Memorial Sale Coupons, Innovative Site Features, Save 30% at

February 26, 2014

Irvine, Ca (PRWEB) May 25, 2012

In celebration of Memorial Day and hot summers, its cool t shirt season with 30% all week on graphic t shirts. The regular price of these unique t shirts is $22, but this Memorial week there is a 30% off coupon code, and now just $15.40 for every new shirt. New deals, new features and new t shirts all week from

The launch of the Tee Grinder, is a slot machine for discount t shirts. Test your luck and gamble the Tee grinder slot machine to get 3 DBH Tees for only $20. This is another fun interactive way to view, buy, and save on cool t shirts. Select gender and size, hit the “Grind” button to get your three randomized shirts. A new tool for trolling the last chance DBH tees at only $8.33 per tee. Once you find a line up you like simply click add to cart and check out. There will be new tees added to the grinder every week for discount prices on DBH tees.

Other improvements to the site have included UI changes to the shop page. Now located in the right column, shop graphic tees by gender and size to view everything in your size. Then selected different categories based on personal preference. Weather it’s the top 50 list, limited edition, or sale items; there is a category that fits a variety of styles. There is also a shop by price, or category such as abstract, nature, funny, or character illustrations.

The new search functionality greatly improves the usability of the site. You can now shop tee shirts by title, artist name, category etc. If you looking for a specific category or title; simply type in a keyword to search the inventory. Sharks, birds, nature, abstract, type it in the search box and text the results. If you are looking for a specific artist or profile, those are also included in the search. The artist profile page features winning designs, bios, and current submissions. Finally, the forums can now be easily searched to find historical information, tips, and critique stored in the article database.

The photographers at DBH have also been busy capturing themed photo-shoots. Starting with the zombie apocalypse, a successful Sasquatch siting, some peaceful strolls in the park. The shirt can fit in anywhere personality is accepted. There was also a siting of batman running in the streets of downtown with the winning designs. A little creative personality and easy of use has touch the DesignByHumans brand in hopes to gain more humans fans and artists.

With the Tee Grinder’s release, new shopping functionality, and a revamped search, the site is running smoother then ever. Easy to find and smooth UI options give a new look in web design and simplify the functionality of the site. There are great deals and coupons this Memorial Day at Just type in DBHMEM30 once you have checked out and spend $15.40 on a comfortable tee, instead of the regular price of $22. A sale like this doesn’t come around very often at DesignByHumans so enjoy the saving while they last.

Kevin Brooks Named Head of the Ozonator, Green Refrigerator Machine, Company which Provides 21st Century Green-Living, Cost-Savings Updates for Family Refrigerators

February 25, 2014

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) August 30, 2012

Today, Ozonator, LLC. announced Kevin Brooks as their selection to head the rapidly growing expansion of the patented Ozonator. The Ozonator™, popularly called the Green Refrigerator Machine™ is a small appliance that provides a cost-saving 21st Century ozone update to your refrigerator. The Ozonator uses natural ozone to eliminate all odors and extend the life of fruits, vegetable and perishable foods stored in the family refrigerator.

Kevin Brooks is a dynamic sales management professional who has produced monetary and visibility results in the technology and foods industries over the last 15 years.

“Kevin is in high demand because he has a proven ability to develop businesses from scratch to success,” said Russ Karlen, co-founder. “With the increasing demand for green-living solutions, Ozonator identified Kevin Brooks as the perfect leader to share the Ozonator and its cost-saving solutions to family refrigerators across North America.”

Kevin Brooks, who previously enjoyed success growing companies like CitySpoon, Inc. and BESCO, is brilliantly suited to offer the Ozonator solution to the $35 billion dollar and growing organic foods industry and its consumers looking for green solutions.

“For every household, eating fresh foods will cost a lot less, thanks to the ability the Ozonator, the Green Refrigerator Machine, has to update any refrigerator with its battery-operated and environmentally ozone solution,” said Kevin Brooks, new head of Ozonator, LLC. “I am honored to lead the charge that provides the Ozonator solution to the many families focused on green living and healthy eating.”

