the reverse side and miniature dice. To add versatility, there are a number of interchangeable dial backgrounds which are sure to enchant the viewer.

Another piece, the Adagio is a wonder in both sight and sound. Outside of its sleek and subtle exterior, this minute repeated also sounds cathedral-style gongs bringing music to your ears on the hour. It’s very much the fore runner of Claret’s latest reveal, the Soprano which integrates Westminster chimes.

While the Christophe Claret brand’s fame is spreading, it still remains rare and highly desired.

"As one of only three Christophe Claret distributors in the U.S., I can honestly say that we are so proud to be carrying a growing brand that has only continued to stun and amaze so many,” said Geoff Fear, V.P. of Watch Sales for Provident Jewelry. "The X-TREM 1 itself is a feat of creativity and engineering that no one saw coming. I can’t wait to see what the Claret brand will innovate next."

A legacy of prestige for the past three generations, Provident Jewelry serves South Florida as one of the leading jewelers with locations in West Palm Beach, Jupiter, Naples, Fort Myers and Boca Raton. Provident Jewelry has an extensive selection of the finest vintage and contemporary jewelry including new and certified pre-owned timepieces. For more information about Provident Jewelry, please visit providentjewelry or call the Jupiter location at #

Unique Binder Covers and Restaurant Menu Covers Made from Sustainable Wood: Internationally Recognized Design Firm and Manufacturer Does it Again

February 20, 2014

Warwick, NY (PRWEB) February 23, 2010

Impact Enterprises, Inc. announces a new selection of sustainable wood products, including custom restaurant menu covers and unique binder covers. Already in use by top-level organizations and resorts, these new menu cover and documents binder options will be on display at Impact’s booth at the upcoming International Restaurant Show in New York City (February 28 March 2- Booth 1502). "Greenest of Green," these new products allow Impact to further its environmental commitment to durable, reusable products and unbiased information.

Bobi Hamilton, President and CEO of Impact Enterprises, Inc., summarizes how her company’s new complete line of solid sustainable wood products meets a demand for eco-friendly products.

"We have worked with eco-friendly materials for several years. One of the industry’s major concerns has been durability, and with our new line of solid wood products we have resolved not only the durability issue, but concerns about landfill growth and contamination. Wood is durable, upscale, reusable and safe. And with regard to restaurant trends and demands in other industries, wood is pleasing to customers and will contribute to higher revenues."

These solid wood products have been tested not only by Impact but also by Impact’s customers. The Primland Resort and the GAIA Resort both have a complete collection of Impact’s solid wood products. Other current users include Trump International, Superstitious Mountain Golf Resort, IVC Architectural, the State of New Mexico, and Sandals Resorts.

The full line of sustainable restaurant menu covers, professional binder covers and other products can be found at

About Impact Enterprises, Inc:

Impact Enterprises, Inc. is an industry leader in manufacturing custom restaurant menu covers, professional binder covers, custom signage, product and information packaging, and more. Fully engaged in cover design and manufacturing since 1987, Impact capitalizes on the challenges provided by new designs, new products, and new construction techniques demanded by new materials. The certified woman owned business (WBENC) is headquartered in Warwick, New York with an additional location in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Experience Chattanooga’s Fall Colors, Festivals, Adventure Sports Games & More

February 18, 2014

Chattanooga, Tennessee (PRWEB) August 29, 2013

Explore the countryside’s brilliant changing colors by train, boat or bike; take in a variety of Oktoberfest celebrations, Adventure Sports Games, wine & food festivals and thrilling Halloween adventures.

Chattanooga was named Outside magazine’s Best Town EVER, one of the Top 45 Places to Visit by the New York Times and one of the five “Next Great Escapes” by Travel+Leisure magazine. Come and see why Chattanooga has received these prestigious designations. Visit chattanoogafun for more information.


Looking for some great ways to see the fall colors? Chattanooga offers options by train, boat and bicycle. And the roads are always wide open for some cruising via car or motorcycle.

