Has gaming reached a saturation point? An oddly self-serving cry of “Enough” – RGT Online

May 31, 2012

Has gaming reached a saturation point? An oddly self-serving cry of “Enough” 29 May 2012 By Howard Stutz

It’s not shocking when anti-gaming zealots or those opposed to gambling for moral reasons argue that America has too many casinos. Imagine the surprise, however, when the developer of Maryland’s largest casino suggests the U.S. has reached a saturation point. The statement seemed a bit self-serving. During the East Coast Gaming Congress in Atlantic City last week, Cordish Company Chairman David Cordish suggested casino expansion needs a respite. He said lawmakers in states starved for tax dollars “think you can have casinos like Starbucks,” the coffeehouse chain that seems to operate on every street corner in America. If that attitude continues, Cordish said, “it’s going to implode on them.” On June 6, Cordish’s company opens the $500 million Maryland Live! in Anne Arundel County, roughly 15 miles south of Baltimore. The casino has 4,750 slot machines and electronic table games. But Maryland Live! will have company. State leaders want to place a slot-machine-only casino – potentially operated by Caesars Entertainment Inc. – in Baltimore, south of the Inner Harbor. That concerns Cordish. “What happens when you put megacasinos close together is they generally not only oversaturate the market, they don’t work,” Cordish said. In other words, keep the competition out. During a presentation at the 2010 Global Gaming Expo, Caesars Chairman Gary Loveman said casino companies damage themselves when they fight over growth opportunities. The self-inflicted wounds actually slow expansion. He used Cordish as an example. In 2010, rival casino operators financed an unsuccessful advertising campaign to stop Maryland Live!, using negative images about the gaming industry. Ironically, Cordish now wants to keep Caesars out of Baltimore. Isle of Capri Casinos CEO Virginia McDowell said the gaming industry often “lets its best growth opportunities die on the vine” because of infighting. Ohio became the 23rd state with commercial casinos – land-based, riverboat or racetrack – when the Horseshoe Casino Cleveland opened May 14. Gaming expansion is being debated, but is now on hold in Florida and Texas. However, McDowell said states traditionally hostile toward gaming – Georgia, the Carolinas and Kentucky – are considering casino legalization. Over the past decade we’ve learned that gaming expansion is not a “flip on the light switch” event. After gaming referendums gain approval, it often takes years for casinos to come to fruition. Maryland legalized casinos in 2008, but just two small gambling halls have opened. In Ohio, voters approved four full-scale casinos in 2009. The state’s second casino opens Tuesday in Toledo. Kansas has been on a slower pace. Four casinos were legalized in 2007, but by the end of 2011 only two were operating. Large casinos near Kansas City and Wichita opened this year. The recession dried up credit markets and the casino companies’ access to much-needed development dollars. That has since changed. Gaming operators are focused again on growth, with Caesars and Penn National Gaming, Inc. leading the pack. Caesars, in partnership with Detroit-based Rock Gaming, will open a Horseshoe casino in Cincinnati in 2013. The joint venture is also working in Baltimore. Meanwhile, Caesars and the Suffolk Downs racetrack are bidding for a lone Boston-area casino license. Penn National, which will have two casinos in Ohio, opened a casino in Kansas City, Kan., earlier this year, and is seeking a single gaming license for Western Massachusetts. Cordish, however, said the casino market needs stability. Deutsche Bank gaming analyst Andrew Zarnett agreed. In a note to investors, Zarnett criticized Illinois lawmakers who seek to add five new casinos in that state. The Illinois House has already approved the bill. If it makes it through the Senate, Zarnett expects the governor to veto the measure. The expansion would cut into revenues of Illinois and Indiana casinos operated by Penn National, Caesars, Boyd Gaming Corp. and Ameristar Casinos, he said. “The proposed expansion by Illinois lawmakers is yet another example of gaming saturation,” Zarnett said. “Not only will this excess capacity take away share from existing operators, but it may also significantly heighten the promotional landscape in the region.” Executives from Las Vegas Sands Corp. cited oversaturation as a reason the casino operator withdrew from competition for the Boston gaming license. Company officials thought three casinos and a slot machine parlor in Massachusetts would be too much gaming for the Northeast. The area includes Indian casinos in Connecticut, a growing racetrack casino market in New York, Pennsylvania’s 10 casinos, and Atlantic City, which is hoping for a revival from the opening of Revel. Some analysts said quietly that oversaturation was just an excuse. Las Vegas Sands didn’t stand a chance of winning the Boston license against Caesars, which has business ties to Suffolk Downs plus Loveman’s personal and professional connections to Massachusetts.

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Has gaming reached a saturation point? An oddly self-serving cry of “Enough” – RGT Online

Californian wins $50,000 in Grand Masters Invitational slot tournament – RGT Online

May 31, 2012

Californian wins $50,000 in Grand Masters Invitational slot tournament 18 May 2012

RENO, Nev. (PRESS RELEASE) -– Sue M. of San Jose, CA took home the $50,000 first place prize in last weekend’s Grand Masters Invitational Slot Tournament. After securing one of the top 25 spots in the preliminary round on Friday, May 11, she played her way to first place in the finals on Saturday. Frank R. of Spruce Creek, PA took home the $20,000 second place prize and Joyce N., who traveled all the way from Miami Beach, FL for the event, took the $10,000 third place prize. Next up is the Eldorado’s 39th Birthday and $10,000 Slot Tournament May 23-25 and the $30,000 Blackjack Tournament June 8-9. The “Road to Eldorado” is paved with jackpots…from Treasures of the Eldorado to slot tournaments, Keno and nearly 2,000 loose and lucky slots. The Eldorado has sent home thousands of players as winners. Whether your game is slots, blackjack or keno, every Eldorado guest has the chance to walk away a winner.

Californian wins $50,000 in Grand Masters Invitational slot tournament – RGT Online

Roulette: When Double-Zero Beats Single-Zero – RGT Online

May 31, 2012

Roulette: When Double-Zero Beats Single-Zero 1 May 2012 By John Grochowski

Nearly all bets at double-zero roulette wheels give the house a 5.26 percent edge, the exception being the five-number-bet on 0, 00, 1, 2 and 3. That one bucks a house edge of 7.89 percent.

All bets at single-zero roulette wheels have a house edge of 2.7 percent. There is no 00 to worry about, and no five-number bet with a higher house edge than the rest.

If all else was equal, choosing between single-zero and double-zero roulette would be a no-brainer. The house edge on the double-zero game is almost double that on the single-zero version. But there are complicating factors. First and foremost is that single-zero roulette is not common in the United States. Most tables have the double-zero. And casinos that offer single-zero roulette usually put higher minimum bets on the lower house-edge game.

Should a player on a $5 a spin budget go to a $25 minimum wheel just because it has the lower house edge? No, staying within your bankroll and not betting money you can’t afford to lose is rule No. 1 for anyone with a limited casino entertainment budget.

But there are circumstances in which the better play is to go to a double-zero wheel, even when the house edge is the only consideration. It happens when bets that pay even money at a double-zero wheel take only half your bet when the ball lands in 0 or 00. That lowers the house edge to 2.63 percent, provided you stick to the even-money bets — red or black, odd or even, first 18 or second 18. Other bets still carry the full 5.26 percent edge, and it’s still a whopping 7.89 on the five-number.

It’s a rule seen most often in Atlantic City, a rare variation in the rest of the country. Casinos that offer it tend to restrict it to double-zero tables. If you move to a single-zero wheel, you’re still facing a house edge of 2.7 percent on the even-money bets, making the double-zero version an ever-so-slightly better play.

Here’s the way the reduced house edge works. Imagine a sequence in which you bet $10 on black each of 38 spins, and the ball lands in each number once. You risk a total of $380. On each of the 18 black numbers, you keep your $10 wager and get $10 in winnings, meaning you have a total of $360.

If that’s all there was to it, the house would keep $20. Divide that $20 by your $380 risk, then multiply by 100 to convert to percent, and you get the 5.26 percent house edge that’s standard on double-zero roulette.