The Ozonator, which has been heralded by fresh food and organic consumers as huge cost-saving benefit that keeps everything from organic berries to raw fish stays fresher weeks longer and without odor. It operates on four “D” batteries and initially generates ozone for the first 60 minutes of operations. It automatically switches to standby mode for 4 hours or 230 minutes, activates itself for 10 minutes, and that repeats that cycle every 4 hours until the batteries need replacement (usually 5-6 months).

The Ozonator™ popularly known as The Green Refrigerator Machine™ is a green living update for your kitchen that keeps perishable foods fresher by promoting a clean environment inside your refrigerator. The newly patented Ozonator™ has been proven by a leading independent laboratory to produce ozone in your refrigerator to reduce orders, and extend the shelf life of refrigerator stored perishable foods. Popularly called the Green Refrigerator Machine, the Ozonator has won several awards including; first place as Best of Expo at the New Living Expo in San Francisco, placement among the top five in the New Products Category at the Go Green Expo in Los Angeles, and the Gourmet Product Award for “Best Kitchen Appliance” in the Kitchen Utensils, Gadgets and Chef Items category for #

To share this green living practice with your organization, participate in the Ozonator affiliate program. To order an Ozonator for your refrigerator, please visit ozonator or call # Please visit greenrefrigeratormachine to learn how the Ozonator can help with green living practices.

Lanes’ drain relining team gets Duerrs out of a jam

February 24, 2014

(PRWeb UK) July 26, 2010

Drainage specialist, Lanes for Drains, has helped jam manufacturer Duerr’s out of a sticky situation.

The company had thought it was facing a 3-month shutdown to fix a damaged drain at its Manchester factory, but Lanes’ drain relining team sprung into action to reline the 150mm diameter process pipe in just 48 hours.

Duerr’s, which has been making jam since 1881, had discovered the damaged pipe when a manhole was moved to accommodate a new jar-cooling machine.

“The machine was installed during the Christmas shutdown. The trouble was, the pipe ran directly under it,” explains Roger Hinchcliffe, Duerr’s project engineer. “But with the limited time slot we had, we could not attempt to repair the pipe as well.”

Duerr’s was given differing advice by contractors about possible methods of repair and timescales, until Roger called in Lanes and another national contractor. In the end, only Lanes was prepared to take on the project.

Simon Bull, reline manager, explains: “We looked at an existing survey and realised that the situation was quite bad. The clay pipe was so badly affected that the invert (bottom section) had disintegrated altogether and it was full of debris. But we were confident that we could tackle the problem — and that we could do it in just one weekend shutdown.”

Duerr’s needed to get the work done as soon as possible, before the factory’s peak production period began, so Simon had to juggle his resources to make a reline crew available for the following weekend.

The camera and drain jetting teams went in to Duerr’s factory at 3am on the Saturday morning. Says Simon: “We started with a CCTV survey, but the camera would not move forwards through the pipe because of the build up of debris under its wheels. Instead it had to be pulled backwards to show the full extent of the damage.

“Then it took a marathon 5-hours to remove all the silt and fragments before the pipe was fit for relining,” he adds.

The reline crew then worked through to the following morning to install a felt liner impregnated with a special vinylester resin — Derakane — chosen especially for its high resistance to chemicals and heat.

Once the liner had been cured in place, using water heated to temperature and left in situ for the required length of time, the cutting crew opened up the manhole access points and a final survey revealed the new look pipeline which was clean, round and smooth — a complete contrast to the broken and silted up drain of the earlier survey.

For Roger at Duerr’s, the weekend had its nailbiting moments: “If anything had gone wrong and we had had to excavate, the implications for our production would have been unthinkable, so we only breathed again once the reline had been declared a success.

“We need not have worried because Lanes did exactly what they said they would, when they said they would do it. The operations guys were very professional and efficient and, because of the company’s size and resources, even when there was a problem with a piece of equipment, replacement kit was mobilised immediately so that everything was completed in time for production to start up again on Monday morning.

“I was very impressed,” he concludes.

Thanks to Lanes, Duerr’s now has a ‘new’ process pipe to complement its new machine. And, on the back of that successful reline, the company has asked Lanes to carry out a full clean and survey of the site’s drainage system.