  •     BY BOAT – Take a cruise into the Tennessee River Gorge, and view nature’s brilliant canvas of fall colors. Enjoy a 2-hour color or Civil War cruise aboard the Tennessee Aquarium’s River Gorge Explorer (Sept. 7-Nov. 23) or a 3-hour Fall Leaf lunch cruise aboard the Southern Belle Riverboat (Oct. 11-Nov. 17).
  •     BY TRAIN – Jump on board the Tennessee Valley Railroad for the Autumn Leaf Specials (Oct. 5-Nov. 2) that take you through the countryside or for the Halloween Eerie Express (Oct. 11-26), a spooky train ride featuring scary storytelling, an Eerie Fun House, Halloween treats and more.
  •     BY BIKE: View the beautiful fall foliage on a ride along the 13-mile paved Riverwalk along the Tennessee River and through the Bluff View Art District or take to the hundreds of mountain trails on Lookout and Signal Mountains. Visitors can rent a bike 24/7 from the new, first in the South, Chattanooga Bike Share System with 30 locations and 300 bikes throughout Downtown.


Enjoy a variety of fun during one of Chattanooga’s top festivals and events, many surrounding the riverfront and one of the nations’ top-rated aquariums. All the downtown activities are connected via a free, electric shuttle. Events in the Lookout Mountain and outlying areas are only 5-20 minutes from downtown Chattanooga. All fall events can be found online at chattanoogafun