But since the house takes only half your bet when the ball lands in the zeroes, you still have $5 of your $10 wager after the ball falls in 0, and another $5 on the double zero. That means at the end of the trial, you have $370, and the house has only $10. Divide $10 by $380, then convert to percent, and the house edge is cut in half, to 2.63 percent.

It’s a cousin of the European “en prison” rule, used on single-zero tables overseas and on a few high-limit tables in Las Vegas. Instead of losing on 0, your even-money bet is held imprisoned for an extra spin, and you have a chance to win it back. That lowers the house edge to 1.38 percent on a single-zero wheel.

This one also is restricted to bets with even-money payoffs such as red or black, odd or even or first 18 and second 18. If you want to bet the single numbers or combinations of numbers on the inside, or on the columns, dozens or other options, you’ll still face the full 2.7-percent house edge of single-zero roulette.

Let’s say you bet on black, and the ball lands on 0. Your bet is held in prison. If the next spin brings a black number, you get your bet back. There are no winnings to go with it, but at least you get your money back. But if the spin after the 0 is red or another 0, then the casino takes your bet.

There are variations. There’s a double imprisonment rule, where if the spin after a zero is another zero, you don’t lose immediately. Your bet is just moved to another prison level. If you’ve bet on black and two zeroes follow, it takes two black numbers in a row to get your bet back. With that second prison level, the house edge drops a tiny bit more, to 1.37 percent.

The half-loss on the zeroes version can’t drop the house edge quite that low since we see it on double-zero games. But it can make roulette easier on your bankroll.

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Roulette: When Double-Zero Beats Single-Zero – RGT Online

Toledo casino lures patrons who used to drive to Detroit

May 31, 2012

Toledo— Developers of Ohio’s newest casino think they’ll do fine competing for gamblers with Detroit’s three casinos, even without the spas, hotels and big-name concerts found to their north.

Whether they’re successful might come down to the little things, such as a prohibition on smoking on the casino floor or the free garage parking.

The Hollywood Casino in Toledo debuted Tuesday, drawing many people who for years have frequented the casinos an hour’s drive to the north in Detroit. “I’m done going there,” said Jaycee Riley of West Unity.

“I can’t believe how nice it is. It’s better than some of the casinos in Vegas,” she said while waiting with most of the casino’s first customers in a long line to join its rewards program.

The $320 million casino designed to look like a grand Art Deco movie house has a single floor devoted to slot machines, table games and restaurants. It sits right along Interstate 75 just south of downtown Toledo.

The lack of a hotel shouldn’t hurt business because most customers will be traveling less than a half-hour, said Peter Carlino, chairman and chief executive of Penn National Gaming Inc. “This is a big-time facility by any measure,” he said.

Penn National, based in Wyomissing, Pa., has 27 casinos nationwide.

Analysts estimate the casino near the Michigan-Ohio border could siphon 3 percent to 5 percent of the $1.4 billion in revenues that Detroit’s three casinos generate annually. One Hollywood Casino executive last week told The Detroit News that he considered the Ann Arbor gamblers up for grabs.

Ohio’s first casino opened two weeks ago to big crowds in downtown Cleveland. Other casinos are being built in Columbus and Cincinnati. All four casinos will draw Ohio gamblers who’ve been spending an estimated $1 billion each year to wager in neighboring states.

On Tuesday, executives from Penn National, local politicians and even Toledo native Jamie Farr, who played cross-dressing Cpl. Max Klinger on the TV series “M*A*S*H,” officially opened the casino.

The casino then opened to the public about two hours earlier than expected. Most people headed to the slot machines, leaving the poker and blackjack tables empty, at least in the first few moments. By midafternoon, the casino’s parking garage was full.

Perhaps the biggest difference between the casino in Toledo and the ones in Detroit is smoking. It’s banned in Ohio’s gambling halls, but not in Detroit’s.

Jake Miklojcik, a gaming industry analyst in Michigan, argues the smoking issue will play to Detroit’s advantage and might lessen the amount of business it stands to lose to Ohio.

Among those who were first inside the casino on Tuesday, the lack of smoke seemed to be welcome. “I love it,” said Terra Teague of Detroit. “I can’t stand that cigarette smoke.”

The Detroit News contributed.

Toledo casino lures patrons who used to drive to Detroit

Fun For The Road – Car Games For Your Next Road Trip

May 31, 2012

Summer is upon us, and a season of road trip fun beckons. Battle the “Are we there yet?” chorus with these fun, inexpensive road trip games.

Road Trip Scavenger Hunt starts before you leave home. Make a checklist of things you’re likely to pass on your route: cows, a red barn, a DeKalb corn sign, a silo. Each child can check off the item when they spot it, and whoever completes their checklist first, wins. This is an educational game because you can tailor-make a list that fits with with each child’s reading skills. For tots, cut out some magazine pictures of the items they need to keep on their radar.

Prep for your next road trip.

“I spy, with my little eye, something…” Take turns playing a classic round of I Spy. Spot an object on the road or in the car and describe it in a roundabout fashion. “I spy, with my little eye, something round.” “I spy, with my little eye, something yellow.” Everybody takes a turn guessing until someone gets it. If no one guesses right, offer up another clue. The person who does get it picks a new object.

The Oregon Trail app, by Gameloft, is a classic computer game gone mobile. Head west in a covered wagon, reaching your destination with skill-based mini-games, challenges and side missions. Kids will have fun making decisions and solving problems for these Old West travelers. The app is available for both Apple and Android devices.

See if camping is right for you.

Draw on the car windows with washable window pens, available at most craft stores. Kids will have fun creating their own window art gallery and playing classic games like Tic-tac-toe and Hangman.

Spot an Animal on your trip. Have everyone make a list and draw a picture of the animals they see on the road and throughout the vacation. Research three facts for each one to extend the learning. Each child must have a sturdy notebook to play.

Bring a deck of cards! Teach your kids how to play some classic card games before you go. Go Fish, Crazy Eights and War are always fun favorites.

Who am I? Think of a famous person, and your children must guess who you are by asking yes/no questions only.

License Plate Game can be a fun geography lesson. Print out a map of the United States. Color in the state with a crayon whenever you spot a corresponding license plate. A more complicated version might include points for seeing a state license plate that isn’t common in that region of the country.

See our country’s national parks.

Bingo is just as much fun in the car. Create a simple bingo grid and fill each space with a word or a picture (draw your own or cut them out from a magazine). Place an X on each item once it’s spotted. Whoever arrives at five in a row — vertical, horizontal or diagonal — wins. You can also make it a little more high-tech and download a version of Road Trip Bingo for your Android or Apple device.

The Extreme Road Trip app, available for your Apple and Android devices, places the player in the driver’s seat on a crazy, off-road road trip. Overcome car problems and obstacles and try some amazing stunts from the comfort of the back seat.

Hold a family spelling bee! Home Spelling Words has printable lists of spelling words by grade. Bring along a fun prize for the winner.

Follow the route on a map. Photocopy your road map, and see if your kids can pencil along with the route.

Traveling to a new city? Download the SpotDash app to begin your adventure.

Check out the Summer Guide at CBS Local.

Fun For The Road – Car Games For Your Next Road Trip

U. S. Casinos Slowly Come Back From Recession

May 31, 2012

U. S. Casinos Slowly Come Back From Recession

Revenues Are Improving, Jobs Are Returning by Wayne Parry

(AP) The nation’s commercial casinos continued their slowbut steady comeback from the recession last year, with revenues up 3 percent nationwide and jobs holding nearly steady, according to a report released last Wednesday.

The American Gaming Association’s annual report noted the nation’s 492 non-Indian casinos or other legal gambling halls paid nearly $8 billion in taxes to state and local governments, a 4.5 percent increase over 2010.

The casinos took in $35.6 billion last year.

They also provided more than 339,000 jobs, a decline of less than half of 1 percent from a year earlier. And casino workers saw their pay decline by 3 percent last year, to $12.9 billion in wages, benefits and tips.

“While it may be slow, the recovery of the national commercial casino industry is well under way,’’ said Frank Fahrenkopf Jr., the AGA’s president. “The state of the industry is good; the prospects for its future are solid.’’