The Lanes Group has over 800 staff, a £70 million turnover and includes Lanes for Drains within its Group companies. Lanes for Drains is the UK’s largest independent drainage specialist, specialising in drain unblocking and drain repairs.


Soup Diets: Are liquid lunches and dinners the key to losing weight?

February 24, 2014

For years the Cabbage Soup Diet was the go-to for women who wanted to lose weight fast – but there’s nothing fun or sexy about chowing down on cabbage for days on end.

Yes, it’s cheap, but experts believe you are simply losing water weight, depriving your body of protein and opening yourself up to uncontrollable cravings. The bottom line? It’s better in theory than it is in practise.

But can a new wave of soup diets banish this bad karma and make us all fall in love with liquid diets all over again?

Well, according to Fiona Kirk, best-selling author of So What The F**k Should I Eat?, Eat Live & Lose The Flab, and now Soup Can Make You Thin, slim people know that a tasty bowl can fill you up, crush cravings and keep you energised.

Plus, she believes a soup-only diet can help you lose weight in as little as 10 days. Result!

Her trick is to eat a variety of different soups that include vegetables, beans, healthy fats like olive oil and protein, for breakfast, as a snack and before bed to encourage a good nights sleep.

So is this overkill or accurate? Soup diets claim to work because of the combination of water and nutrient-rich vegetables, which results in goodness being more readily absorbed into the body (and drastically reduces bloating). In reality, soup diets work in the same way as any extreme calorie restriction regime. Let’s face it, if you’re eating vegetable soup you’re not eating a burger and chips.

At the same time the lack of calories flushes liquids from your system, which means that 3lbs loss you see in three days could just be from water.

What’s the verdict

If you want to lose weight fast for a big event or party then this will defo do the trick, but the weight you lose won’t be maintainable once you revert back to solid food.

It is not designed to be a long term solution, so never stay on a soup diet for more than seven days. Listen to your body – if you start getting headaches or feel light-headed you might not be getting enough calories.

Can I do a slightly less drastic version?

YES! Swapping your cheese filled sandwiches for a hearty vegetable soup and a bread roll at lunchtime will help towards a healthy weight loss programme. Plus, the fibre from the vegetables should keep you feeling fuller for longer so you’re less tempted by the choccie biscuts.

The NHS recommend this recipe, which makes six servings (so you’ll have something to take to work every day or have as an evening snack).


½ tbsp vegetable oil

1 medium onion, sliced

2 small carrots, sliced

3 celery sticks, sliced

1 tin of chopped tomatoes

80g green beans

1½ tbsp tomato purée

1 leek, sliced

80g frozen peas

50g dried pasta

1 litre of boiling water

pepper to taste

1½ tsp dried herbs


1. Heat the oil in a large pan, add the onions, carrots, leeks and celery, and fry until sizzling. Lower the heat, cover and cook gently for five minutes, stirring if needed.

2. Add the tin of tomatoes, water, tomato purée, beans and frozen peas. Raise the heat to maximum. Bring to the boil and add the pasta, herbs and pepper.

3. Lower the heat and simmer for 15 minutes or until the pasta is cooked, stirring frequently to make sure the pasta doesn’t stick

Would you be willing to give it a go? Leave a comment below to be in with a chance of winning a £100 goodie bag.




Everest Casino Announces 12 Days Of Christmas Program

February 23, 2014

Montreal, QC (PRWEB) December 1, 2006

Everest Casino everestcasino has announced a new program for players during the month of December: 12 Days Of Christmas. "We’re very excited about this event," said Eduardo Santos, Everest Casino’s property manager. "It’s a fun way to give back to our dedicated players and celebrate the holiday season."

For 12 days in December, real-money players at Everest Casino can get deposit bonuses as well as win prizes that include an 80 GB iPod, a Playstation 3 game console, a Sonic Impact Video-55 sound system, a Sony digital camera, and even a $5000 cash prize. Below is a calendar of events for the program.

December 2 – Video Slot Tournament. The player that hits the most World Cup trophy symbols on Everest Casino’s Goooaal! video slots game will win $1,000 cash.

