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December 22, 2010

Thirsty? Get a free milkshake at Johnny Rocket’s.

Hungry? Get $10 off the seafood buffet at the Rio.

Broke? Get $25 free slot play at the Venetian.

Naked? Get a free tee shirt at Caesars.

But wait—there’s more! The 2011 American Casino Guide (496 pgs, $18.95) is hot off the press with its annual list of every casino in the U.S. – all 700 of them – with their toll free numbers, casino games, room rates and maps, including the 40 Indian casinos in California (believe me, you’ll need a map to find most of them).

This handy guide includes 120 pages of how-to-play casino games, 240 pages of casinos listed by state (who knew Alabama had casinos?), and 130 pages of casino coupons. The how-to strategies for slots tournaments, video poker, blackjack, roulette, baccarat and craps were written by noted authors, who also offer tips on getting the most value from slot clubs.

What happens in Vegas also happens across the country – making this a book you won’t want to leave home without. And did I mention the $1,000 in free coupons?

Sit & go tournaments are the most popular form of online poker contests, with about half of all Internet poker fans playing them. Neil Timothy has penned How To Beat Sit & Go Poker Tournaments (184 pgs, $14.95) to show you how to win these quick events that average only one to two hours to play. Also offered in on-land casinos, a sit & go starts as soon as 10 players have signed up, and pays the top three finishers. Timothy maintains that there’s a lot of “dead” money in these events since so few players understand winning strategies.

Subtitled “A No-Limit Hold’em Guide to Beating Sit & Goes,” the book concentrates on low-limit tournaments that cost less than $100 to enter. Timothy covers strategy, shorthanded and heads-up play, playing from the blinds, strategic plays such as the button steal, charts on the odds, 17 quick tips for review, and common mistakes such as bluffing too much. Perhaps the main strength of his book is its clearly stated concepts, especially useful to beginners. For example, “Semibluffing is betting with a hand you figure may not be the best at the moment, but gives you two ways to win.”

Sorta makes me wanna dive into one of these “hit and goes” and get out fast with some easy money in my pocket!

News flash: Dan Casey, a primary publisher of professional handicapping tools for greyhound bettors, will not be printing any more copies of his popular manuals. Gamblers Book Club has purchased his remaining inventory of titles written by dog racing’s top gurus, including How to Win at Greyhound Tracks by Fred Brenner, Making Money with Lower Grade Races by Dave Farr, Winning Daily Doubles and Pick 3’s by Scott Perry, and many others.

If you’re looking to stuff your holiday stocking with some green you won at the track, now might be the time to beef up your handicapping skills with some of Casey’s tips.

These books and thousands of other titles are available at Gambler’s Book Club in Las Vegas. You can order them at, where you can view the store’s complete line of books, or by phone at 1-800-522-1777 or 702-382-7555 M-F 9-7 and Sat 10-6. Opened in 1964, GBC is located at 5473 S. Eastern between Tropicana and Russell, just a short drive from the Strip or the airport.

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