The report also found that more than a quarter of casino patrons surveyed said they rarely or never gamble, indicating that casinos are doing a better job of offering non-gambling attractions such as fine restaurants, spas, nightclubs and big-name entertainment.

Las Vegas remains the nation’s largest casino market, with more than $6 billion in revenue last year.

Markets where new casinos opened or where gambling had its first full year of operation posted the biggest gains, including Maryland, Kansas and New York.

Atlantic City had the biggest revenue drop at 7 percent. Its casinos took in $3.3 billion, down from $5.2 billion in 2006, when the first of Pennsylvania’s casinos opened and began siphoning off business from New Jersey. Atlantic City has lost its perch as the nation’s second-largest gambling market to Pennsylvania, although the AGA report treats Pennsylvania as a series of smaller independent markets.

New Jersey was for years the only state beside Nevada with legal commercial casinos, but it’s now is beset by fierce competition from casinos in Pennsylvania, New York and Delaware, not to mention Indian casinos a short drive away in Connecticut.

Fahrenkopf said the opening last month of the $2.4 billion Revel casino resort could help turn things around in Atlantic City. Yet he said he was surprised to hear that Revel’s first-month casino revenues were only $13 million, a figure that ranks it near the bottom of the city’s 12 casinos. Revel CEO Kevin DeSanctis told The Associated Press the first month was a preview period where it was more important to test systems and equipment than concentrate on generating revenue.

Delaware’s casinos lost nearly 16 percent of their jobs, falling to 2,730 workers last year.

The AGA’s figures do not include Indian casinos, which took in $24.9 billion in 2010, the last year for which figures are available according to the National Indian Gaming Commission.

Maryland, where two casinos had their first full years of operation, saw casino revenue go from $27.6 million in 2010 to $155.7 million last year, an increase of 464 percent. Kansas’ casino revenue went from nearly $38 million to $48 million, an increase of 28.3 percent, and Pennsylvania’s casino revenue rose from $2.5 billion to more than $3 billion, an increase of 21.3 percent.

New York, where Resorts World opened last summer in Queens, saw a 15.6 percent increase in casino revenues.

Other notable gains in casino revenue were seen in Florida (16 percent); West Virginia (9.2 percent); Illinois (8 percent); Rhode Island (7.5 percent), and Oklahoma (6.4 percent).

Pennsylvania’s casinos paid the most taxes in the nation at $1.45 billion; Kansas paid the least at $13 million. Thirteen states saw increases in the amount of tax revenue they paid to governments last year.

Nevada’s casino revenue went from $10.4 billion to $10.7 billion, an increase of nearly 3 percent, even as jobs held roughly steady at 174,381. New Jersey’s casino jobs declined by nearly 4 percent to 32,823.

Nearly 60 million people, or more than one-quarter of the nation’s adult population (27 percent) visited a casino in 2011, and the only form of gambling that was more popular was the lottery. Almost half of those surveyed said they set a budget of less than $100 for themselves when they went to a casino, with another 23 percent limiting themselves to under $200.

Slot machines and video poker were the favorite forms of casino gambling nationwide, with 53 percent of the AGA’s survey respondents choosing it first. Blackjack was second at 23 percent, followed by poker (7 percent), and craps and roulette (3 percent each).

There are more than 837,000 slot machines in 39 states, with Nevada (183,319), California (67,601) and Oklahoma (65,400) having the most.

During 2011, Americans spent more at commercial casinos than they did on music, movies and outdoor equipment combined. But the money they lost at casinos was significantly less than the amounts they spent on electronics ($186 billion) and cable television ($97 billion).

Philadelphia ($842 million) and Yonkers N.Y. ($577 million) remained the largest racetrack casino markets in the country last year.

U. S. Casinos Slowly Come Back From Recession

Hedge Fund Manager Wins $710,000 Playing Blackjack in Vegas

May 30, 2012

Who doesn’t dream of a hot streak like this? Michael Geismar is a Hedge Fund Manager. He’s the President of a $4.6 billion firm. Here’s what happened to him on a recent trip of his to Vegas for a conference:

He sat down at a $100 minimum, $10,000 maximum bet table … at about 10 pm. He arranged for a $10,000 marker, casino-speak for a credit line, which promptly put $10,000 worth of chips on the table for him. Geismar put down $300 and the dealer turned over the first card.

Geismar had doubled his money to about $20,000. He then started to bet larger amounts with every winning hand, first $1,000, then $2,000 or $3,000. He also scaled down his bets after one losing hand, using laws of averages but not card counting. That basic scaling strategy worked well, and Geismar got to about $200,000 early Wednesday morning. By that point he was up so much he bet $10,000 for every hand, win or lose. And he kept winning.

At the end of the night, Geismar cashed out $460,00, and was given “bricks” of $100 bills. After suffering some losses the next three times out, Geismar hit it big one again, this time “backing up” the bets of players at the table who had hot hands. Geismar won $410,000 during this stretch.

Final winnings: $710,000 over three days after starting with $10,000. A return of 7,100 percent. [AR via WSJ]

Hedge Fund Manager Wins $710,000 Playing Blackjack in Vegas

Gamesys: Jackpotjoy’s Facbook Slots Success!

May 30, 2012

LONDON, May 28, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ –Jackpotjoy Slots is one of Facebook’s most popular slot games and has already attracted more than 6 million players since its launch in summer 2011.

Jackpotjoy Facebook Slots entertain you with a huge variety of slot games, which are all themed differently and surprise the player with unique and enjoyable bonus rounds, which will payout big. You just have to be lucky to actually hit one of those bonus rounds and the coins start to pile up in your account immediately. Jackpotjoy’s Facebook slots are just one more successful gaming addition to the already existing offering. If you like you can also play bingo at Jackpotjoy, or choose one of the great casino games; you will have fun with all of them.

To keep our players happy and to give them more to explore on the Jackpotjoy Slots app, we launch a new game almost every second week. Additional to the new game content we also work hard on other promotions and feature that make the player’s experience even better. A couple of month back we have launched the tournament feature, which gives our players the opportunity to play against their friends and win even bigger.

Additional to the coins you can win in the games, all players should collect their 4-hourly-bonus coins, as well as spin the daily wheel, which gives you an additional bonus.

Another entertaining part are our frequent promotions, that change every so often within the week. Those promotions give our players double experience points (xp) for a certain time, which helps them to level up quicker or the rush-bonus, that let you collect your free bonus coins every 2 hours, instead of four.

So don’t forget to hit the like button on our fan page to be one of the first to hear about all the good things happening at Jackpotjoy Facebook Slots. What are you waiting for? Come and start spinning today to enjoy the big slots fun with us!

The Gamesys Group was founded by Noel Hayden in April 2001 with a small team of developers. The aim was to build a profitable online entertainment business providing online casino games such as roulette, scratch cards and slots to a worldwide audience using proprietary gaming software.

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Gamesys: Jackpotjoy’s Facbook Slots Success!