Downtown Area

  •     Live entertainment: Track 29, one of the South’s most popular entertainment venues, will be featuring some top names like Big Boi Shoes for Running 2013 World Tour (Sept. 28); Dwight Yoakam (Oct. 3); Neutral Milk Hotel (Oct. 19); at the Tivoli Theatre, enjoy ZZ Top (Sept. 13); Grammy Award winner Anthony Hamilton LIVE (Sept. 15) and Barenaked Ladies (Nov.1).
  •     Chattanooga Market/Now-Dec. 21, Sundays, 1am-4pm: Chattanooga Market is a weekly, open-air market offering fresh bread from local bakers, just picked produce (tax free), live music, artists/artisans selling things they’ve made in the Chattanooga area.
  •     150th Anniversary Reenactment of the Battle at Chickamauga with 10,000 Reenactors/Sept. 21 & 22, 9am-6pm: Hear the sound of thunder as over 10,000 Union and Confederate reenactors with artillery cannons and the Cavalry, confront each other just like they did in September 1863. There are 2 battles on Saturday (10am & 4pm) and 1 battle on Sunday (2pm). Activities include living history demonstrations, sutlers, tent encampments, a military hospital and period and modern food vendors.
  •     Tennessee Whiskey Festival/Sept. 21, 6-11pm: The very first and much anticipated TN Whiskey Festival will include whiskey tastings from several TN distillers, great food and live music. Participants receive a free Festival Tasting Glass. NEW THIS YEAR!
  •     Wine Over Water/Sept 28, 5-8 pm: Be treated to wine, hors d’oeuvres, & live music across the historic Walnut Street Bridge overlooking the Tennessee River. Proceeds benefit the preservation of historical properties in Chattanooga.
  •     Tennessee Aquarium’s “ODDtober”/Oct., daily 10am-6pm: Discover fun facts about the kooky behaviors and adaptations of creatures from around the world by getting up close to cool critters during keeper talks, dive shows and special programs. Add a Backstage Pass tour to get even closer to toothy sharks or the freshwater megafish.
  •     12-day RiverRocks Adventure Sports Games/Oct. 2-13, times & venues vary: Enjoy a unique & distinctive outdoor event celebrating our incomparable natural resources with dozens of competitive, novice and entertainment events. RiverRocks attracts the best athletes in their fields from as far as Australia & England to compete. NEW FORMAT THIS YEAR!
  •     3 Sisters Music Festival/Oct. 4 & 5, 6-11pm: Enjoy an evening of great bluegrass music on the revitalized riverfront. From traditional to contemporary bluegrass, past performers have been national acts like Ricky Skaggs, Rhonda Vincent, Del McCoury and Dan Tyminski.
  •     150th Civil War Sesquicentennial Signature Event “Occupation and Liberation” Symposium/Oct. 9-12, 9am-5pm: This Signature Event will include special tours, educational symposiums, living history demonstrations, book signings, special guests, live entertainment and a Sesquicentennial Civil War exhibit offering rare and unique artifacts from the Battles for Chattanooga.
  •     Chattanooga Zoo’s Banana Split & Banana Ball with Special Guest Jeff Corwin/Oct. 12, 3-4pm & 6:30-11pm: Join Jeff Corwin at the Banana Split presentation just for kids from 3-4 pm. And then adults get to have fun at the Banana Ball that includes access to the zoo, open bar, food, cigar bar, live entertainment, dancing by Bobby and the Aristocrats, and “up close” animal encounters. VIP backstage pass also available to mingle with Corwin.
  •     Boo in the Zoo/Oct. 18, 19, 25, 26, 5:30-8pm: This annual celebration includes some loveable cartoon characters, trick-or-treat stations, costume contests, games, candy, crafts and much more. This non-scary Halloween event is sure to have the whole family talking for years to come.
  •     10th Annual Oktoberfest at the Chattanooga Market/Oct. 20, 11am-5pm: Chattanooga’s oldest and largest German celebration, this year brings live German music and foods, a Bier Garten & entertainment for the whole family. The Market will host over 30,000 people for this two day event.
  •     Tennessee Aquarium’s AquaScarium VI: Pirates of the Aquarium/Oct. 25, 6:30-9:30pm: Arrgh Mateys! Enjoy family-friendly Halloween party with dueling pirates and costumed SCUBA divers brimming. Come in costume and set out on a trick-or-treat scavenger hunt, boogie with a buccaneer, learn how to talk like a pirate and more.
  •     Creative Discovery Museum’s Magic Tree House® American History & Civil War Exhibit/Now-Nov. 3, daily hours vary: Explore American History with Jack and Annie who travel back in time to a way of life only read about in books. Children have the opportunity to take a bumpy ride in a horse-drawn ambulance, play drums in a drummer boy’s tent and work as a nurse in a field hospital.
  •     Hunter Museum of American Art’s “Whitfield Lovell: Deep River” Exhibit ($)/Now-Oct. 13, daily hours vary: Lovell’s exhibit includes thought-provoking images of anonymous African Americans from the 19th to early 20th centuries. He uses portraits, video, audio, charcoal drawings and found objects to explore the legacy of African Americans who fled from slavery in pursuit of freedom.

Lookout Mountain & Outlying Areas

  •     Railfest at the Tennessee Valley Railroad/Sept. 7-8, 10am-10pm: Railfest includes two days of live entertainment, train rides, demonstrations, exhibits, petting zoo, children’s activities, lots of food and railroad displays normally not open to the public.
  •     Rock City’s Enchanted MAiZE/Sept. 19-Oct. 27, Thurs-Sun, hours vary: Celebrate 12 years of fall family fun at the Enchanted MAiZE. The fun includes a 10-acre corn maze, historic birdhouse barn, tractor-pulled hayrides and children’s courtyard playground with face-painting, games, and a Critter Corral.
  •     Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern/Sept. 27&28, Oct.4-31, Nov.1-2, Fri-Sun after dark: Former billionaire Thadeus Krane has spent his fortune and life devising ways to beat death. Now that money is running out he relies on unscrupulous geneticists and NecroEngineers to continue his mission. Reportedly a team of Defex from ruined experiments run the streets harvesting specimens to continue Krane’s nightmarish research in the abandoned Krane Toy Factory. This intense event takes place both above and below ground. For ages 12 and older.
  •     Rock City’s Blowing Screams Farm/Sept. 28-Oct. 26, Fri & Sat nights beginning at dark: One Year Later, Abandoned. After whistleblowers revealed the true intentions of their research, BSF Global hastily left their laboratories and disavowing all knowledge of the facility. The labs and endless corridors are slowly falling to decay where forgotten test subjects roam the halls feeding on whatever or whoever they encounter.
  •      Rocktoberfest at Rock City Gardens/Oct.5-27, Sat&Sun, Noon-5pm: Rock City is transformed for a celebration of harvests and fall foliage. Share their German heritage with German live music, bratwurst, polish sausage, sauerkraut, specialty beer on tap and then work off dinner with dancing on the polka stage.
  •     Lake Winnepesaukah’s WinnepeSPOOKah!/Oct. 4-26, Fri & Sat, 6-11pm: At this SPOOKtacular event, enjoy an atmosfear of haunted rides including the Train of No Return, eerie edibles, screaming thrills, magic shows, interactive parades, clowns, jugglers & more. Fireworks show on Oct. 4 at 10pm.


