Launches Complete Craps Guide

November 1, 2010

Over the years, casino craps has always been a fan favorite, appealing to gambling enthusiasts all over the world. As new generations arise, the need for a comprehensive guide to playing real money craps becomes more prevalent.

Alleviating the requisite is who has proudly announced the launch of its latest web site. The new site presents a wealth of resources devoted to all things relevant to playing real money online craps.

To start things off, visitors will find an inclusive craps rules section that teaches new players how to play craps. It begins with the basic rules of craps, detailing the game’s most common similarities and differential ties to other popular casino gambling opportunities, then continuing with more intricate details of the game. All betting options such as the pass-line bet, don’t-pass line bet and the free odds bet are explained, followed by a basic run down of craps etiquette.

From there, visitors will find another section that describes a host of craps strategies. describes several ways that players can potentially increase their chances of coming out ahead. The myth of a virtually guaranteed craps betting system is dissolved, encouraging bettors to only place the best craps wagers, avoiding those with the highest house edge. A concise craps bankroll management section is also provided.

Since the website deals mainly in playing online craps, another significant category is presented for residents of the USA. The legalities of online gambling are very sketchy on US soil at this time, thus many real money online craps casinos have set restrictions that prohibit Americans from playing real money online craps on their casino sites. Visitors will be able to view a list of online craps casinos that accept USA player deposits and real money wagers.

Each real money online craps casino is fully detailed with a comprehensive review provided to give bettors a genuine vision of the site’s qualities and inadequacies. Written in a professional, unbiased format, each online craps review includes a breakdown of the software, banking options, bonuses, promotions and more.

Most recently, has incorporated a thorough section that details the most common deposit methods accepted by real money online craps casinos. Readers will learn how each of these payment methods works and the speed at which they can expect their deposits and withdrawal to be processed.

There are two basic types of gamblers; the casual bettors who place moderate bets to control risk management, and high rollers who have a substantial amount of extra cash to put on the line. The new web site recognizes high roller craps members, understanding the need for a section devoted to bigger bankrolls.

The high roller craps document informs big bettors of various pitfalls of playing craps online, like playing at a smaller online casino where the stakes are more limited than they may appreciate, as well as deposit and withdrawal limitations that may impede their ability to get the right amount of funds quickly into, or out of, the online casino.

The launch of is expected to bring a new influx of traditional casino gamblers into the online casino market from all corners of the globe, discovering the convenience and economical ease of playing craps over the Internet.

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