Announces Enhanced Gifts for Seniors

December 31, 2013

Auburn, NY (Vocus) April 27, 2010 added extensively to its gifts for seniors by enhancing and adding new products to its gift collection. has over 16 product categories, including a Seniors Gift ideas Guide, Gifts for Grandma, Gifts for Grammy, Memaw & Gram, Great Grandma Gifts, Nana Gifts, Grandpa Gifts, Gift Ideas for Older Women, Gifts for Older Dads, Large Print Books, Senior Games, Senior Product Independent Living Aids, Grandparent Gifts, Low Vision Products, 40th Anniversary Gifts, 50th Anniversary Gifts, and 60th Anniversary Gifts.

In the Gifts for Grandma category, added a personalized grandma frame, a personalized grandma clock and a new grandma mug. In addition to these new products, they carry a host of other grandma gifts like a grandma gift basket, grandma frame, and a grandma memory book where grandma can document her memories for future generations.

In the Gift for Grammy, Mewmaw, Gram & Granny gift section, added personalized clocks with the special grandma name of choice included at the top, along with a personal message at the bottom from the customer.

For great grandma gifts, they have added a personalized great grandma frame, personalized great grandma clock, and a great grandma mug, in addition to their great grandma afghan, great grandma poem and great grandma t shirt. has thought of Nana, too. Their new Nana gifts include a Nana photo tote bag that hold pictures of grandchildren, a personalized Nana clock, and Nana poems which are great for Mother’s Day or as a Nana birthday gift idea.

Grandpas and Great Grandpas have more gifts available. In this category you will find both grandpa gifts and great grandpa gifts. One new product is a grandpa pocket watch. Another is the personalized grandpa poem, where the shopper can add their own sentiment to Grandpa. For a great grandpa gift, there is a personalized great grandpa clock and a great grandpa brag book, which he can fill with adorable pictures of his great grandchildren and show them off to his friends. If grandpa is called pawpaw, granddad or pop, offers gifts like clocks and poems targeted to those specific names for grandpa as well.

In the Gift Ideas for Older Women, offers more products for older women and older moms such as a personalized mom frame, a funny 70 & Fabulous T Shirt, birthday chronicle, and personalized mom clock.

Under the Gifts for Older Dad category, they offer senior product ideas that will help dad stay more mobile like practical household gifts, lap desks, low vision products and dad themed gifts such as a dad tee shirt about fishing or a dad clock. also expects to offer additional personalized gifts for dads before Father’s Day.

In the Large Print Books, Senior Videos and Books for Seniors section, offers a set of fashion books from the 1930′s, 1940′s and 1950′s for ladies interested in detailed information about the fashions of the day. They also offer senior exercise videos and nostalgic event DVDs that tell you what happened the year you were born. For the music lover, they offer music CDs for any year from # with the top 20 hits from that year included. has also expanded the number of senior games it offers. They offer several new games for senior citizens, and games for the elderly including large piece puzzles, large print bingo cards, reminiscing game, a senior games gift basket, and a life stories game to encourage seniors to recall memories and discuss their lives.

For senior product ideas that help seniors around the house, has added handy gadgets such as pill bottle magnifiers, hands free can openers, big number measuring cups, and big button phones. offers grandparents gifts for both new grandparents and existing grandparents. The new products added to this category include a grandparents frame, a personalized address book for seniors, and a poem for grandparents which customers can personalize with their own 80 character message and their pet names for their grandparents.

Low vision products can be a godsend for seniors with macular degeneration. SeniorStore has added additional talking products like a talking thermometer and a talking CPR rescue flashlight, which illuminates as well as gives talking emergency instructions on how to perform CPR.

40th anniversary gifts that celebrate 1970 are popular. has a huge selection for 40th anniversary gifts including a 40th anniversary gift basket, 40th anniversary frame and 40th anniversary book of events from 1970.

For 50th wedding anniversary gifts, has a new personalized 1960 time capsule for an anniversary that has a gold seal that contains trivia, candies, confetti and additional 50th anniversary gifts and can be personalized. The personalized couples print takes each person’s name and it tells the meaning of each name, personality characteristics and allows for the gift buyer to personalize the bottom.

For someone married for 60 years, has also expanded its 60th anniversary gifts. There are two varieties of 60th anniversary gift baskets, as well as a 1950 gift package which includes a hardcover coffee table book of 1950 events, a 1950 top hits CD and a 1950 DVD of newsreel footage, movies, prices and other trivia. A personalized anniversary print on the web site has the top headline from the month the couple chose to get married, the number of days of wedded bliss, and other facts from that year in an oak frame. This print can be produced for any anniversary and is especially popular for a 40th, 50th or 60th wedding anniversary.

The wide range of new senior gifts at provides an endless source of helpful gifts for seniors, grandmothers, grandfathers and those needing anniversary gifts.

Lisa Klima is the owner of, selling gifts for seniors for over 12 years online.


Casino Training That Doesn’t Work – 5 Ways to Ruin Casino Employee Training Announced By Robinson & Associates, Inc.