Many of the accommodations provide special fall, family or romantic packages that save money. chattanoogafun

Don’t Make a Fool of Yourself at the Holiday Table Etiquette Tips to Diverting Dining Disasters

February 18, 2014

San Antonio, TX (Vocus) December 17, 2009

If you don’t know your foie gras from your faux pas you may be in desperate need of a crash course in table manners. Etiquette Expert DianeGottsman of the Protocol School of Texas offers basic table tips that will get you over the holiday dining hurdle.

1. Follow the host’s lead and don’t touch anything at your place setting. Wait until the host has had the opportunity to say grace or make a welcome toast before you touch anything at your place setting, including putting your napkin on your lap or taking a sip of water or wine.

2. Always eat from the outside in. Your utensils will be placed in the order of use and a good rule of thumb is to use the utensils farthest out first and move your way inwards.

3. Your bread plate is on your left and your drinks are set on the right. If someone accidentally eats from your bread plate, forego the bread or put it on your salad or entrée plate. Do not play bread plate roulette by using your neighbor’s plate to your right.

4. If there is a food on the holiday table that you do not like, it is not necessary to announce it. If you do not care for foie gras, enlarged goose liver, just pass it along and say nothing. Refrain from rolling your eyes or holding your stomach in disgust.

5. Food is passed to the right, counterclockwise.

6. When eating bread, eat only one small piece at a time. Break off a piece, butter, and continue the process.

7. Salt and Pepper are happily married. They are passed together even if the request was only for one or the other.

8. “Finger licking good” is just an expression. Children (and adults) should not lick their fingers, the knife or any other body part while enjoying the holiday meal.

9. Napkins are for the lap, unless you are a very young child. It is difficult for a child to keep a napkin or his or her lap and may be folded inside the front collar of their shirt to protect their holiday outfit. This rule does not apply if you are over the age of five.

10. If you must leave the table temporarily, the napkin goes on the seat of the chair and the chair is pushed under the table to ensure no one trips over the legs of the chair. Do Not Announce Where You Are Going, especially if you are visiting the restroom.

11. Don’t even think about asking for ketchup at the holiday meal, unless it is already on the table. That also goes for any other condiment or spice. If your host thought you needed extra gravy it would be in a gravy boat on the table.

12. Don’t ask for a doggie bag or request the left over bones for your dog.

13. Pace yourself according to your host and other guests. You do not want to be the first to finish, or the last to finish your meal. If you notice everyone else is through with their meal and looking at you, wipe you mouth with your napkin and call the meal a holiday success.

14. Don’t attack the buffet dessert table like a starving reindeer. Only take a dessert when everyone is finished with the meal.

15. If you do not want coffee, leave the cup in tact and simply say “No thank you”. Do not turn the coffee cup upside down to signal you do not want to partake.

16. At a buffet table, do not overload your plate. Take a reasonable amount of everything rather than a large amount of only a few, select items. This is both courteous and appropriate.

17. Teach your child to offer to take his or her plate to the kitchen. You do the same. The host may refuse the kindness but it is a nice gesture and a good habit to get into.