Call of Duty: Black Ops Five Guide – IGN FAQs

May 30, 2012

Zombies is srs bsns. Aroooooo! _____ _ | ___(_) | |__ ___ _____ | __|| / / _ | | | | V / __/ |_| |_| _/ ___| To quickly navigate to the section you want copy the code next to the section title in the contents below (ie ‘[PKP]‘ for the ‘Teleporters, Defcon & The Pack-A-Punch Machine’ section), press ctrl+F (or cmd+F for Mac) and paste it. Intro [INT] The Basics of Zombies [ZMB] Weapons [WPN] -Pack-a-Punch Effects -Things Worth Noting Perks [PRK] Drops [DRP] Teleporters, Defcon & The Pack-A-Punch Machine [PKP] The Box [BOX] The Pentagon Thief [TPT] General Tips [TPS] Strategy [SGY] -Rounds 1-4 (getting points efficiently) -Rounds 5-9 (defending the upper platform) -Rounds 10-? Strategy 1 (defending from the elevator) -Rounds 10-? Strategy 2 (defending from the PaP room) Easter Eggs [ERE] -Theme Song -Fixing The Traps -Portraits -Richtofen?! -Leapfrog Everything Else (contact me, legal, updates etc) [EVE] ———– Intro [INT] ———– Five is a much more stand-alone map compared to the others that follow Dempsey and co. cleaning up Group 935′s mess, there’s no focus on hidden story, the concept of it is just hilarious and fun. If you’re new to Zombies it can be a little intimidating at first but once you’ve got the basics down and you’ve learnt about upgrading weapons and all the other features of each map it can be one of the most fun co-op experiences in an FPS (imo), so explore for yourself, try out all the weapons, try coming up with your own strategies and have fun hammering zombags. ————————— The Basics of Zombies [ZMB] ————————— * Objective The main objective is to survive as long as possible – that’s all. Zombies come in waves, or rather rounds, the more rounds you can survive the better, during each round a number of zombies will come in from various points of entry. As rounds pass the number of zombies per round will increase. * HP As rounds pass zombie health will increase and they’ll become more aggressive, their attacks don’t actually increase in damage but zombies become faster and later in the game their attacks will soon look more like E. Honda’s hundred hand slap compared to the tickle they try to give you in the opening rounds. Generally without the Juggernog perk you’ll go down in two hits, with it you’ll go down in about five, your health regenerates quite quickly though. Check the perks section if you’re unfailliar with them. If you take too much damage you’ll be downed, in this time you’ll be on the ground with either your sidearm (if you have a pistol type weapon) or the M1911 pistol if you don’t have one , you’ll lose a minor amount of points for going down and you’ll lose any perks you had but if your teammates can get to you quickly enough and revive you then you can carry on, otherwise you’ll bleed out, disappear and come back at the start of the next round with just the M1911 (and the Bowie Knife if you bought it). * Points of Entry Zombies will come in from many entry points including windows, not strictly actual windows but an entry point which you can board up to slow down the incoming wave of zombies and make a few points too, they can also break through certain parts of certain walls too which you can also board up. Each board you repair a window with will get you 10 points (unless you have a 2x drop, drops are detailed in the drops section of this guide) but you will only be able to repair a certain number of boards before repairing stops giving you points, however the amount of points you are able to get for repairing grows as each round passes. * Making Points Every time you damage a zombie, kill a zombie, repair a window, revive a downed ally or get a Bomb or Carpenter you gain points, seeing as you get 10 points for every hit you land on a zombie without killing it, a kill with a shot to the body is worth 50 points, a headshot kill is worth 100 points and a knife kill is worth 130 points, grenade kills are worth 50 per zombie, you should utilise that info to make as many points as possible early on, for example early on you can let zombies in then shoot one 8 times in the leg and then finish him off with your knife, (8×10)+130=210, so you’d get 210 points per zombie as opposed to just putting five in the chest. Later though as zombies take more damage to die and come in greater numbers knifing isn’t an option unless you have the Insta-kill drop, so headshots become better for making points. * Spending Points There are several things you can spend your points on, you can buy your way through doors or other obstacles into the next parts of the map, you can buy weapons off the wall and buy ammo for them where you bought them (off the wall, where you see the white chalk outline of the weapon), you can use the box to gamble for a stronger weapon (check the section on the box for more details), you can Pack-a-Punch to upgrade your weapons (check the Teleporters, Defcon & Pack-A-Punch section for more details) or you can use traps like electric barriers that will kill any zombie that walks through it. * Exploring the Map For any Zombies map the best way to explore is to keep a crawler, this way you don’t have to worry about getting killed while having a look around. A crawler is a zombie whose leg(s) you have blown off with a grenade, Monkey or well placed Ray Gun shot to the shin. There are doors and obstacles you can buy your way past with points you have earned, typically these will always cost either 750, 1,000 or 1,250 points, Five has three floors you can travel between and use of the elevator will cost 250 points each time. * Zombie Etiquette This is hella important, especially if you’re playing online with random people you’ve been put into a game with. Early on before you start opening up doors STICK TO YOUR OWN WINDOW. Everyone needs to make points early on to get their first weapon, otherwise they’ll be screwed when it comes to making points or staying alive later on. Generally people will shout at you and call you names online if you thieve kills early on, it’s frustrating playing with people who thieve kills at this stage of the game and it’s obvious that with such a player you won’t get far. Besides, later on you’ll have many, many hundreds of kills, and it’s not even a competitive game anyway. When it comes to opening up new areas of the map generally the person with the most points should be paying the way, unless they have crappy or no weapons and need to spend their funds on weapons when you get through to the next area if someone else is in a better position to spend the points getting there. Communication is vital to surviving as long as possible, making and keeping a crawler, covering each other and taking care of the Pentagon Thief are all a lot easier with good communication. ————- Weapons [WPN] ————- The best weapons are easily the superweapons, in the case of Five this means Winter’s Howl (the freeze gun), the Ray Gun and Monkeys. Shotguns are crappy for making points and have a slow reload time if they aren’t Pack-a-Punched, SMGs are useful early on for racking up points while zombies are still weak, assault rifles are generally useful throughout the mid-rounds and the LMGs (the RPK and HK21) are great for racking up points and tearing through zombies, so basically by definition of what type of firearm it is I’d generally go in that order from least useful to most. The Ballistic Knife is useful for points early on but quickly becomes a waste of a weapon slot, and although the Pack-a-Punched Crossbow can be useful to distract zombies it has a low ammo count and slow reload time. * Pack-a-Punch Effects As a future reference many players abbreviate Pack-a-Punch to ‘PaP’ and I will do this at some points throughout this guide. Generally most PaP’d guns feature larger magazines, higher ammo capacity and deal more damage, some may also have a slight increase to their rate of fire, that and they shoot prettier colours and have a cool new look. Here I will list the effects of PaP’ing each gun without going into much detail so you have a general idea of what you get (people have listed stats on sites online, if you’re interested try Googling to find them, DenKirson is good for weapon stats). AK74u => AK74fu2 – Increased damage, gets a custom red dot (well, red dot-like) sight, decreased recoil, double magazine size, holds a bit more spare ammo. Aug => AUG-50M3 – Increased damage, adds a Masterkey attachment (shotgun, with 6 shells loaded and 30 spare), increased rate of fire, about 1.4x extra spare ammo. Ballistic Knife => The Krauss Refibrillator – Increased damage, now holds 9 spare blades, shooting a downed ally with it will revive them (instant revival upon being hit). Commando => Predator – Increased damage, gets daul mags (every other time you reload it reloads about twice as fast), increased rate of fire, each mag holds an extra 10 rounds. Crossbow => The Awful Lawton – Increased damage, now the rounds fired will attract zombies (just like Monkeys, though these explosive bolts explode a little sooner). China Lake => China Beach – Increased damage, faster reload speed (the reload animation only requires reloading one grenade and 5 will be loaded), holds 5 rounds, double spare ammo. CZ75 => Calamity – Increased damage, becomes full automatic, each mag holds an extra 5 rounds. CZ75 Dual Wield => Calamity & Jane – Increased damage, both fire full-auto, both have 20 round mags, 0.5x more spare ammo. Dragunov => D115 Disassembler – Increased damage, scope now has variable zoom. Famas => G16-GL35 – Gets a custom red dot sight, increased damage, each mag holds 1.5x more ammo. FN FAL => EPC WN – Increased damage, gets a custom red dot sight, fires in 3-round bursts, each mag holds 1.5x more ammo, double spare ammo. G11 => G115 Generator – Increased damage, fully automatic, scope has no sway any more. Galil => Lamentation – Increased damage, gets a custom red dot sight, almost double spare ammo. HK21 => H115 Oscillator – Increased damage, each mag holds 25 more rounds, now has a whopping 750 spare ammo. HS10 => Typhoid & Mary – Increased damage, becomes dual HS-10s, both reload faster, each holds a couple more rounds than the regular HS-10 and spare ammo becomes a little more than doubled. L96A1 => L115 Isolator – Increased damage, scope now has variable zoom. M14 => Mnesia – Increased damage, gets a grip attachment (reduces recoil), ammo per mag doubled, spare ammo roughly doubled. M16 => Skullcrusher – Increased damage, gets an underbarrel grenade launcher (has 9 grenades), becomes full-auto. M1911 => Mustang & Sally – Becomes dual pistols that fire grenades semi-automatically. M72 LAW => M72 Anarchy – Increased damage, now holds 10 rockets at once firing semi-auto with double spare ammo. MPL => MPL-LF – Gets a custom red dot sight, ammo per mag close to doubled, spare ammo roughly doubled. Olympia => Hades – Increased damage, sets enemies on fire (like the Dragon’s Breath SPAS in the campaign), reloads a bit quicker, spare ammo goes up by about a third. PM63 => Tokyo & Rose – Increased damage, becomes dual PM63s, each has a 25 round mag, spare ammo is a little more than doubled. Python => Cobra – Increased damage, each cylinder holds twice as many rounds. Ray Gun => Porter’s X2 Ray Gun – Increased damage, double magazine size, holds almost double spare ammo. RPK => R115 Resonator – Increased damage, increased rate of fire, 0.25x extra rounds per mag, 0.25x extra spare rounds. Stakeout => Raid – Increased damage, gets a grip attachment, reloads two shells per shell shown to be loaded in the reload animation, now loads 10 shells at a time, gets a small amount of extra spare shells. Spectre => Phantom – Increased damage, gets a custom reflex sight, 1.5x mag size, holds more spare ammo. SPAS-12 => SPAZ-24 – Increased damage, increased rate of fire, faster reload speed (the reload animation loads all 24 shells by only putting in one), holds 3x as many shells, holds 3x more spare ammo. Winter’s Howl => Winter’s Fury – Freeze effect seems more effective, holds a little more ammo per cylinder- thing, holds a little more spare ammo. * Things