Gambling law inequities

October 16, 2010

John Tyson, head of Gov. Bob Riley’s anti-bingo task force, said this at a Dothan Rotary Club meeting: “It is illegal to possess a slot machine, if the machines are there we can seize them.”

Class III gaming includes: true slot machines, cards, craps and roulette. Let’s not forget that there is true Class III gaming products that customarily and routinely dock in Mobile Bay, which is within county and state boundaries. Even though not played while at dock, the games are still considered illegal to be within those boundaries. So, why have Riley and Tyson overlooked confiscating those true Class III slot machines or talked of raiding? Could it be, Tyson’s district attorney affiliation, and Riley because Baldwin County swung the 2002 election for him?

A lot of threats are coming from many politicians about gambling issues, but nothing is being resolved. There are still many hurting from losing their jobs. Take the time, look into our faces, see the struggle and hurt our families are going through. We are continuing to pursue other means of work and yet there are no jobs available for the income we were making, including benefits.

We need leaders in our state who stand for the people’s interests. We don’t need politicians interested only in themselves and their special-interest groups.

Statements made by Tyson and our governor that the law is being applied equally in all 67 counties are absolutely untrue.

Karla BarclayPrattville

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