December 31, 2013

Boise, Idaho (PRWEB) November 07, 2013

Quality casino training helps employees do a better job, but some gaming properties seem to go out of their way to make sure the training doesn’t work. Robinson & Associates, Inc., today announced five ways casinos can make sure their training fails.

"Every casino needs to do employee training, especially for customer service," said Martin R. Baird, chief executive officer of Robinson & Associates, a casino consulting firm to the global gaming industry. "But when arranging the training, some casinos make serious mistakes that all but assure it will flop, leaving employees no better off."

Baird identified and announced five missteps that seriously hamper the effectiveness of casino training.

Use An Inept Trainer. Some casinos fail in training before they even start because they choose a trainer who can’t get the job done, Baird said.

"The quality of the trainer is the key to everything," Baird explained. "A trainer who is an outstanding facilitator and who understands the gaming industry is very likely to provide useful information in a way that benefits employees. I strongly recommend that casinos select trainers the same way they choose entertainers – make prospective trainers audition."    

Make It Boring. Casino training should never, ever be boring because that simply doesn’t work, Baird said.

"I’m amazed at how many casino employees tell me they are surprised and pleased that our company’s training is fun and interesting," Baird noted. "That tells me something important. Their prior training was dull. Maybe that’s why they had to go through training again."

Boring training is a waste of time and money, Baird said. "The information could be excellent, but if it isn’t delivered in a way that keeps employees engaged, it won’t sink in," Baird said. "When that happens, staff members return to their jobs and continue doing things the way they always have, mistakes and all. Thus, the training was a waste of the casino’s money and the employees’ time."

Schedule Sessions of the Wrong Duration. The length of the training session can make all the difference, Baird said.

"Some people think training should be done in eight-hour increments to match the workday," Baird pointed out. "But a workday and a training day are two very different animals. You should base the length of the training on what you want people to learn, not on what is simple for the payroll department.

"Problems can also arise from a session that’s too short. If you try to cover three hours of material in two hours, you’re wasting everyone’s time. It can take 45 minutes to an hour for a group to get warmed up and start taking part in the training. If that only leaves an hour to cover the material, you could end up accomplishing absolutely nothing."

Lecture Instead of Facilitating Learning. Casinos need to stop putting the facilitator behind a lectern where he simply drones on, putting everyone to sleep, Baird said.

"Adult learning needs to be participant centered," Baird noted. "It should be active so participants experience the learning process using all their senses. Studies have shown that as a person uses more and more of their senses during a learning experience, their retention level increases. Think about how we learned as children. We touched, smelled, looked at, listened to and tasted everything. All of these activities increase the amount of data that the participant’s brain stores for future use."

Don’t Commit to the Training. Training will not work if senior management doesn’t back it 100 percent, Baird said.

"For training to be successful, employees must understand beyond any doubt that management is serious about it," Baird said. "A casino’s management must be totally committed to creating a guest service culture at their property.

"When the general manager participates in the training along with hourly employees, it sends a powerful message to everyone that this is important. When each person from the management team participates, word gets out that this is a mission, not a one-time event."

About Robinson & Associates, Inc.

Martin R. Baird is a casino consultant and chief executive officer of Robinson & Associates, Inc. For 20 years, Robinson & Associates has been dedicated to helping casinos improve their guest service so they can compete and generate future growth and profitability. A Boise, Idaho-based casino consulting firm to the global gaming industry, Robinson & Associates is the world leader in casino guest experience measurement, management and improvement. Recently, it announced Simply Share, a real-time customer feedback platform that makes it fast and easy for casino customers to share their experience directly with casinos instead of posting comments online at social media sites.

For more information, visit the company’s Web site at casinocustomerservice_info.htm or contact Lydia Baird, director of business development, at # or lbaird(at)raresults(dot)com. Read about a variety of topics at Martin Baird’s blog at casinocustomerservice_news.htm/, including casino-related articles, casino customer service training, mystery shopping, casino reputation measurement, casino training, service gap analysis and more. Robinson & Associates is a member of the Casino Management Association and an associate member of the National Indian Gaming Association.

Multi-Line Video Poker and New Bonus Slots at Kiwi Casino

December 31, 2013

(PRWEB) July 29, 2006

Kiwi Casino has always been the place to go for all the newest online casino games and the latest developments in the world of online casinos, and this has never been truer than now with the release a new multi-line video poker game, and two new online video slots including one featuring a bonus round and a progressive side bet.

“Here at Kiwi Casino we pride ourselves in being amongst the first in the online casino industry to introduce new games and features,” commented Kiwi Casino Management. “This means that player’s know when they play at Kiwi Casino they are playing on the latest technology.”

Now Kiwi Casino players can play and win Kiwi Casino’s very own version of the lottery, an exciting new 5 Reel 20-Line video slot game called Lotto Madness, with a bonus round and progressive side bet built into it. To make the side bet players simply enable Dollar Ball and select five numbers between 1 and 49, the balls are then drawn in synch with the slot game reels. The more matches made the higher the prize with five complete matches winning the Jackpot. Lotto Madness also boasts an exciting bonus round where player’s can win free spins with win multipliers.