December 3 – Video Slot Sweepstakes. Players that place at least 30 wagers on Everest Casino’s Shopping Spree video slots game is entered for a drawing to win an 80gb iPod.

December 6 – Casino Deposit Bonus. Enter a coupon code of XMAS061 with any deposit with Everest Casino and receive a 50% matching bonus up to $300.

December 9 – Video Poker Tournament. The player with the highest payout on a single $25 bet will win $200 cash.

December 10 – Casino Deposit Sweepstakes. Players that deposit at least $100 will be entered in a drawing to win $500.

December 13 – Casino Deposit Bonus. Enter a coupon code of XMAS062 with any deposit with Everest Casino over $25 and receive a $75 fixed bonus.

December 16 – Video Slot Tournament. The player that hits the mast Bavaria Crest symbols on Everest Casino’s Oktoberfest Video Slots machine will win a Sonic Impact Video-55.

December 17 – Roulette Sweepstakes. Players that wager at least $500 on any of Everest Casino’s online roulette variations are entered in a drawing to win $500.

December 20 – Video Poker Sweepstakes. Players that wager at least $500 on any Aces & Joker Wild video poker game is entered in a drawing to win a Sony DSC-T50 digital camera.

December 23 – Video Slot Tournament. The player that hits the most Moneybag wild symbols on the Cactus Jack online video slot machine will win a 60GB Sony Playstation 3.

December 24 – Video Slot Sweepstakes. Players that wager at least $500 on the Atlantis video slot machine are entered in a drawing to win an Apple iPod Hi-Fi sound system.

December 29 – New Year Sweepstakes. One real money player will be randomly chosen to win $5,000 with no wagering or game play requirements.

For complete details on the 12 Days Of Christmas program, including any restrictions, players will first need to download the free Everest Casino software from everestcasino .


Everest Casino is a world-class casino gaming site translated into French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Japanese, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Hebrew, Greek and Chinese. Everest Casino is a property of Ultra Internet Media ("UIM"), a premier global operator of online casinos. UIM’s brands include Casino Elegance, Casino Fantasy, Casino Glamour, Casino Lux, Casino Treasure, Imperial Casino, Everest Poker and Everest Casino.

Incorporated in 1997, UIM is one of the pioneers of multi-lingual online casino gaming, translating its casino and poker websites and software into 15 languages. UIM entertains users every day from over 200 countries around the world.


"Drunk" Christopher Maloney gets pulled out of X Factor final?

February 22, 2014

@carolynnepoole you’ll do anything to get a headline! disgraceful! week one! bitter.— Christopher Maloney (@ChrisMaloney77) December 9, 2012

Carolynne refused to reply directly to Chris and instead wrote, “Sour grapes anyone??”

Lucy Spraggan also got involved to end to spat.

“@chrismaloney77: @carolynnepoole you’ll do anything to get a headline! disgraceful! week one! bitter.”Good luck in the future, Chris.

— Lucy Spraggan (@lspraggan) December 9, 2012

Whatever did happen, it seem the Christopher now risks losing his lucrative slot on the show’s tour next year!

Do you think Chris is being bullied or reckon he was the one causing trouble?

What do you think? Leave a comment below to be in with a chance of winning a £100 goodie bag




Online gambling gains momentum in US

February 20, 2014

Internet gambling is on a roll in the US market after years lurking in the shadows.

New Jersey kicks off its online wagering November 26, becoming the most populous state to do so after Nevada and Delaware.

Other states have become active since 2011, when the federal government signaled it would not block most forms of Internet wagering. California, Illinois and Pennsylvania are considering such moves.

Using geolocation technology, the systems require that gamblers be located within the state. But reciprocal agreements could allow gamblers to cross state lines as more states authorize online bets.

“Once these states are successful within their borders, they will figure out how to pool players across state lines to take bets from each other, and a lot of other states will jump in,” said Whittier Law School professor I. Nelson Rose.

“Within 10 years, I think we will see a very large portion of states will have Internet gambling.”

Morgan Stanley estimated legal US online gambling revenues would reach $670 million in 2014, increasing to $9.3 billion in 2020.