18. At the end of the meal, simply say, “The meal was delicious” rather than “I am stuffed like a pig”.

19. Send a thank you note within 48 hours of the meal.

20. Leave at an appropriate time, not too soon after the meal but not in time to make the feel host obligated to ask you to stay for the next meal.

About The Protocol School of Texas

Diane Gottsman is a nationally recognized etiquette expert and the owner of The Protocol School of Texas, a company specializing in corporate etiquette training. She is the author of a book titled Pearls of Polish, an etiquette guide for today’s busy woman. You can contact Diane at protocolschooloftexas or tweet her at twitter

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Inovisi to Spend $320 Million to Eexpand Telecom, Oil & Gas, Coal, Power Plant and E-Commerce Infrastructure

February 17, 2014

Jakarta, Indonesia (PRWEB) May 04, 2011

PT Inovisi Infracom, the nation’s top telecommunication infrastructure provider, is earmarking around USD$320 million to develop its existing global infrastructure service, as well as e-commerce ventures in oil & gas, coal and power services, a company executive said on Tuesday.

“We are targeting to reach around 250 million mobile Internet users in South East Asia and to increase our market share this year,” Inovisi president director, Jerry Djajasaputra said at a company’s AGM (Annual General Meeting) press release.

Jerry iterated that to achieve the targets, the company would need to increase its mobile Internet infrastructure, including cloud data center and cache mirroring servers, expand storage capacity and improve its IT system. He said Inovisi global mobile Internet user coverage had exceeded 40 million users per day, or close to 200 million users, and overtaken even Indonesia’s largest cellular operator, Telkomsel, which is the World’s 7th celco to achieve 100 million subscribers mark. Although the business nature is different, the huge data consumption and user base reach out is worth a fair comparison.

Other cellular operators around the world with more than 100 million subscribers are China Mobile with 600 million subscribers, China Unicom (174 million), Bharti Airtel (162 million), Reliance Communications (135 million), Vodafone Essar (134 million), and Verizon Wireless (104 million).

Inovisi had stated, as a data service provider and serves telecommunication companies indirectly. Only recently, cellular operators such as Telkomsel, XL and Indosat started to focus on its data businesses apart from its traditional cash cows — voice and text messaging services.

On top of existing telecommunication infrastructure business, the Company is investing heavily in e-commerce infrastructure which includes securing and owning oil storage vessels, coal mining trading platform and coal mines, as part of the e-commerce strategy. "Infrastructure business has longer digestion period. The company is expected to spend about USD$320 million in the next few years and expect long term return", added Jerry.

The diversified investment Company today also reported that its consolidated net profit for the financial year 2010 jumped to Indonesian Rupiah 125.4 billion, from Rp 28.1 billion in the same period earlier, representing an increase of 346 per cent.

"We will continue to acquire good assets, especially in telecommunication, mining and energy sectors, and create more value for our investors", added Jerry.

About Inovisi Infracom

PT Inovisi Infracom is a diversified infrastructure investment holding company in telecommunication, energy & resources, oil & gas, power electricity & engineering, mobile Internet, media and e-commerce businesses. The Company provides product(s) and service(s) which enable its customers to engage and get involved in the mobile business via connecting to the mobile telecommunication networks and providing various services to serve the general public. Inovisi’s services serve to improve customer experience (faster access), boost transaction success rate, and increase application reliability. Inovisi’s services include the system design, leasing or outsourcing and also selling of hardware, software and connectivity to its customers. Inovisi investment portfolio includes telecommunication infrastructure, social networking and communications, e-payment solutions, and online marketplaces. Company e-commerce recently extended into oil & gas, mineral, industrial products and services. The Company other businesses includes mineral resources trading, geological research, and project management services. The company also provides power electricity and power plant engineering services, as well as independent power plant (IPP) consulting services. Investment division involves in project financing, seed and bridge investments as well as corporate M&A activities. For further information, visit the company’s web site at: inovisi


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