This latest update also includes the addition of a 50 line version of Kiwi Casino’s hugely popular multi-line video poker game, Jacks or Better. This expanded version of the game joins ten other video poker games on offer at Kiwi Casino including the four line and 25 line versions of the game, Aces & Faces, Deuces Wild and 2 Ways Royal. The same rules and betting options apply in this new version of the game including the option to double up.

Last but by no means least in the list of exciting new games now available at Kiwi Casino, is the fun 3 Reel 10 Row multi-line slot game Ugga Bugga with its unique African Jungle theme and the chance to win some very real African treasure, in the form of up to 1000 times the line bet.

The release of these exciting new games comes halfway through Kiwi Casino’s World Series of Online Casino Games, where players go in the draw to win a fantastic Sony Handy Cam for every deposit they make at Kiwi Casino between now and August 13. Promotions like these combined with up to $300 in welcome bonuses and up to $500 every month in special deposit bonuses, is why more and more people are calling Kiwi Casino home.

Last month saw Kiwi Casino give away a fantastic 160 GB Sony DVD Recorder and here is what Dawn, the lucky winner had to say about winning: “Kiwi, you guys rock…as someone said before, ‘Real people do win!’ and they really, really do at Kiwi. Thanks guys!" Dawn, California. This was in addition to the thousands of dollars in bonuses and cash prizes also paid out last month.

About Kiwi Casino

Kiwi Casino is a member of the Kiwi Gaming (kiwigaming) family an independent off shore operation which is part of the land based Christchurch Casinos. This relationship brings with it over a decade of experience in the land based gaming industry and Kiwi Gaming’s five years online make it one of the industry’s pioneers.

As part of New Zealand’s most prestigious casino organization Christchurch Casinos land-based gaming and hospitality interests attract visitors from around the world including North America, Australia, Europe, Japan and Asia.

Since Christchurch Casinos established its online gaming arm five years ago, Kiwi Gaming has a built a reputation as one of the finest e-gaming operations in the industry today.


Free Family Caregiver Series Stress Management 101 Sponsored by Senior Approved Services

December 31, 2013

Cleveland, OH (PRWEB) January 16, 2007

A healthy body, mind and spirit are essential to meeting the challenges of aging and of caring for an aging parent, spouse and others. Each of the four sessions will focus on self-help tools, resources, information and support for both the older adult and their family members. Stress management is key to keeping oneself healthy and a variety of Certified Senior Approved Services will be promoted as resources to assist the family caregiver; lessening this stress by learning who to reach out to, when and why.

Though primarily focused on aging older adults and the families that care for them, this series is just as valuable to those with disabilities, those within the M.R.D.D. population, those with chronic illnesses and their family members as well.

The series ‘Stress Management 101′ is free to attend, however registration is required no later the January 29th. Either telephone # or register on line at seniors-caregivers-oh

Dates: Each Thursday in February (1, 8, 15 and the 22nd)

Time: 5:00 p.m. Registration (snacks, mingle, resources tables)

Speakers begin at 5:30 p.m., event ends at 7:00 p.m.

Location: The Day’s Inn, 5555 Brecksville Road, Independence, Ohio 44131

Each attendee will receive a free Community Resource Book and Certificate of Completion. Door prizes will be awarded each evening with grand prizes awarded on the last evening of the event.

Stress Management 101 — The Series

Feb. 1 –

Laughter Therapy presented by Tom Begert-Clark, National Speaker, Humorist, and Author of ‘Rosie John Doesn’t Live Here Any More … One Family’s Journey in Elder Care’

Reaching Out For Help — Vital to Stress Management presented by Barbara Mascio, founder of Senior Approved Services, LLC

Feb. 8 –

Simple Exercises to Prevent Stress from Creating Illnesses presented by Barbara Mascio, creator of the ‘Caregiver’s Guide to Cracking UP!’

Therapeutic Benefits of Cold Level Laser Treatments to Relax; Remove Nicotine Addictions, Control and or Loose Weight presented by Michael Griffin, president of Advanced Laser Solutions

Feb. 15th –

Avoiding the Stress of Memory Loss — Helpful Strategies presented by Kathy Kilpatrick, founder of Communication Connection, national speaker, author and creator of ‘Memory Fitness’

The Stress of Isolation and How to Encourage Your Loved Ones to Become Socially Interactive presented by Robert Phillips, executive director of S.A.R.A.H Adult Day in Strongsville

Feb. 22 –

Simple Methods to De-Stress Meal Preparation Encouraging Healthy Eating presented by Lana Stadler of Simply Done Dinners

Zany, Fun, Family Entertainment provided by the Ohio Clown College — Great fun — laugh and relax. What a stress-buster. Bring the entire family. Kids and Grandkids welcome.

The Stress Management Series is free to attend, however, seating is limited — you must RSVP by January 29th by phoning # or register on line at seniors-caregivers-oh today.


