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August 29, 2012

August 3, 2012 marked the two-year anniversary of the first day that George Dionne, Jack Crowley, and Greg Humberd took to the live stage together.  It wasn’t the greatest show or the biggest crowd, but for me it was the beginning of something greater.  If you’ve kept up with my blogs (you’ve been keeping up with them, right?) I’ve outlined the history of putting Sound Tower together and keeping it going.  Back in 2010 I’d consider myself pretty “green” as far as experience, ability, booking, promotion, and the ins and outs of the local music scene.  In the past I just wanted to play and let others do the work.  Jack & Greg were old pros in most respects, I was the rookie.

Our first gig convinced me that I could put together a band if I found the right musicians that had similar ideas and musical tastes. It also taught me that I could book gigs for said band.  While it hasn’t always been easy over the past two years, I’ve found that persistence and putting out a quality product will eventually lead to bigger, better, and more frequent gigs.  Prior to 2010 I was told that I’d never make it in a certain geographical music scene.  So I thought, why don’t I book outside of that area and generate a buzz around that scene?  BINGO!  We played every bar that would take us no matter how small and just went to work making music, having a good time, and creating a party atmosphere for all to enjoy.  It paid off in the long run because there’s no geographical location in this area passing on Sound Tower anymore.

Sound Tower owes a great deal of our success to the place we decided to call home, Wareham.  Prior to 2010 I wanted to avoid Wareham for such a stupid reason; I didn’t want to mix work with play.  Wareham has been very good to us and no matter how far away we play or how disastrous an “away” gig can turn out, it’s good to come back home to Wareham where it’s ALWAYS a great show.  We can’t thank Piper’s Restaurant & Bar, The Fan Club, and all their staff and patrons enough for helping us get the ball rolling and putting us into the position we’re in today.

Over the past two years we’ve had our ups and downs (and fair share of bass players), but in the end it’s been one hell of a ride (most of it documented in my blog postings, wink, wink).  Sound Tower continues to evolve, grow, explore new markets and venues, and initiate new fans into the Sound Tower Faithful. Hey, we even wrote and original song (streaming on our website & played on PIXY 103’s Homegrown program).

Personally I owe a great deal of gratitude to Jack Crowley, Greg Humberd, Brandon Brothwell, and Tim Bossie for keeping this rock and roll trailing rolling down the tracks.  It’s not easy being in a band sometimes (schedule, work conflicts, personalities, song selections, etc), but collectively and individually these guys have put in a tremendous amount of time and effort all in the name of making music, entertaining the masses, and having a good time.  The same gratitude extends to their families and of course mine for being so supportive.

This will be my last blog entry at Wareham Week.  It’s been fun, but Sound Tower is just too busy to keep it up.  If you want to keep up with all the latest news and stories about the band please join our Facebook page.  It is updated daily.  In honor of our anniversary we are celebrating throughout the entire month of August with the “Two Years of Sound Tower Tour.”  Come join us at one or at many of the local stops along the way.  We look forward to many more years of music and dancing with you, the Sound Tower Faithful, as we continue our journey to not only be “Wareham’s Hottest Cover Band” but to become “Massachusetts’ Most Entertaining Cover Band”.

For updates, gig dates, music, videos, and more, visit:

Two Years of Sound Tower – George Dionne – Wareham, MA – Wareham Week VillageSoup

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