Worth Noting The Ballistic Knife is used with whichever knife you currently have, so when you slash with it you’ll hit with the knife you start with or the Bowie Knife if you’ve bought it and you’ll hit with the Ballistic knife, meaning you could make your knife attack most effective by having the Bowie Knife and the PaP’d Ballistic Knife. If you go down and you have the Ballistic Knife (upgraded or not) then so long as your other weapon is not a sidearm you’ll be able to use it while down. Monkeys (now referred to as Cymbal Monkeys in one of the bits of info that pops up during the loading screen for a game of Zombies) are incredibly useful, once you’ve thrown one all the zombies will head to it and wait by it until it explodes, this is useful for when you get crowded, when someone goes down and for getting a load of easy kills while they’re gawping at it. The Winter’s Howl (which I may tend to refer to as the freeze gun a lot) is great at slowing down a crowd or stopping them entirely, it has a low amount of ammo though so it’s best to play in more of a support role with it, slow down a group then let your teammates take them down. It’s also great for destroying the Pentagon thief, this weapon is sweet as balls. For the weapons that get red dot or reflex sights when PaP’d the lens colour and reticule colour and shape/design are randomly chosen when you put it in the machine. ———– Perks [PRK] ———– The power switch has to be switched on before you can purchase perks, with the exception of Quick Revive when you are playing solo. The power switch is located on the bottom floor, once you get out of the elevator head forwards and take the first left and in that little corridor there’s an open door on your right, in that little room by the other door is the power switch. Juggernog (2,500) -With this perk your character can take a lot more damage before going down, worth getting this before any other perks. It’s located on the lower part of the middle floor, next to the door to the Pack-a-Punch room. Speed Cola (3,000) -Very useful, makes you reload twice as fast, best to wait till you have a good gun later on beore investing in this. It’s located on the first floor near the elevator. Double Tap Root Beer (2,000) -This perk doubles your rate of fire, this will make you tear through zombies easy but be careful with your ammo, if you spray like a madman you’ll piss out all your ammo quick. Try to fire in bursts unless zombies are getting close. It’s located on the middle floor next to the elevator that leads to the first floor. Quick Revive (1,500 with 2-4 players, 500 solo) -You’re able to revive downed team mates a lot faster with this perk, very useful in a jam especially if you can chuck a Monkey first to make time for your revived teammate to get to safety now he/she will have lost their Juggernog. In solo play this perk costs only 500 and when you get taken down zombies will all run off to the other side of the map while the perk revives you, while down you’ll have dual pistols that fire grenades too, this is now a very useful perk to get first. It’s located in the corridor adjacent to the starting room. If you get taken down then regardless of whether a teammate revives you or not you’ll have lost all your perks, so it’s best to get Juggernog first, but still it’s not worth getting unless you have a decent weapon, if you can’t defend yourself you’ll just lose your perks again when you get taken down so focus on getting a good weapon first, then get Juggernog. The order you get the rest is up to you, personally I always get Juggernog first, then Speed Cola, then Double Tap, then Quick Revive. ———– Drops [DRP] ———– There are some new, sweet drops in Black Ops, for the sake of not having a tiny section though and for those who are new to Zombies I’ll list the old ones too. They will only stay available to pick up for a short time and will begin to flash before they disappear, the time in which you get to use them is also limited (except for Max Ammo, the Bomb and Carpenter). Drops are randomly left by zombies when you kill them. * Max Ammo This will replenish your supply of spare ammo (not ammo loaded into your mags), grenades, claymores and Cymbal Monkeys, if any of your team have Monkeys then throw them somewhere away from you and the Max Ammo and run for it. If possible make sure everyone reloads before picking it up and chuck any remaining Monkeys before you get it. * Bomb This will kill every zombie that’s spawned so far in the round (even if they haven’t climbed out of their window yet). You get 400 points each when someone picks it up. It’s useful later on for conserving ammo but earlier it’s best to, if possible, leave it until there’s as few zombies left as possible. * Insta-kill You’ll kill zombies in one hit while Insta-kill is active, so it’s best to switch to knife kills for 130 points each as killing them any other way will only get you 50 points each. Don’t try knifing crowds though, the last thing you want is to go down as when you’re down you don’t earn any points for killing zombies. Avoid it in the first few rounds when you can be using pistol shots followed by a knife attack to get more points (though if you’re knifing it’ll be impossible to avoid as you’ll pick it up as the zombie dies, but if someone else is going for headshots let them know not to get it). * 2x (Double-Points) Every action you perform that gets you points will now get you twice as many for a short time, everything from boarding windows to knife kills. If it appears when the round is nearly over then finish up quickly and wait as long as you can until the next round starts before picking it up in order to get as much use out of it as you can. * Carpenter This will board up all the windows on the map, it’s good for slowing down a wave but really it’s not worth sticking your neck out for. Getting it gives you all 200 points each. * Fire Sale The box will appear at all points it can spawn and will only cost 10 points to use for a short time. There are box points on each floor but later on it’s not a good idea to run off mid-round for a few cheap spins as you’ll likely get crowded. * Bonfire Sale This is only dropped by the Pentagon Thief if you manage to kill him before he takes anyone’s weapon, with it all teleporters will lead to the Pack-a-Punch room and you can PaP weapons for 1,000 points (as opposed to 5,000). You’ll have enough time to PaP 4 weapons between you. This is awesome if you get the Pentagon Thief the first time he appears and will collectively save you as much as 16,000 points and provide you with some cool weapons until you later end up with your preferred setup. * Death Machine For a limited time you can use the Death Machine with infinite ammo. This thing will tear through zombies easy, not only is it incredibly useful no matter what round you’re on it’s also seriously fun. Be aware you won’t be able to throw grenades or Monkeys or revive anyone while using it. —————————————————- Teleporters, Defcon & The Pack-A-Punch Machine [PKP] —————————————————- Firstly before being able to buy perks, teleport, increase the Defcon level or Pack-a-Punch we’ll need to get the power on. The power switch is located on the bottom floor, once you get out of the elevator head forwards and take the first left and in that little corridor there’s an open door on your right, in that little room by the other door is the power switch. Now the power is on the teleporters will all be up, there’s a load on the bottom floor, one in the center of the room on the middle floor and one at one end of the starting room in the middle (near the M14). Upon entering a teleporter you will be sent at random to another one, if you have the Defcon level up to 5 then you will see a small image of the Pack-a-Punch machine in flashing light and red number mist of the teleporter and going inside will take you to the Pack-a-Punch room. Aside from when at Defcon 5 using the teleporters will leave the teleporter you used/came out of with a short cool- down time before you can use those particular teleporters again. To get the Defcon level to 5 and gain access to the Pack-a-Punch machine (which is in the room by the Juggernog) you must switch on each of the Defcon switches on the middle floor, there are a couple in the lower area and a couple on the higher area, they’re easy to make out as they have a big sign by them that says ‘DEFCON’ and have a switch that once the power is on has a green light if it can be switched on or a red light if it has already been switched on. Turn them on as prompted when next to them by holding the use button/key. To use the Pack-a-Punch machine just go right up to it, switch to the weapon you wish to upgrade then hold use (Square for PS3, X for 360, F for PC) when prompted, wait for a couple of seconds and when it comes out of the machine pick it up with the use button again. It won’t be available for use for long though, so be quick if you don’t want it to swallow your weapon and then disappear back in the wall. Once the Defcon level has returned to 1 the doors will open and you can leave. You can then turn the Decon level back to 5 and use it as much as you want, so long as you wait for it to go back to 1 after each use. ————- The Box [BOX] ————- For those new to Zombies the box is something you use to get more powerful weapons, the catch being that for the price of 950 points you may get an awesome Ray Gun or you may be left with a near useless sniper rifle. The box cycles through random weapons before eventually staying on one that you can pick up or wait to let it go back in. The box can also come up with a teddy bear, at which point the box will move to a different location and your points for that use will be refunded. There’s a visual cue to let you know where the box is, once you get to any location where the box can spawn have a look around and nearby in that same area will be a TV set that shows you where the box is, so if you get the teddy bear just wait and watch the TV to see where it’s moved to. The first box location is always somewhere on the bottom floor, you can find it without wasting money on all the doors down there by checking through the windows. * Bottom Floor The Bowie Knife room – as you get out of the elevator go forwards a little past the window zombies can come in from and there’s a door on your left, check if it’s here by going forwards from the elevator then going left, then going left again, check through the window here. The pig room – yeah, this room is the one with the loud pig thing held up by straps, make sure you put it out of its misery, it’s squealing can get annoying. As you get out of the elevator go straight down towars the M16 (which is directly opposite the elevator) and before you get to that T-junction where the M16 is there’s a door you can open to your right. The dead body room – this is a little room within a room, this room is across from the pig room and facing from the elevator it’s all the way forwards and to the left. Check if it’s there by looking through the glass near the M16 side. * Middle Floor Only one location the box can move to here and it’s on the lower part of the floor, stand with the Juggernog vender on your left and it’s a short walk forwards. * First Floor Opposite the Olympia shotgun in that corridor. Opposite the MPL in that corridor. ———————— The Pentagon Thief [TPT] ———————— This guy is a dick. Seriously, I mean seriously. He has a lot of health, he runs faster than Linford Christie on steroids and for some reason he wants to take a weapon off of each one of you but with a little strategy and a lot of firepower we can easily drop him and take the rewards he has to offer. You won’t have to worry about this guy until you get to the bottom floor and turn the power on. It’s also worth noting that although you can use the teleporters during a Pentagon Thief round you can’t use the elevators, so make sure you’re all on the middle floor before the round starts. You’ll know when it’s a Pentagon Thief round because you’ll hear that ominous sound as the round starts. Make sure all