Senior Approved Services, LLC, Alpine Home Health Services, Tom Begert-Clark, National Speaker, Humorist, Author of ‘Rosie John Doesn’t Live Here Any More …" , S.A.R.A.H Adult Day of Strongsville , Kathy Kilpatrick, Motivational Speaker, Author of a series on ‘Memory Fitness’, Advanced Laser Solutions, Denise Kotkowski, Massage Therapist, Carol Bradley-Bursack, National Speaker, Author of ‘Minding our Elders’, Hobart Health Food Stores, Jean F. Wales, Author of ‘Do It Now’, Simply Done Dinners, Ohio Certified Senior Approved Services, Oreck Total Home Cleaning N. Olmsted, Magic Moments Unlimited, Coalition for Senior Safety, Dan Taylor, National Speaker, Attorney, Creator of the Parent Care Solution, Author of ‘The Parent Care Conversation’, Gail Goeller, National Speaker, Author of ‘Coming of Age with Aging Parents’, HealthCentral and CareCentral (seniorsapprove)


Smartbox and Fishtail by David Burke Team Up to Provide Memories for Families on Mother’s Day

December 31, 2013

(PRWEB) May 03, 2011

Mother’s Day is a holiday filled with many years of memories for both children and parents. This Mother’s Day weekend, Smartbox and Fishtail by David Burke will make a memory for five families from The Children’s Aid Society. Each family will receive a Zagat Smartbox “Table For Two” dining experience at Fishtail by David Burke in New York City on Friday, May 6 at 4:30 PM.

The dining experience will consist of a three-course meal for each mother and child that will include a gourmet entrée along with an appetizer and a delectable dessert choice. At the end of the meal, the Smartbox card will be handed to the server and the meal is paid for. It is a simple and delicious dining experience for anyone to enjoy.

“Some of the most meaningful memories are made sharing time with your mother on Mother’s Day,” said Smartbox CEO of North America David Meyers. “As the leader in gift experiences, Smartbox looks forward to partnering with our friends at Fishtail by David Burke to deliver the most memorable dining experience for families from The Children’s Aid Society.”

“Thanks to the generosity of Smartbox and Fishtail by David Burke, our mothers will share a special Mother’s Day experience with their children,” said Michael Roberts, Associate Division Director, Youth Development Services at The Children’s Aid Society. “We hope this memory will be one they cherish and use to build a bridge to a stronger family.”

Fishtail by David Burke is celebrated chef David Burke’s innovative seafood restaurant on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Located in a historic townhouse, the bi-level eatery combines casual dining in the ground floor oyster bar with traditional sit-down service in the vibrant second floor dining room.

Blurring the lines between chef, artist, entrepreneur and inventor, Burke stands as one of the leading pioneers in American cooking today. His fascination with ingredients and the art of the meal has fueled a career marked by creativity, critical acclaim and the introduction of revolutionary products and cooking techniques. In addition to his flagship restaurant David Burke Townhouse, Burke’s other restaurants include David Burke Kitchen (New York, NY), Fishtail (New York, NY), David Burke at Bloomingdale’s (New York, NY), David Burke’s Primehouse (Chicago, IL), David Burke Fromagerie (Rumson, NJ) and David Burke Prime (Foxwoods Casino, CT).

The Children’s Aid Society has been filling the gaps between what children have and what they need to thrive for over 150 years. Children’s Aid serves New York’s neediest children and their families at more than 45 locations in the five boroughs and Westchester County. The programs begin even before birth, through prenatal counseling and assistance, and continues through the high school years with college and job preparatory training programs. All aspects of a child’s development are addressed as he or she grows, from health care to academics to sports and the arts. And because stable children live in stable families, a host of services are available to parents, including housing assistance, domestic violence counseling and health care access.

Already an international gift box leader, Smartbox is available in 20 countries across the world. The key to success has been in the simplicity of the process. Begin by choosing a budget ranging from $49 to $369 and then choose one of the 7 available categories.

The available gift experiences are:

  •     Zagat Smartbox Table for Two – dinner for the recipient and a guest at their choice of any participating Zagat-Rated restaurant in one of the following cities: Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco or Washington D.C. ($99)
  •     Gourmet Retreats – a one night stay in lavish accommodations throughout the U.S., sumptuous five-course dinners, in-room massages, and plush king size suites. ($369)
  •     Adrenaline – hundreds of exhilarating activities to choose from, including: climbing a slippery frozen waterfall, racing around a track on a motorcycle and more. ($299)
  •     Charming Getaways – one-night stays in historic homes, rustic ranches or quaint Victorian Inns. ($129)
  •     Serenity – health and wellness treatments from Vichy showers and ice cream pedicures to champagne manicures and lemongrass body scrubs. ($119)
  •     Adventure – an opportunity to rush down an ice tunnel in a bobsled or cruise the sky in an ultralight. ($69)
  •     Fun for All – an activity for two, whether it be an elegant fencing lesson, wine tasting, or a spooky ghost tour. ($49)

For more information on the full Smartbox collection of experience gifts, please visit our website at smartbox

About Smartbox

Smartbox is the next generation of gift cards allowing one to choose from a selection of activities and destinations within a given theme. Smartbox is presented in a gift box featuring a color guidebook with full details of each activity or escape. The recipient selects an experience, makes the reservation directly with the establishment (contact details are provided in the guidebook) and redeems the gift card upon arrival. Currently, Smartbox is available in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Great Lakes, Texas & California regions of the U.S.

