The Daily Item: Maine casinos go beyond slot parlors

December 4, 2011

Home > Updates Maine casinos go beyond slot parlors Originally Published on Friday, November 25, 2011 By Wire Reports / The Daily Item

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) ? Gamblers have been able to play slot machines in Maine for six years, but in a matter of months, they’ll be placing bets on blackjack, poker and craps, as casino table games arrive.Hollywood Slots in Bangor plans to add 14 table games in the spring, possibly as early as March. There’ll be six tables for blackjack, four for Texas Hold ‘Em poker and one each for let-it-ride poker, three-card poker, craps and roulette.A casino under construction in Oxford that’s slated to open in June plans to have at least 10 table games, but the exact number and type of games has yet to be determined.Marty Arbo is looking forward to playing blackjack and poker in Bangor. The arrival of table games will draw Mainers, as well as casino-goers from New Hampshire and Massachusetts, who now go to Foxwoods casino in Connecticut, he said.The arrival of table games is expected to boost the number of employees at the casinos. At Hollywood Slots, 14 table games may not sound like much, but it will add 89 jobs paying $4 million in salaries and benefits, said John Osborne, general manager.The jobs include card dealers, pit bosses and others directly linked to the table games, as well as surveillance workers, cashiers, service personnel and others who will be need to be hired.With poker competitions popular on TV, the casino industry has seen people in the 25-to-35-year-old range drawn to poker and other casino table games, Osborne said.


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The Daily Item: Maine casinos go beyond slot parlors

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