of you are on the higher railing area of the war room and wait on the side completely opposite of the elevator that goes back up to the first floor, so that you’re all in front of the large map. At first he is only visible to his first intended victim and everyone else will see a red kind of ‘number mist’, this is a load of floating red numbers that lets you know where he is. Now have your player who can see him run around this top area in a big circle, if you start slightly on one side more than another he’s guaranteed to come the shortest way, so run away from him and everyone else should be unloading on him with their most powerful weapons. The runner can turn back and shoot if the Pentagon Thief is still on the opposite side but it’s best that they focus on keeping as far away from him as possible. The Winter’s Howl is awesome for slowing him down to a walking pace, so if the runner has this then they can just walk backwards while firing at him. If he’s after you and he gets close then make sure you switch to your worst weapon so that he only takes that. If he does take your weapon you’ll both teleport and you’ll have a fun little run around from teleporter to teleporter trying to kill him. If one person has their weapon taken don’t break from the strategy though, keep doing it even if there are only a couple of you left on the middle floor and hopefully you’ll take him out before he gets to the last of you. The rewards for defeating him depend upon whether you killed him before he took anyone’s weapon or at some point after he took any number of weapons, for killing him before anyone loses a weapon you get a Max Ammo and he leaves a Bonfire Sale (any teleporter you jump in will lead to the Pack-a-Punch room and it will only cost 1,000 points to PaP, if you’re quick you’ll have time to PaP 4 weapons, so that’s time enough for one each), if you kill him after he’s taken any number of weapons then those who had their weapon stolen will get it back (if you bought another weapon off the wall in that time it will replace that) and he’ll drop a Max Ammo and a Fire Sale drop (the box appears at all box locations and only costs 10 points to use for a short amount of time) and if you kill him while an Insta-kill is still active he will only drop a Max Ammo. —————— General Tips [TPS] —————— There will be no order to this, just a load of general tips to keep in mind. Each bullet, knife or blast from a grenade that hits an enemy without killing it gets you 10 points, a kill with a shot to the body is worth 50 points, a headshot kill is worth 100 points and a knife kill is worth 130 points, grenade kills are worth 50 per zombie, kills by electric barriers get you 0 points and kills during Insta-kill get you 50 per zombie unless you knife them, in which case you get 130 points per kill. Monkeys are useful for making some time to revive someone, to get a Max Ammo or get a crawler, everyone should try to get Monkeys and use them sparingly unless there is a Max Ammo nearby. If you can then make sure everybody reloads before you get a Max Ammo. Try to keep a few crawlers at the end of a round when you want to spin on the box, get perks or Pack-a-Punch a weapon, in the catwalk strategy this is best done by throwing grenades or a Monkey to where the zombies are coming from (as opposed to zmobies that are close by). As soon as you have a decent gun it’s worth getting Juggernog. When the game starts STICK TO YOUR OWN WINDOW. It’s amazing how many morons play this game and immediately in the first few rounds go from window to window to get kills, thieving them from other players covering the point of entry, most of these players are so crap that they thieve these kills with just body shot kills getting them a low amount of points. There are 4 players and 4 windows, each player should stick to their point of entry until they start opening doors. Later on in the game you’ll have many hundreds of kills so what does a few early on matter? If people are thieving your kills early on and you’re the host I suggest you quit out so the game ends, you aren’t going to get into a good game if you play with idiots like that. Avoid Insta-kill in early rounds and wait as long as you can before getting the Nuke unless there are too many zombies for you to handle or someone has gone down, the Nuke gets everyone 400 points and Insta-kill makes each kill worth only 50 points until it runs out so it’s worth it to not bother with them in early rounds, though if you can get the Nuke when there’s only a few zombies left you can make some extra points for everyone. I recommend avoiding the nuke in later rounds if possible as it will kill zombies all around the map and the last thing you want to happen is to miss out on points in those mid-rounds and a Max Ammo in the later ones. Maximize points early on by utilising your weapons and knife as effectively as possible, in round 1 you can put 8 pistol rounds in a zombies leg then knife him, getting you (8×10)+130=210 per kill that way, then in round 2 put 8 shots in the chest then knife, then in round 3 put 10 shots in the chest and knife, then switch to headshots, but if you can and you have handgun ammo then quickfire your whole mag into a zombie then switch guns and kill him, early on that’s good for an extra 80 points each time. To reload some weapons slightly quicker when you initiate the reload as soon as you see the ammo is reloaded in the bottom right of the screen press the switch weapon button twice in quick succession (or sprint or knife), this will cut out the end of the reloading animation. If you PaP the HS10 or PM63 then it is best to fire with one first until it needs to be reloaded then another, the reload speed is fast enough on both that this way you can continue shooting without having to pause at any point. I said it in the Weapons section but I’ll say it again, the Winter’s Howl is great at slowing down a crowd or stopping them entirely, it has a low amount of ammo though so it’s best to play in more of a support role with it, slow down a group then let your teammates take them down. It’s also great for taking care of the Pentagon Thief. If the Pentagon Thief is getting close and you think he’s going to take your weapon make sure you switch to your worst weapon before he gets to you. Just because you picked up the sale drop don’t run off to go using the box mid-round, cheap weapons are worth nothing if you’re going to get slapped to death by a crowd of zombies. The new crawler creatures with the Nova 6-like gas cloud following them will disperse a gas that blurs your vision if you’re too close when they are killed by anything but the knife, the Ray Gun or electric barriers, so if possible the Ray Gun is probably your best bet to take care of them when they’re getting close (just remember to watch out for splash damage). If anyone is on a floor above or directly below a floor another person is on then you can have the people that want to use the elevator for free all get in it and then have the person on the next floor stand at the elevator doors and call it, thus saving the people in the elevator 250 points, 250 points is a meagre amount and completely insignificant later on but when you’re still spinning for weapons, getting the perks and PaPing it can be useful. When there are only a couple of zombies left killing one will make the other one go into a rage and he’ll run at you a lot more aggressively, remember to try to get crawlers when there are still a few zombies left. Remember to keep your microphone volume and your TV volume at reasonable levels, otherwise players will hear delayed, awful quality sounds from your TV. If you’re playing with random players online and some act like jerks or are just really bad at the game then it’s best to quit out straight away, you aren’t going to get very far if you’re playing with people who suck. ————– Strategy [SGY] ————– This is going to be a pretty simple 4-player strategy that my friends and I play with atm, it’s still early days and there’s a lot of playing around to do but this generally works well to collect points efficiently early on and survive quite a while. You’ll have your own way of doing things and really that’s what matters, if you don’t like how or when I do something then do it your own way and find the strategy that works for you and the people you play with. The round numbers used below are only approximate. * Rounds 1-4 There are dour windows and zombies can break in through the wall in the adjacent corridor with the Olympia, most games I play though some windows never see any zombies at all, so don’t be too alarmed if nothing comes your way. Each of you should defend a point of entry each and collect as many points as possible early on, so let the zombies in and put 8 pistol rounds in their leg in the first round before finishing them off with your knife, in the second round put 8 in their body then knife, etc. By letting them in there’s a chance you’ll get a drop too. If you get the Bomb drop then try waiting till there’s only one or two zombies left to get as many points between you as you can. Don’t forget to board up the windows too, in the first round it’ll net you only 40 points before you stop getting points for fixing them up but every round the number of boards you can repair for points grows. Once someone’s got 750 they can open the first door so that zombies have some more points of entry, I wouldn’t bother with MPL though as when you go down in the elevator you can all grab the MP5k or PM63, seeing as you will likely have to purchase ammo for these again later it’s cheaper to buy those than the MPL as you won’t be able to purchase ammo for it downstairs. When you’re all happy to move on the person with the most points can open the elevator up and you can all get in, whoever has the most now can pay the small fee of 250 to take you all down a floor. * Rounds 5-9 On the second floor don’t bother opening up the stairs for quite a while, this place is easy to defend and rack up points, I don’t think it’s a good idea to go for the power and to spin on the box for a while as defending here is easy if the stairs are closed and with the power off you don’t have to worry about the Pentagon Thief. On the upper part of this floor of the Pentagon there are four windows, there are also four of you and if you get caught out with no ammo there’s an MP5k and a PM63 available either end of this upper area. Now just get a lot of easy kills, you can go for headshots or burst fire then knife and better yet if you get a Max Ammo then switch to your pistol and put a couple of mags in a zombies chest before letting them through, this will get you a load more points and letting them in wil hopefully get you some drops. About round 7 or 8 you should all have enough to get to the box and PaP something, this will make killing the Pentagon Thief a lot easier, though it isn’t necessary for you all to PaP it’d be easier if one or two of you could do so with something decent like an assault rifle. When you’re ready keep a few crawlers at the end of the round (for those new to Zombies, just blow a zombie’s leg(s) off with a grenade – having a couple or a few slow crawlers around makes it a lot easier to explore the map and sort out your weapons and perks without getting mauled). Buy your way through every barrier, head down together in the lift, get the power on and open up the box room (check the sections on the Pack-a-Punch machine and box locations if you aren’t familiar with where the power switch or box may be located). Now’s the time to start spinning on the box for weapons, ideally you want Monkeys, the freeze gun and the Ray Gun but in the meantime PaPing an assault rifle or LMG will be great for killing effectively and racking up points. Claymores can also be purchased from the room with the pig on the bottom floor but probably aren’t worth bothering with until you have some spare points. * Rounds 10-? Strategy 1 From now we’re gonna move straight on to spamming the elevator between the middle and bottom floor, the first floor elevator is smaller