About Smart&Co

Since its creation, Smart&Co. has grown at an exceptional rate. Having branches in Europe, the U.S., and Canada with its head office near Paris, today it employs more than 1,000 employees. Smart&Co. and its Smartbox gift experiences are specialists in creating interesting trips and leisure activities. Since the founding of the group, more than 5 million Europeans have experienced Smart&Co. In 2004 Smart&Co. was awarded the Oscar for Innovation — Smart&Co. continues to find new ways of bringing people together for leisure pursuits.


Review: ASUS Fonepad, a phone-tablet hybrid

December 31, 2013

ASUS Fonepad at a glance:

*Price: P14,995

*micro-SIM card slot for voice calls and SMS

*1.6GHz Intel Atom Z2420 single-core processor with Intel Hyper-Threading technology

*PowerVR SGX540 GPU


*32GB internal storage

*microSD expansion (up to 32GB)

*7-inch IPS-LCD display (1,280 x 800 resolution; 216ppi pixel density; 10-point multi-touch input)

*3-megapixel rear camera

*1.2-megapixel front camera

*4,270mAh battery

*WiFi, 3G, Bluetooth 3.0 radios

*Dimensions: 196.6 x 120.1 x 10.4mm

*340 grams

*Android Jelly Bean (version 4.1.2)

Next to smartphones, tablets—iPads and Android-based 7- to 8-inchers, in particular—are the rage these days. And why not? The tablet segment has become one of the darlings of mobile computing, with more major manufacturers trying to bridge the divide between laptops and tablets with hybrid devices. However, one thing most tablets lack is telephony—you know, voice-calling and text-messaging capabilities. 

ASUS sees a burgeoning niche in the Philippines, where consumers are keen on using their tablet/phone mash-ups as phones, and so here we have the Intel-powered ASUS Fonepad. The 7-inch device is capable of doing what many people clamor for: running apps, browsing the Web, and watching videos, with the option of making calls and sending messages on a larger-than-smartphone form factor.

The Fonepad comes with a pretty reasonable P14,995 price tag and should be available in stores nationwide in "champagne gold" and "titanium gray" color schemes starting next week. Is it worth your consideration? 


The front of the ASUS Fonepad is devoid of physical navigation keys; the device rightfully skips them in favor of four on-screen buttons. Except for the obligatory company branding on the bottom and the chrome-painted earpiece grill, the Taiwanese electronics maker does not make any further attempts to differentiate its latest 7-inch effort.

The back’s a different story, though. That’s where the Fonepad distances itself from the usual budget or mid-tier offering. The rear cover features a smooth, anodized aluminum finish, which is rare for non-Apple devices. It also houses a down-firing integrated speaker, which pleasantly surprised us with its loudness and better-than-average clarity.

>>READ: Review: Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

The rear offers a nice departure from dimpled, rubberized, and glossy coatings, and it definitely lends a premium appearance. Also, seeing it on an aggressively priced Android only reaffirms this belief: There’s simply no reason why phone and tablet makers can’t take design cues from ASUS, Apple, and a handful of others. 

The ASUS Fonepad’s micro-SIM and microSD card slots are tucked under the backplate’s top part. The removable cover, the only foil to an almost-unibody aesthetic, is again wrapped in aluminum coating but can be easily identified thanks to its different color.

ASUS FonePad

Our only gripe at this point is that it requires considerably more effort to slide out, especially on the first few tries. Then again, you’ll hardly find yourself struggling to push the cover out, granted you’re not keen on switching between carriers and memory cards. 

A comparison of dimensions between the ASUS Fonepad and the ASUS-made Nexus 7 reveals that the two are nearly identical in size and weight, with the former being slightly shorter (196.4mm versus the Nexus 7′s 198.5mm). Consequently, the Fonepad lends well to single-handed use despite its chunky bezels and thick, beveled sides. 

Of course, its unnecessarily bloated hardware may be a sticking point for some, although products on the pudgy side are a norm in the Android scene. 


The ASUS Fonepad’s IPS-LCD panel measures 7 inches diagonally, and its resolution of 1,280 x 800 pixels on a 16:10 aspect ratio is on a par with what we’ve seen on the Google Nexus 7.

The resulting pixel density is 216ppi, and the clarity showcased here is enough to provide a decent movie watching experience. Photos and websites, likewise, boast natural and vivid colors, except that in some cases, blues seem to stand out more than other hues. 

>>SEE: Surge in laptop revenue drives ASUS’ stellar Q1 results

The 10-point multi-touch screen is covered by toughened, albeit reflective, glass, which is largely to blame for the Fonepad’s modest sunlight legibility. That said, if you plan on using this hybrid for long stretches of time outdoors, make sure to do so where there’s a lot of shade. However, viewing angles shouldn’t be an issue because the screen offers decent views from most angles.