The launch in a handful of states “will release a floodgate of investor interest in the online space, and spur new states to open to reap tax dollars,” analyst Vaughan Lewis said in a note to clients.

The United States has a patchwork of gambling regulations. While casino gambling was only allowed in Nevada a few decades ago, New Jersey allowed casinos in Atlantic City in the 1970s and many states have either commercial or Indian tribe casinos.

Until recently, the federal government claimed that online gambling was unlawful. But a 2011 Justice Department legal opinion said only sports betting would be considered illegal.

Nevada authorized online poker in 2012, and Delaware and New Jersey passed laws allowing a full range of casino games.

But Rose said the Internet opens up new categories of gambling, ranging from “social” games to virtual slot machines.

“People who play games online are not interested in picking numbers and waiting a week,” he said.

The gaming industry relies on federal guidelines for online betting, but Congress has been deadlocked on the matter amid disputes over whether any law would cover poker alone or a full range of games.

Despite existing bans, Americans spent $2.6 billion on online gambling in 2012 in a global industry worth $33 billion, according to a study for the American Gaming Association, which represents commercial casino operators.

Chris Thom, chairman of the online payment and identification firm SecureTrading, said the patchwork state-by-state system hampers efforts to develop a competitive online gaming industry in the United States.

“To get into that global system you are going to have to have critical mass,” he told AFP.

Thom said federal legislation would enable greater consumer protection and help outlaw unlicensed operators.

A national system could also generate revenues for the federal government.

But “the longer it goes on, the more difficult it is to produce a federal bill that is clean and straightforward,” Thom said, noting that states will want to maintain existing rules and not join a federal system.

The American Gaming Association has also called for federal rules.

“While we have long supported federal regulation versus state regulation, the most important point is that online gaming must be regulated to protect consumers and ensure the integrity of the games,” said association president Geoff Freeman.

Representative Jim McDermott has introduced a bill to ensure taxes and fees are collected within a regulated regime.

“You’d hope this opportunity to generate billions in economic activity and new government revenues will get serious consideration,” said Michael Waxman of the Safe and Secure Internet Gambling Initiative.

“It’s shocking that Congress has decided to leave in place hypocritical laws that allow some forms of online gambling activity, such as betting on horse racing, but prohibits others, like poker and bingo.”

Online gambling critics warn of the dangers of unhindered expansion online — that geographic and age restrictions could be easily bypassed, and unsavory elements could use the systems to launder money.

“This is not just fun and games, it’s a question of national economic security,” said University of Illinois business professor John Kindt.

Kindt said the expansion of Internet gambling would simply be “a transfer of wealth, with no productivity gains,” and that those profiting would likely be offshore firms or organized crime.

Do the Bride a Favor Takes a Look at Wedding Themes

February 20, 2014

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) February 28, 2013

Implementing a unique theme is important to wedding planners. Following an article appearing in Bella online, Do the Bride a Favor offers the following tips for wedding theme inspiration:

1)    Let the honeymoon destination dictate theme: If heading to Hawaii, consider a luau-oriented event. Or, if the destination is Las Vegas, use a casino motif with a bill changer in the wedding hall, ATM or slot machine cakes and a candy buffet set up as a blackjack or baccarat station.

2)    Use colors to set the mood: Consider green for a wedding date set for St. Patrick’s Day or Easter. Similarly, ice-blue and silver are good for a winter wedding. Incorporate your chosen color into the custom bridal favors.

3)    Let the dimensions of the reception space dictate ambiance. The larger the wedding hall, the more ornamentation is required. Intimate spaces call for attention to detail with a minimalist theme.

4)    Use narrative to set the wedding theme: Let the family and personal histories of the bride and groom dictate tone and dimensions. If the groom was raised on a farm, consider a partial outdoor theme, with barn, hayride and campfires with toasted marshmallows. If the bride and groom love movies, decorate the reception hall as a cinema with balcony, screening room and custom drinks named after famous actors or movies.

Do the Bride a Favor recommends a brainstorming session involving all of the wedding principals and planners where ideas such as the above are discussed, especially in relation to practical matters such as budget, invitee lists and timelines.