and leaves you with blind spots either side of it on both the first and middle floors so the middle-bottom floor elevator is much better to defend from in a four player game. I’ve written an alternate strategy below this one that works well too, this first strategy is easier to do with less communication and will let you use the elevator to escape a crowd but the other strategy is better for saving ammo so that could help you survive longer. Once you are all inside unless you’re running for a drop there’s no real reason to get out until you have crawlers and want to go off to do something or there’s a Pentagon Thief round. On the bottom floor have someone cover the window at the back of the elevator and from here just massacre everything until zombies start to get close then spend the small amount of 250 points on using the elevator, stay as long as you can each time so that you aren’t having to use the elevator more than necessary and if someone has a Winter’s Howl make sure they use a couple shots from it every now and then to slow the zombies down. When it comes to Pentagon Thief rounds check the strategy in that section. Make sure you’re all on the middle floor before the round starts when you could be due a Pentagon Thief round (usually about every 5 rounds) as you will not be able to use the elevator during the round, I say this because the strategy I detail in the Pentagon Thief section relies on having all four of you on the upper platform of the middle floor. Other than that, don’t forget to make use of your monkeys if they start getting too close and if ammo becomes a problem then at the end of the round you can always go try the box and Pack-a-Punch something new, the Pentagon Thief rounds are fairly regular though and are good for ammo, just make sure you aren’t wasting your freeze gun rounds, you fire in bursts unless enemies are up close and keep spinning until you get the Ray Gun and Monkeys. * Rounds 10-? Strategy 2 This is an alternate strategy that requires some more communication between you and your teammates but can be good for saving ammo. As soon as you go to the bottom floor a couple of you get the Bowie Knife then spin, those who get the Bowie Knife at this point should leave enough points for Juggernog too. Once everyone’s done spinning, PaPing and getting Juggernog (if they’re getting it this early) then get the defcon level up to 5 and each of you should go through the teleporter into the Pack-a-Punch room, do this one at a time and once you’re through the teleporter hold down forwards because if someone jumps in at the same time someone else is standing in the teleporter then you’ll both go down. There are two windows in this room and those that have the Bowie Knife (and hopefully Juggernog) can defend these easily, just keep going backwards and forwards while holding the use button/key to repair the window while you knife the zombies that come. Having the Ballistic Knife PaP’d here works well too, you’ll be doing more damage and because you’re slashing with both knives in quick succession (or at the same time if you’re far enough to lunge) then zombs will go down a lot quicker, if the person at the other window goes down you can revive them by shooting them with the Krauss Refibrillator too. It’s up to those at the windows to make crawlers, it shouldn’t be a problem as repairing while knifing will keep them all in one place, just chuck a grenade and there should be several crawling about trying to pull the boards down. Like in the Der Riese Guide I like to assign people to roles, so think of the people doing this as the guys on window duty. Now the other two people are covering the double doors at the front, they’ll be racking up the kills here and if they’re both stationed at the back of that little hallway it’s easy to funnel zombies. Later on if ammo starts running low for either or both covering the doors they can swap jobs with those covering the windows when necessary, the windows are easy to cover for quite a while without having to use much ammo, in fact one game somebody killed the crawler for no good reason while we were all of at different parts of the map and I was still spinning China Lake after M72 after L96 spinning crap after crap and having no luck, I got downed and when I came back next round in the later teens I had even lost my Bowie Knife which I was using with the Kraus Refibrillator, I grabbed Juggernog and defended one of the windows with the regular knife and a grenade and had zero problems, so ammo really doesn’t have to be wasted at the window for quite a while. For the guys covering the doors if a zombie drops something it’s only worth risking a quick run or chucking a Monkey for all the drops except for Carpenter and 2x, I wouldn’t bother with the Bomb earlier on though because ammo isn’t so much of a problem and it’s better to focus on racking up the points. Later on you should all be aiming to have Monkeys, a Ray Gun, the Bowie Knife, Claymores and it’s up to you to choose your weapon of choice, someone has to get the Winter’s Howl though because it’s so useful for both the Pentagon Thief and covering the door area. Both the strategies I listed from round 10 to the end are interchangable, so if someone kills the crawler for some stupid reason or accidentally (it’s amazing how people manage to ‘accidentally’ kill crawlers) and you can’t all get to the second floor and get the defcon level up to 5 then you can all jump in the big elevator and use that strategy to survive that round. Rinse, repeat, eventually die, have fun! —————– Easter Eggs [ERE] —————– * Theme Song The theme song for this map is ‘Won’t Back Down’ by Eminem featuring Pink and you can get it to play by holding the use button in front of each of the three red telephones. There’s one on each floor, the first is to the left of the Quick Revive on the first floor, the second is in the Pack-a-Punch room on the second floor (as you teleport in go forwards and it’s on your left) and the third is on the bottom floor in the small room with the power switch (it’s to the right of the power switch if you’re facing towars the M16 side of the floor), you’ll hear a quiet ‘line engaged’ kind of tone to acknowledge you’ve checked them, you can only hear this little sound effect once for each one each game and you can only activate the song once per game. * Fixing The Traps There are two traps on the first floor, one in each corridor, one is in front of the Quick Revive and the other is in the same place in the corridor the other side of the starting room. When you get close to the one side of either you’ll get the message ‘Access Denied: Requires operational component’, the operational component is a red switch same as all the other ones you turn traps on with in all the maps since Veruckt. The first switch is on the middle floor, once you’ve got the lower part of the second floor open if you go to the elevator and then turn around so you’re facing the teleporter, now hug the wall on your left, go around the corner and it’s hidden in a dark little area. Once you’re close to it and facing it you’ll be prompted to hold the use button/key to pick it up, once done you’ll have a little picture of it at the bottom of the screen. As you can only hold one at a time either you will have to take it up to the first floor first or someone else will have to go get the second. To put it in go to the scanners that give you the access denied message (notice they have a ‘III ARC’ logo, a little reference to Treyarch) and when you get that message hold the use button/key and it will be inserted. The second is on the bottom floor, there’s a room as you go out of the elevator on your left, this is a room the box can spawn in, when facing the front of where the box can spawn turn 90 degrees to your left and look inside the kind of lockers there to the left of the Bowie Knife, if close enough to the red trap activating swtich you will be prompted to pick this up. When you’ve put either switch back the trap will be operational at the cost of 1,000 points. They’re basically electric barriers like the ones seen in all the Zombies maps except for Nacht Der Untoten. * Portraits On the first floor in the corridor where you can purchase the Olympia there are several paintings hanging up that refer to World at War’s campaign showing scenes from the battle of Peleliu and one of Sgt. Roebuck. In the opposite corridor where you can buy the MPL there are a few other Call of Duty related portraits, one shows Maj John L. Plaster, the real-life S.O.G. operative that was a consultant for the game’s campaign and another is of Hank Kiersey, a former soldier that works as a consultant for many Call of Duty games. * Richtofen?! On your way out of the Pack-a-Punch room check the wall on your right before you leave through the double doors, you’ll see two paintings, both of these are also found in Kino Der Toten, the one is a younger Richtofen (hold the use button/key when facing it or any of the paintings in KDT to hear your character say something about them) and the other is the mysterious blanked out picture of a guy we either haven’t been told who it is or haven’t been introduced. It’s funny there’s a painting of Richtofen hidden here in the Pentagon but I don’t think it’s anything more than a funny easter egg, Five doesn’t seem connected to the other maps and their story at all so I look at it as not canon with them, especially considering the cast and the setting :p * Leapfrog When one person goes prone and then another performs a dive to prone over the top of them, both players will go down and Samantha Maxis (a character featured heavily in the Der Riese story) will laugh at you. ——————— Everything Else [EVE] ——————— * Thanks -Thanks to Jason Cann for detailing PaP effects for the M14. -Thanks to John Horsley (gamertag: saint suicide) for letting me know it was actually Pink featured on the theme song. -Thanks to Santo Maestri for letting me know I had missed that the PaP’d Stakeout loads two shells for every shell shown to be loaded in the reload animation. -Thanks to Edward for letting me know the Pentagon Thief only drops a Max Ammo if he’s killed during an Insta-kill and that leapfrogging works anywhere. -OBsIV for creating the XIM, those that helped him and other XIM360 users that worked on making it usable for PS3, also flyphil76 for an excellent config for the PS3 Call of Duty games. * Legal This guide is currently hosted at GameFAQs.com, IGN.com and neoseeker.com This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. Copyright 2010 GameFAQs user CassyChan * Contact Me If you want to contact me you can drop me a message through PSN: CassyChan or or cassy.exe AT googlemail DOT com, I never play Zombies online on my CassyChan PSN ID at all so please don’t add that ID to play Zombies with me. If you’d like CoD saves for PS3 or to see my other guides to Der Riese for WaW and Blops my GameFAQs contributor page is here: gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/89046.html * Updates v1.0 (11/2010) – Initial version. v1.1 (11/2010) – Updated the PaP’d weapon list and fixed a few other little things. v1.2 (12/2010) – Thanks to Jason Cann for detailing the PaP effects of the M14. Also added the ‘The Basics of Zombies’ section. v1.3 (12/2010) – Updated the PaP effects section with the Olympia and Stakeout upgrades. v1.4 (12/2010) – Added the ‘Rounds 10-? Strategy 2′ sub-section to the Strategy section. v1.5 (12/2010) – Thanks to 360 gamer saint suicide for correcting me regarding the theme song and thanks to Santo Maestri for informing me I’d missed that the PaP’d Stakeout reloads two shells for every shell shown to be loaded in the reload animation. v1.6 (01/2011) – Thanks to Edward for informing me that the Pentagon Thief only drops a Max Ammo if he’s killed by Insta-kill and that what I like to call ‘leapfrogging’ results in the effects I describe in the Easter Eggs section regardless of where you are on the map. “Be excellent to each other.” – Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure Thanks for reading and take it easy! CC