Should you feel that a bit of display tweaking is in order, you’d be pleased to know that ASUS bundles the Fonepad with Splendid. The app allows you to adjust saturation, hue, and color temperature, depending on your preference. There’s also the so-called Vivid mode, which automatically boosts colors based on an ASUS-optimized profile, so no input is required.

Winstar World Opens New Hotel, and Remodels Gaming Plaza

December 31, 2013

Thackerville, OK (PRWEB) September 3, 2009

American Idol and pop star Kelly Clarkson and 70′s southern rock legends Lynyrd Sknyrd, are part of the grand opening celebration this weekend at WinStar World Casino. Located just an hour’s drive from Dallas/Ft. Worth off of I-35, WinStar is celebrating the grand opening of its brand new, 395-room WinStar World Casino Hotel. The festivities kick off on September 5th in the Global Event Center with American rock band Lynyrd Skynrd and follow September 6th with singer, songwriter and the first American Idol, Kelly Clarkson.

This weekend, WinStar World Casino Hotel officially unveils its 12-story, 395-room facility. From its stunning art deco lobby adjacent to WinStar World Casino’s gaming floor, to its handsomely-appointed guest rooms and deluxe suites, WinStar World Casino Hotel is a destination in itself. The WinStar World Casino Hotel will offer guests all the amenities of a first-class vacation destination, including:

–    395 rooms and luxury suites

–    Three new restaurants, including The Grill, a classic American steakhouse, Aces, a modern bar and lounge, and Winning Picks, a convenient grab-and-go featuring Starbucks™ coffee

–    Elegant meeting and banquet space capable of accommodating groups from 10 to 200

–    World-class resort pool featuring a custom-built waterfall grotto

–    A new location of Spa Habitat, Dallas’ award-winning organic spa

–    A new location of the Cloverleaf Boutique, Oklahoma’s world-famous gift shop

–    Concierge level and private VIP check-in

Andrea Bahner, Chief Marketing Officer of WinStar World Casino commented, "The opening of our magnificent new hotel completes our transformation into a true vacation destination. We are thrilled to be able to offer our guests this first-class resort hotel experience."

With the grand opening of the hotel comes the completion of the construction on the new Vienna Gaming Plaza. Formerly the "Palace Gaming Plaza," the newly renovated Vienna Gaming Plaza is modeled after the famous Belvedere Palace in Vienna in the classic Rococo style.

For more information on the grand opening celebration and reservations, please visit winstarworldcasinohotel or call us at #

About WinStar World Casino:

The world’s fifth largest casino, WinStar World Casino offers more than 5,700 electronic games, 76 blackjack and poker tables, a 2,500-seat Global Events Center and a new 395-room hotel. Located just north of the Oklahoma/Texas border along Interstate 35, WinStar World Casino presents 24/7 gaming action, world-class entertainers and a wide range of restaurants. WinStar World Casino is an economic enterprise of the Chickasaw Nation. For more information visit our website at winstarworldcasino

### – Fast Growing American Online Retailer now With a new Redesigned Website

December 30, 2013

Brooklyn, NY (PRWEB) April 23, 2012 – the new redesigned website with user friendly interface that offers a plethora of products to meet one’s home entertainment needs. The site’s impressive variety and quality makes it the place to go for electronic accessories such as HDMI cables and other cords. With the increasing popularity and new innovations in entertainment technology, Cmple allows its customers to thoroughly enjoy their high-tech gadgets like high-definition televisions and game consoles.

The origin of the company was certainly a humble one. It truly is a success story. Cmple started out with two people, $2000, a basement, and big dreams of providing people what they need. They knew that the current innovations in technology would lead an increasing number of devices to require advanced equipment to maximize on video and audio clarity. They realized then that HDMI cables and the like would be faced with an exponentially growing demand. It was then that the two knew what they wanted to sell, and with this, a company arose.

In a short period of time, their ideas grew bigger and bigger. In 2009, they moved from the basement to a 15,000 square foot warehouse and abandoned their obsolete distribution techniques by computerizing and automating their purchasing process. Due to these improvements, the efficiency and accuracy of the company’s orders increased, causing higher customer satisfaction.

Their techniques clearly worked, as the specific demand for HDMI cables and accessories grew, and grew fast. They were able to provide their customers the best products and the lowest prices with the most reliable purchasing procedure.

The time came once more to expand the business further. In 2011, Cmple was able to open a second warehouse, which allowed them to keep a significantly larger inventory. This second expansion allowed for a larger inventory and a far better selection of products available for purchasing. They were then able to serve any and all HDMI cable and home theater accessory needs.

Yet Cmple isn’t just about the products – another one of the company’s main focuses is the service that comes along with the purchase. It isn’t unusual for the average person to have problems setting up their electronics. Considering the different cords and slot and what not, it can somebody be difficult for someone to fidget around to get everything in the right place. A major benefit of purchasing from Cmple is that they have a Support Team that is always available during business hours to help their customers with any problem that may come up during the use of one of their products. They stress the importance of making sure that their customers can truly enjoy their products.

