Everleaf Poker Software Restricts Sharks From Juicy Tables

December 9, 2011

The Everleaf Gaming Network has taken protection of recreational and inexperienced players to a new level by banning players who win too much from tables comprised of a number of losing players.

The Everleaf Network, which is rated as the 26th biggest online poker provider, although it comprises more than 120 different sites, has taken the decision to maintain a “healthy player and financial balance within the card room.”  The system works by singling out players who have won more than €750 in cash games during the week.  Should such a player attempt to sit at a table with a number of low-rated players the software flashes a message telling the player he is “not allowed to sit at this table because your player rating is too high.”  The player will be denied access to the table.

The system also seeks to warn low-ranked players who attempt to sit at tables packed with winning players, advising “the rating of the table is higher than yours, do you really want to play on this table?”  Presumably players are allowed to disregard the warning and sit down to play anyway.

The system resets itself from midnight every Sunday, so only winnings for the current calendar week are taken into account.  A representative from one skin of the network, Minted Poker, claimed that the restrictions affect “less than 0.004% of the entire player pool” and that “this 0.004% of the player pool… accounts for over 50% of the net win on the entire network.”  Given that Everleaf has, according to the most recent data, an average of 363 cash game players at any one time, and that only 1 in 25,000 players are apparently affected by these restrictions, it would seem that the net effect of this software will be very slight indeed.

This is the latest move in the online market to protect recreational players from being exploited by sharks.  Bodog Poker announced last week that it was launching new software to make player aliases anonymous in both cash and tournament poker, in an effort to thwart players using poker software to datamine opponents.  The Microgaming Network introduced anonymous cash tables alongside regular cash tables late last year; it has recently announced that it intends to up the number of anonymous tables available.  Anonymous tables have proved very popular at low and medium stakes limits on the network.

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Everleaf Poker Software Restricts Sharks From Juicy Tables

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