Do the Bride a Favor thinks that picking a proper wedding theme is one of the most important considerations for all wedding planners with a combination of practicality, synchronicity and imagination being the watchwords for inspiration and implementation.

About Do the Bride a Favor:

Do the Bride a Favor offers creative consulting advice relative to the wedding industry, following trends and innovations of concern to those interested in giving unique favors, or those individuals more directly involved with wedding planning.

Agua Caliente Casino Properties Select Rainmaker’s TribalREV Revenue Management Solution

February 19, 2014

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) May 04, 2011

The Rainmaker Group, a world leader in automated profit optimization software and services for the hospitality industry, announced today that two premier tribal casinos in California owned by the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians will implement its TribalREV™ revenue management solution. The new TribalREV users are the Agua Caliente Casino Resort Spa located in exclusive Rancho Mirage and its sister property, the Spa Resort Casino in downtown Palm Springs. Click here to learn more about Rainmaker’s revenue management solutions.

Rainmaker’s TribalREV is a cost-effective managed service that increases profitability for small and mid-sized tribal casino hotel operators. TribalREV combines the use of Rainmaker’s widely installed revolution™ profit optimization software and the services of Rainmaker’s team of experienced revenue management professionals to handle implementation, pricing strategy, forecasting, and revenue management analysis.

TribalREV delivers more effective revenue management for American Indian gaming operators

“Rainmaker’s TribalREV will provide a level of revenue management that will allow us to streamline our processes,” said Bob Maloney, assistant general manager of the Agua Caliente Casino Resort Spa. “We will take advantage of Rainmaker’s proven profit optimization system and capitalize on its professional team that understands how gaming hotels should price rooms to maximize revenues. We have a strong central reservations manager, and TribalREV will compliment his processes.”

At the same time, TribalREV will help Agua Caliente ensure it always has availability for its most valued customers. “Palm Springs represents an attractive alternative to Las Vegas for casino patrons, Maloney said. “The natural beauty and casual environment of our two Palm Springs casinos is a welcome relief from the traffic and crowds of Las Vegas. We want to keep our customers coming back.”    

Tammy Farley, principal for Rainmaker, noted that TribalREV is an ideal solution for the two Agua Caliente casinos and many other American Indian gaming operators. “A number of tribal casino hotels do not have dedicated managers to focus on profit optimization. TribalREV meets the need to increase revenues by providing supporting services from Rainmaker’s professional revenue managers and the use of our revolution revenue management system to take the weight off a property’s shoulders and strengthen its bottom line,” she said.

The Agua Caliente properties will employ TribalREV to receive more accurate revenue forecasting on which to base pricing decisions, to optimize hotel inventory, and maximize overall revenues. Rainmaker will also provide Agua Caliente with interfaces to its MICROS property management and IGT gaming systems. Implementation is expected in 3Q 2011.

TribalREV enables operators to leverage powerful, data-rich reporting, dedicated management consulting, and proven system performance, and receive services such as:

● Weekly dashboard/executive summary with historical, short-term, and long-term forecasts,

● Competitive updates,

● Bi-weekly strategy calls with hotel GM/sales/casino staff,

● Distribution strategy with third party providers and other services to optimize profitability.

About Agua Caliente Casinos

Guests at the 340-room Agua Caliente Casino Resort Spa in Rancho Mirage can enjoy today’s hottest slot and video poker machines, table games, high-limit gaming, and private poker room action. Its 2,028-seat entertainment venue attracts upscale crowds and hosts top name acts; upcoming performances include Country star Miranda Lambert, Comedian George Lopez and more. Agua Caliente’s six restaurants and full-service spa make it the perfect getaway. Agua Caliente’s sister hotel casino, Spa Resort Casino in Palm Springs, has 228 rooms and is within walking distance of downtown attractions. Voted the Best Casino by Palm Springs Life magazine readers, the Spa Resort Casino features a variety of slot machines and video poker, a high-limit platinum room, and table games including blackjack, mini-baccarat, and Pai Gow poker. Its world-renown spa boasts natural mineral hot springs used in rejuvenating hydrotherapy treatments. Both properties are owned and operated by the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians, a tribe rich in history and culture, as well as community spirit. The tribe stewards more than 31,500 acres of ancestral land, which encompasses Indian Canyons Golf Resort, Indian Canyons and Tahquitz Canyon hiking trails, and a protected Bighorn sheep habitat.