Call of Duty: Black Ops
Five Guide – IGN

Killer forced me to play Russian roulette: Ex-wife of double murderer reveals how he terrorised her

May 30, 2012

The ex-wife of a man who killed his former partner and their toddler said he put a gun to her head and played Russian roulette.

Kim Davis, 51, claimed she endured years of violence by David Oakes, 50, and that he once loaded a gun with one bullet, span the barrel, then pointed the weapon at her head and pulled the trigger.

She added: “He was my first boyfriend and I thought he was a bit boisterous and a bit of a Jack the Lad who wanted everything his own way.

“At the time I didn’t realise, I thought it was because he was an only child. But he got worse and worse.

"He ­threatened me and my family. If I said anything he told me he would kill me and my son.

“I thought it must be me. No one knew about it. I was afraid to tell anyone.

“He used to beat my son and threatened to kill him.

“One particular time he smacked him so hard with a pool cue as he was standing there holdinga knife to my throat.”

Kim was married to Oakes for 18 years and claimed that during that time she endured repeated beatings, emotional abuse and violent threats at knifepoint.

She was in court last week to see him jailed for life for murdering his ex-partner Christine ­Chambers, 38, and their daughter Shania, two.

He killed them in cold blood with a shotgun at their home in Braintree, Essex.

Kim, who has since remarried, had lived in nearby Witham with Oakes and their son Daniel.

She said she was too frightened to disobey his orders even after he left her for another woman, and claimed she tried to warn Christine about the ­unemployed builder when the two met at his caravan. She said: “I sensed something – that he was doing the same to her.

“I can’t remember what was actually said but I told her ‘get out while you can’.

“He turned and looked and I said to stop talking.”

Oakes had denied two counts of murder butwas found guilty at Chelmsford crown court.

Killer forced me to play Russian roulette: Ex-wife of double murderer reveals how he terrorised her

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