The reliability of the products at is certainly a plus. Most of the items available come with a lifetime warranty. Along with the warranty, they also promise that they will send you your product as fast as possible. Cmple has a close relationship with UPS and USPS that allows their packages to safely be shipped around the country and throughout the world at lightning-fast speed. They promise same-day shipping on all order made before 3 in the afternoon. When they ship a product, they provide and accurate calculation as to when it will arrive at its intended destination, which can save people the money and worries that comes with internet shopping.

With the country in a current economic recession, many companies have serious trouble keeping the cost of their products under control. They raise prices and lower quality in order to maximize on profits. However, at, these business tactics are certainly not the common practice. A nearly unique feature of business at Cmple is its close relationship directly with manufacturers. This relationship allows it to sell high-quality products at the most affordable prices. However, the benefit of their relationship is twofold. Cmple helps the manufacturers develop innovative products, as well as make suggestions for making the installation of their products more user-friendly. is already establishing itself as a stronghold when it comes to variety of products. Whether a client is looking for an SVGA or an HDMI cable; a Firewire or a USB cord; a Network Cat 5 or Cat 6 wire – they can be found in one place: They also offer a selection of fire alarm cables, standard video and audio cables, wall plates, and computer cables (USB and monitor cables). Any accessory that a person can need can conveniently be found in one place. If somebody needs a HDMI cable for a brand new Playstation ®, they can easily provide that. If a person requires a Cat 5 Ethernet cord for an internet connection , they offer such cords in a wide assortment of AWG thicknesses and colors. Sometimes it becomes necessary to make an HDMI cable longer – Cmple can take care of this as well. They sell extension cords so that you can easily enjoy video and audio clarity. As cable technology gets better and better, and more products become available, they constantly restock and expand their inventory so that whatever a person can need will always be available.

Something great about is their diverse group of clients. They sell their products on both the wholesale and retail levels, supplying both individual home customers, and commercial distributers intending on reselling. They are big on the versatility of their orders – whether someone requires 1 cable or 100. They have a direct business-to-consumer model, and they are more than willing to be part of another company’s supply chain. does more than business – they form connections. Connections between people. Connections between man and machine. They’re there for people when they need them most. They’re there at someone’s movie night with their best friends. They’re there when a someone wants to share their pictures to their family on a high-definition television. They know who they’re serving and where they came from, so they know what people really want. is certainly a sensation in the making. Their remarkable story shows how they truly work to serve their customers what they really need. They offer the best quality, the best variety, and the best service. They give their consumers what they deserve – the best.

EXO wins Best Korea Act in 2013 MTV EMA

December 30, 2013

[captionyom-figure yom-fig-right"> (Clockwise from top left) Local winners EXO from Korea, Momoiro Clover Z from Japan, Show Lo from Taiwan, Chris Lee from Mainland China/Hong Kong and My Tam from Southeast Asia. (Photos courtesy of MTV EMA website)[/caption]

Twelve-member K-pop band EXO won the Best Korea Act in the 2013 MTV Europe Music Awards (MTV EMA), besting fellow Hallyu acts U-KISS, B.A.P, Boyfriend and girl group SISTAR.

On the other hand, Vietnam’s My Tam won the Best Southeast Asia Act, edging Filipina singer Sarah Geronimo, Hafiz from Malaysia, Noah from Indonesia, Olivia Ong from Singapore and Slot Machine from Thailand.

Chris Lee won the Best Mainland China & Hong Kong Act over Eason Chan, Jane Zhang, Khalil Fong and Sun Nan.

Show Lo won the Best Taiwan Act against Vanness Wu, Jam Hsiao, JJ Lin and Rainie Yang.

The Best Japan Act was won by Momoiro Clover Z. Other nominees are EXILE, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, MIYAVI and ONE OK ROCK.

The local winners have moved on to the next round of competition for the Worldwide Act Award.

EXO and Momoiro Clover Z will compete with each other to know who will be the Korea-Japan Worldwide Act nominee.

My Tam, Chris Lee and Show Lo will compete for the Asia Worldwide Act category.

Fans have until Oct. 31 to vote for their favorite regional act on the MTV EMA website. The winners in Asia and Korea-Japan will battle for the Worldwide Act along with regional winners from North Europe, Central Europe, South Europe, East Europe, Australia/New Zealand, Latin America, North America, and Africa/India/Middle East.

The winner for the Worldwide Act will be announced during the broadcast of the MTV EMA in Amsterdam on Nov. 11.

For this year, a total of 186 artists from 51 countries became nominees for the Worldwide Act voting contest.