About Rainmaker

The Rainmaker Group – a Microsoft Silver Partner software and services company – is an industry-leading provider of revenue management and profit optimization solutions to owners/operators in the multifamily housing and gaming/hospitality industries. Rainmaker software, coupled with professional business consulting services, enables multifamily housing operators to maximize revenue from apartment leases and helps operators of casino hotels and other hospitality enterprises secure the most valuable customers to increase their profitability. Rainmaker software delivers real results for operators such as Archstone, AvalonBay Communities, Equity Residential, Post Properties, Simpson Housing, Mid-America Apartment Communities and a number of other leading companies. Gaming/Hospitality clients include leading casino/hotel organizations such as Atlantis The Palm Dubai, Caesars Entertainment, IP Casino Resort Biloxi, Isle of Capri Casinos, MGM Resorts International, Omni Hotels & Resorts, Wynn Las Vegas and many others. Headquartered in northern Atlanta, GA, Rainmaker is a solid, profitable, rapidly growing, privately held company. For more information, go to LetItRain

Slots Guide Reviews Eight New Slot Machine Games

February 18, 2014

(PRWEB) October 21, 2008

New Online Slots reviews new slot machine games released by the world’s leading online games software developers and recommends safe online casinos where players can enjoy the games.

"The month of October has been one of the busiest for new slot machine game releases we have ever seen," says Ryan D, editor at New Online Slots. This month, Microgaming, Rival Gaming and Playtech have all released great new games. "You can almost set your calendar by Microgaming’s new game releases these days, such is the regularity of their updates," says Ryan. "However, this is changing. Rival Gaming has turned up the heat and are really stepping to the fore as a serious player, with new games rolling out very often. Playtech has also upped their game. We used to criticize them for their slow development cycle, but the last three months have seen a lot more activity from them."

Microgaming released three new slots in October, including Spikes Night Out, Bob’s Bowling Bonanza, and the very funny ghost buster called Johnny Specter. "As is always the case with their releases, Microgaming’s graphics are excellent, the themes are very well planned, and there are big jackpots to be won," adds Ryan. Johnny Specter is a 20 line video slot with an amusing bonus feature. Hunt the ghosts for free cash and free spins. If you love bowling and you love slots, Bob’s Bowling Bonanza is for you. The game has 30 pay lines and a massive 100,000 coin max payout. Spike’s Night Out is a seriously cute doggie themed game with a barking mad $30,000 max payout.

New Online Slots offer many Microgaming slots reviews.

Rival Gaming has stepped up the pace of its new game releases with three new games so far in October, including it’s first progressive jackpot game, Major Moolah. It’s a classic three reel game with a fixed $1 size jackpot and has already been popular with players. No self respecting casino will be without a Turkey themed games and Gobbler’s Gold takes care of that. Baby Boomers is a cleverly themed I-Slot with Rival’s unique interactive bonus rounds. "The Baby Boomers bonus round is divided into four episodes and as with all their other I-slots it’s a must play", says Ryan. Check out the Rival Slots Reviews.

For players based outside of the US, Playtech has released two great new games on their excellent graphics platform. Geisha Story has beautiful graphics with a $50,000 max payout. Greatest Odyssey has an undersea theme and offers a huge 25x multiplier during its free spins.

"Slots lovers are in for a treat and we are proud to review these games for our visitors", Ryan concludes. All of the game reviews can be accessed via the New Online Slots home page.

About New Online Slots

New Online Slots is an online slots portal that serves as a guide for for slots players from all over the world covering everything about playing online slots including reviews of slot machine games , online slots casinos, slots bonus listings and promotions as well as slots reward programs. The portal reviews new slots games in-depth as and when they are released by the various online casino software companies and their silenced slots casinos. This new games release from Playtech can be played at their respective licensees’ online casinos recommended and reviewed by New Online Slots. 


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