Here’s the complete list of local winners in the 2013 MTV EMA:

Best Adria Act: Frenkie

Best Africa Act: LCNVL

Best Australia Act: Cody Simpson

Best Belgian Act: Stromae

Best Brazilian Act: Fresno

Best Canada Act: Justin Bieber

Best Czech and Slovak Act: Celeste Buckingham

Best Danish Act: Jimilian

Best Dutch Act: Kensington

Best Finnish Act: Isac Elliot

Best French Act: Shaka Ponk

Best German Act: Lena

Best Greek Act: Demy

Best Hungarian Act: Ivan and the Parazol

Best India Act: Yo Yo Honey Singh

Best Israeli Act: The Ultras

Best Italian Act: Marco Mengoni

Best Japan Act: Momoiro Clover Z

Best Korea Act: EXO

Best LatAm Central Act: Anna Carina

Best LatAm North Act: Paty Cantú

Best LatAm South Act: Airbag

Best Mainland China & Hong Kong Act: Chris Lee

Best Middle East Act: Ahmed Soultan

Best New Zealand Act: Lorde

Best Norwegian Act: Admiral P

Best Polish Act: Bednarek

Best Portuguese Act: Filipe Pinto

Best Romanian Act: Smiley

Best Russian Act: Zemfira

Best Southeast Asia Act: My TAM

Best Spanish Act: Auryn

Best Swedish Act: Avicii

Best Swiss Act: Bastian Baker

Best Taiwan Act: Show Lo

Best UK & Ireland Act: One Direction

Best US Act: Miley Cyrus

Protect Your Bubble Provides Top Tips For Selecting The Ideal University Laptop

December 30, 2013

(PRWEB UK) 25 August 2012

Millions of new students will be heading off to University this coming September and they will need a computer for everything from completing coursework (obviously) to catching up on the latest YouTube viral sensations. Specialist gadget insurer Protect your bubble takes a look at the best laptops for different situations, and perhaps more importantly, different budgets.

Once the ideal computer has been selected, it’s really important to make sure it’s protected in case something should go wrong. Whether that’s theft, accidental damage, or breakdown, Protect Your Bubble can provide specialist laptop insurance for perfect piece of mind.

Best do-everything laptop – Toshiba Satellite P875-102

Price: £1,100

This offers a good all-round performance, with a large screen to basically act as a desktop replacement. Its 17 inch screen is great for viewing everything from documents to watching videos on YouTube, and it even has a built-in Blu-Ray player for catching up on HD films.

The laptop contains a 750GB hard disk drive, which should be more than enough to store plenty of coursework… as well as photos and videos from nights out.

Not only that but it also has a powerful quad-core i7 processor and has a huge 16GB RAM with an Nvidia graphics card, making it ideal for the odd game or two.

Topping off the package are Harman Kardon speakers making listening to all the latest tunes a pleasure when away from your stereo.

Best budget laptop – Acer Aspire 5750

Price: £320

The Acer Aspire 5750 houses a Core i7 processor, with 4GB of RAM, which should be more than enough power for everyday tasks, such as watching online videos and playing the odd game.

With a 15.6 inch screen and weighing in at just over 2.5kg, this Acer machine is light enough and small enough to carry around from home to student digs.

Best ultra-portable laptop – Asus Zenbook UX21

Price: £750

Need something ultra portable and ideal for taking to every lecture? The Asus Zenbook UX21 could fit the bill nicely. Super thin and super light, this laptop is made from a single piece of aluminium and features an 11 inch screen for ultra-svelte properties.

It still packs a pretty good punch though, with an Intel Core i5 low voltage 1.6GHz processor and a 128GB hard drive (which should be plenty of room for course notes and pictures of nights out).

Best laptop for visual courses- HP Envy 17

Price: £1,000

This laptop offers superb visuals, great if studying graphics, film production or photography. It has plenty of storage, good graphics power and a fantastic screen.

The HP Envy 17 features a large, 17.3 inch screen which is nice and bright. It’s LED backlit which makes it great for looking at photos or full HD videos.

Not only that, but internally it’s also packing some great specs such as an Intel Core i7 processor, 8GB RAM and an AMD Radeon HD XT graphics card. This is particularly useful for doing memory intensive tasks, such as photo or video editing.

Photographs and videos can take up a lot of space, but that’s no worry as the HP Envy 17 comes with a 1.5TB hard drive, and it also comes pre-loaded with Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 and Adobe Premier Elements 9 to help get you started.

Best mid-range laptop – Lenovo Z570

Price: £500

A good compromise between affordability and power, the Lenovo Z570 comes with a 15.6 inch screen which has a Super-TFT coating for better colour reproduction.

An Intel Core i5 CPU is joined by a dedicated graphics cards and 7GB of RAM.

There’s 750GB of storage space for all your coursework, photos and videos as well as a built-in SD card slot for directly accessing your digital camera photos.

Whatever laptop you buy, or decide to add to an early Christmas list, remember to get a quote for insurance. For a great value and instant quote visit Protect your bubble.

About Protect your bubble

Backed by a Fortune 500 company, Protect your bubble is the UK’s largest specialist gadget insurer that also offers a wide range of gadget insurance products, Laptop insurance, Smartphone insurance, iPad insurance, tablet insurance and camera insurance; all cheap affordable prices.

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